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Friday, 25 July 2014

Essie Nail Polish

I've only just tried Essie nail polishes and I'm in love!

Now that my nails are all lovely and natural, I have been painting them weekly. Most of the damage from the acrylics have grown out now so they are a good length. I'm quite lucky because my nails beds are actually pretty long anyway so even if my nails are short with a bit of polish they actually look longer. 

I was in my local Boots, bearing in mind I'm supposed to be on a spending ban I shouldn't have set foot in there, but it was like a magnet to me and I went straight to the gorgeously bright Essie stand. 

I was drawn to the most gorgeous shade of lilac called Go Ginza. I love it, I've got a real thing for pastel shades.

Since I've started painting my nails I've come to realise I really need a good base and top coat but never really knew which ones to go for. In the past I always pick up a top coat but they turn out to be rubbish and within minutes my nails are chipped. 

After I picked up Go Ginza I just spotted this cute little duo...

This was exactly what I was looking for, then I blinked and I was at the till paying for them. 

This is my first experience with Essie nail polishes and I'm genuinely in love. Now I understand why everyone raves about this brand. My nails have lasted 4 days without any chips and I have one tiny chip but isn't even noticeable. They almost remind me of a gel manicure, they look so glossy and smooth. 

I know as soon as pay day comes around I'm going to be buying many, many more shades. 

What's your favourite Essie nail polish? 


  1. I have wanted to try Essie polishes for so long! I always back out because they are quite pricey. That colour looks lovely though - I may have to buy just one next time I pop into town.

    Rachael :)


    1. Yeah I must admit they are a little pricey, but I definitely think they're worth it. I normally buy cheaper nail polish and they chip instantly, so annoying, where as the Essie brand just lasts longer! Thanks for commenting!xx


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