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Sunday, 30 October 2016

5 things I've learned about myself this year | Lifestyle

Monarch Butterfly

I quite like doing these "5 things" posts and what with it being my birthday recently I have found there are just a few things that I have learned and accepted about myself! Let's jump right into it with the first one and probably the most obvious one but...

I love wearing black...
No seriously, I'm obsessed! More often than not I wear black on black every single day and you know what, I'm totally fine with it! Yes people will comment and some will moan but I feel confident and I like playing around with different textures! For example, I may wear black jeans with a black silk top, with suede ankle boots and a cashmere pashmina! It's literally 50 shades of black but the textures break it up a bit! I also feel like you can play around with accessories more of different colours because it makes shades such as blue or red pop just that little bit more.

I'm tall but I love wearing really high heels...
This one has been a pain point for me for several years! I have always loved wearing heels but over time I got out of the habit because guys I dated didn't like me taller than them or I felt bad about being literally 6ft around my 5ft nothing pals! However I went to America recently for work and in my meetings I wore nothing but heels and you know what I kinda liked it!! I loved strutting around New York in my heels, I felt super confident and I'm kind of fed up with apologising for being tall, so I'm not gonna anymore! And just a point to guys out there, if you're meeting a girl for the first time do not turn around an say "oh you're pretty tall for a girl" all the things you could bring up, that should be the last

I need to explore more food groups...
I have always been a fussy eater, like really I'm terrible but one thing I have found myself saying yes to more recently is food I would never normally eat such as fish, I will never love sushi it just isn't a bit of me but clam chowder in California or a lobster roll in New York I can definitely get on board with! There are still a whole bunch of random things I don't like, for example eggs or mushrooms but the more I keep trying this stuff the more it at least broadens my palette.

I pay attention to the details...
My mind actually picks up on the smallest details of things very easily, which probably plays more to the analytical side of my mind! If I see person I see everything about them, I pick up on the clothes they are wearing and how the express themselves with hand gestures or facial movements, I don't judge, I just find it fascinating as well as habits! However this does make me super sensitive to change, I pick up on the smallest detail and then try and figure out why! I like to think it's a blessing and a curse but what can I say, it's a part of who I am.

I love taking pictures...
I never quite realised how much  I love taking pictures until this year! I have been to some wonderful places this year so it's easy to take beautiful pictures but I have discovered that I really love capturing moments on Instagram and you know what I have had a lot of positive feedback from people saying I have a really good eye for photography which is a massive compliment. In all honesty, I can find an insta moment in anything, I actually think it links to my attention to details thing I previously mentioned

There we have 5 things I have recently discovered about myself.

Tell me about a new discovery you have made about you or your personality

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