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Sunday, 9 August 2015

The Breakfast Club, Spitalfields | Lifestyle

Now how delicious does that look! I can almost taste it as I write this post. 

I've never been to The Breakfast Club in Spitalfields before and I literally have no idea why this hasn't happened! I went for a breakfast meeting, a pretty casual meeting and the place was rammed. I couldn't believe how busy it was but now I totally understand, it's lucky we booked a table in advance. The breakfast menus was massive and so much variety, if you wanted to for a standard kinda fry up you could, if you wanted to go with the healthy option then they had a range of porridge. I went for the very unhealthy option of pancakes and bacon but it was so yummy. 

They also do a range of food for lunch and dinner as well, but the really interesting thing is the fridge, it's essentially a doorway through to another area. It's such a quirky place to visit, the food comes in large dishes that kind of remind me of the plates and mugs you take whilst camping. It has a really chilled vibe that I liked, not your usual restaurant experience because it was quirky and different but I loved it. The staff were equally chilled but so friendly and incredibly personable.

The pancakes were actually really big, it was like 4 thick pancakes 3 slices of bacon and a generous amount of maple syrup. I actually couldn't finish it all, I had a very good go though. The pancakes cost about £9 which is a little pricey but I would pay it every time it was a fantastic breakfast. I think I'm going to have to try out dinner and drinks one night soon. 

Have you been to The Breakfast Club? 


  1. The Breakfast Club is my favourite place to have brunch!! I always have the berry pancakes and omg they are the best pancakes I've ever tried! x


    1. I'm definitely going ti try the berry ones next time!! Yummy!!xx

  2. I still haven't been to The Breakfast Club! Love your post/review about it. Definitely need to go soon! x

    ellie etc | a personal style & lifestyle blog

  3. Those pancakes look amazing!!! http://www.alifeofacharlotte.com/ x

  4. Oh my, the food looks amazing! Always wanted to go to TBC, but there's none near me!


  5. I'd love to go to TBC soon! those pancakes look delish - i've never had that combo before. A little pricey but a nice treat! xxx

    Hannah x hannatalks

    1. Do it!!!! I love bacon maple syrup and pancakes!!!xx


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