28 April 2014

Metcalfe's Skinny Rice Cakes...

Yoghurt coated rice isn't that a delicious thought? 

I'm a fan of all things pop corny and rice cakey! I think they are great things to have a nibble on whilst at the desk in work or when you're at home regardless of whether you are eating them for enjoyment or to lose weight.

However I get a little bored when all there is available is plain/salt n vinegar/BBQ/ cheese I like a touch of variety and this is where Metcalfe's struts in.

Now, I know what you're thinking, this is nothing new yoghurt coated everything has been around for quite some time but  I just never really see yoghurt coated rice cakes that often.

The rice cake itself is lovely because they aren't too thick, I find with other rice cakes they're massive wedges of nothingness which is so mundane to eat. These also have a perfect amount of yoghurt coating that doesn't encase the entire rice cake only half of it. 

Yes it's nothing groundbreaking but my oh my are these yummy! 

Only 80 calories...which surely means I can eat the entire pack right?! 

Have you tried them? 
26 April 2014

Fake tanning with Cocoa Brown…

I literally am in love with Cocoa Brown fake tan. Honestly, I’m seriously impressed.

We all love a healthy glow and ideally we’d all want it to be a natural beach tan but let’s face it, it never lasts and most are super concerned about skin damage from the sun. I’m a lover of fake tan but recently I’ve got bored with my St Tropez Gradual Tan moisturiser and just gave up on a my fake tan routine altogether. Recently I’ve actually read quite a lot about Cocoa Brown fake tan and seen a lot of before and after images on Instagram so I definitely wanted to try it. I stumbled across it in Superdrug (Here) it’s only £7.99 so snapped it up straight away.

I was SO excited to try this product but knew I didn’t have time to have a shower to exfoliate, put the product on and then wait a few hours and wash it off. So I thought I would quickly try it on my belly, let’s face it no one is going to see it so it didn’t matter if it was a little patchy.

The product advises that if you want a light glow only leave it on for an hour, a little darker then leave it for 2 hours and then dark leave for 3 hours.

The application

I’m new to using foam/mousse fake tans at first it got a bit crazy I sprayed a little too much on my mitt but once I started rubbing it in, it evened out fine. I was utterly amazed how wonderful it smelled, didn’t smell like all the other fake tans it had a floral scent that was actually floral. The scent reminded me of dry shampoo a little bit. Another great thing about this product was that dried so quickly I was able to wear a top over my belly.

I wanted to see how dark it can go so wanted to leave it on for the maximum amount of time. So I decided to leave it on whilst I slept**, bearing in mind I put this on at like 11 at night I wasn’t going to wake myself back up at like 1am just to wash it off.

The results

The next morning I woke up and the colour was great. I didn’t really want to put a full on shot of my belly on here (nobody needs to see that) so I thought I would show a tiny comparison between my arm and my belly just so you can see the contrast.

Quite a difference isn’t it. Please excuse the freckly arm, it hasn't see much sun since last year to be honest.

The colour is great, not as orange as most other fake tans and even when I washed it off still hardly any fake tan smell at all. The tan is really even, thanks to the mitt but also thanks to the product I believe because I have applied other fake tans with mitts and still can be a little streaky.

I also put it on my arms and chest and I’m so happy with the results. I actually feel normal again, I have a healthy glow. It was quite hard getting a picture if my chest and arms without it looking a little weird so here are my best attempts...

Looks a little orange here but it really isn't

In the day time

It’s supposed to last 5-7 days so we’ll see if that’s true, but I’m certain it will because it’s lived up to expectations thus far. It’s a bargain and it really is worth every penny.

Have you tried this product yet?

**in my case the fake tan didn’t transfer onto my bedding  this was a risk I was happy to take, it’s up to you whether you’d be happy to sleep in it.
25 April 2014

Simply, Chanel Rouge Coco Shine

Need I say more than Chanel Rouge Coco Shine? 

Well actually, it wouldn't be a very good post if I did say anything else, but I am going to keep it quite simple.

I bough this lipstick as my first "high end" brand a couple of years ago when I was in Madrid and never looked back. I love colours that are subtle to wear, I'm not confident enough to pull off a bright red lipstick so I like to keep things simple and have a subtle hint of colour, a bit flirty almost. 

The shade is Candeur and you can buy online at Boots Here - look for the palest shade on the link and that's Candeur. 

This is one product, I continue to buy ever since I first discovered it, the way it applies is really smooth, light and doesn't dry out my lips like others. I love it even more in the Spring, it's girly and soft. It's actually a lot sheerer than what it photographs, it really is a delicate shade but I love it! I wear this almost daily at the moment, it's so nice to just add a touch of colour when I'm going to work or when I'm popping out for drinks.

I will admit it is on the slightly pricier side at £25.00 but would you really expect anything less from Chanel?

Have you tried anything from Chanel's Rouge Coco Shine Lip collection?
21 April 2014

My Easter weekend....

Hasn't this long weekend gone quick? 

So here's a couple of images to show you what I've been up to, I've actually spent a fair amount of time outside. 

I went on a lovely Spring walk with the pooch, he's a Chocolate Labrador called Alf. We have a small area of woods near my house and I love taking him over there because you really get to see the way the seasons change and I just love it in the Spring and then again in Autumn.

There is a selection of images all of which I've over indulged with. I mean look at the size of that egg in the bottom right hand picture I only included the other egg to put things in to context it's massive! I haven't tackled it yet. Of course the obligatory drinks that must be drunk over the weekend. We went to a roof terrace which was just perfect.

Then I went to a picnic with my friend and my goddaughter and manage to capture this shot of them both on the bouncy castle, how cute does my goddaughter's skirt look flaring out? Bless her. She was a little grumpy but was happy when we went to visit the animals

It really was such a gorgeous day in the park today!

Well, that was my weekend, pretty chilled but enjoyable nonetheless. I've obviously excluded any beauty related posts because they are already up on this blog (check them out!) 

I must admit I am kinda looking going back to work tomorrow, back to normality, back to reality back to my beloved routine.

Tell me about your weekend?

20 April 2014

Everything is Just Peachy

Hello Easter Bunnies, I hope we are all having a lovely break so far.

Lately, I cannot go into town without coming back with at least something and yesterday I added a lip gloss to my collection. 

My last couple of posts have been somewhat lengthy (yawn) so this is just a quick little review about Tanya Burr's newly released lip gloss range. 

Obviously I follow Tanya on twitter and recently she has been positing about her Nail and Lip Gloss range being stocked in Superdrug stores. The price point is pretty good the lip glosses were only £6.99 (nail varnishes £5.99) so I don't mind giving it a go. They were all pretty classic colours about 5/6 shades in each range in the store I was in. As I have said before I don't really do deep reds I prefer something a little more subtle and Just Peachy was perfect! The only slightly annoying thing was that there were no testers so I couldn't even have a proper look at the shade before I purchased but at that price, you can't go too wrong. 

Overall, I actually really like the colour, it goes on quite pigmented but once I rubbed my lips together it smoothed out into a beautiful peachy shade and the main thing is it isn't too sticky or gloopy. It has a really nice scent, not sure if it's supposed to but I definitely like it. 

This is a lovely lip gloss and definitely had a spring feel to it, can't wait to wear it when I go for cocktails with the girls! 

Have you tried any Tanya Burr lip glosses? What do you think?
18 April 2014

Lovely Liebster Award

During the week I was nominated by the lovely SoSheridan for the Liebster Award, being new to this blogging world I had no idea what it was so...

The Liebster Award is where other bloggers support to new bloggers or support bloggers with below 200 followers by nominating them. 

You have to answer 11 questions that the person who nominated you asks then follow it with some facts about yourself. Then you have to nominate some bloggers with 11 questions to answer.


1. What makes you happiest?

I'm happiest when everyone else around me is smiling and happy, I also love it when the sun is shining.

2. What is your favorite beauty brand? 
Not very high end, but personally I love L'Oreal for my make up and Simple for my face wash.

3. What can you not live without? 

I cannot live without my friends, they are a huge influence and support. I'd also struggle to live without my phone, I mean that's a biggie!

4. Why did you start blogging?

I started blogging because I've always loved writing and actually studied Journalism at uni however I fell out of love with it and now seemed like a good time to start writing again. Plus I really needed a new hobby.

5. Whats your job/ what are you studying?

I currently work for a Marketing company in London, which I absolutely love!

6. Whats your favorite clothing shop? 

Now, this is a tricky one I shop at all the highstreet stores I can't say there is one shop that I go to all the time, I like variety!

7. Do you have any pets?

I have two kitties and a chocolate Labrador.

9. Whats your favorite food? 

I've got an incredibly sweet tooth so anything that chocolaty or ice cream or sweets

10. What do you do in your spare time?

To be fair because I work fairly long hours you'll always find me with my friends or family in my spare time. Whether it be just going out for dinner or having drinks.

11. Whats your favorite colour?

I love coral shades and blues. But to wear, it's gotta be black. 

A couple of random facts about me...

  • I have to sleep with the curtains open, it's a weird compulsion where I literally cannot sleep with them closed. No idea why.
  • I'm such a big theatre geek, I love the glitz and glam of a stage performance. 
  • I worked 7 years in retail.
  • I always up as soon as the sun comes up, I'm very much a morning person
  • I love all kinds of music, however deep down I will always be a metal head at heart.
  • I have my nose pierced.
  • I've got a thing about watches. 
  • I've been single for far too long. 
Now I'm supposed to nominate some other bloggers however most of the ones I follow have bloody loads of followers, much more than I. So instead I'm just going to list a couple of blogs I think you should check out anyway. 

Just me, Leah - Gorgeous, girly and so lovely

WishWishWish - Beautiful fashion posts and the pics are to die for

Miss Makeup Magpie - Wonderful posts about beauty products, she writes amazing reviews that actually make me go out and buy the products!

Blonde Canvas - Stylish fashion blogger who always works whatever she is wearing.

There we go!

Thinking inside the (birch)box...

subscribed to Birchbox last month and to be honest the first box I received was a little lack luster. The products were cute but I wasn't wowed with the box when I opened it. This month it! 

Loads of lovely little treats this month and where to start? Shall we begin with the orange shampoo... 

Tommyguns - Pomegranate & Organge Flower Shampoo. 
The scent is gorgeous but not over powering really delicate. I'm a fan of citrus scents for my hair anyway and being blonde you can find that the citrus tones actually lighten your hair just a little bit. I tried it out this morning and wow! I'll be honest it didn't lather up like most shampoos I use but how it left my hair after I dried it was amazing! My roots feel soft but not weighted down by it at all. There is no residue left by the shampoo, which is so important for me because I have fine hair anyway. It's gorgeously soft and smooth.I kinda wish that I was given a miniature shampoo and conditioner to get the full effect of this product as opposed to one large bottle of shampoo but it's great.

The Balm - Cheek & Lip Cream. 
Firstly I just want to say how much I love this packaging and not just the half naked cowboys. This product creates a personality and is different from the rest. The shade I received was Pie, I'm not sure if everyone recieved the same shade but I think it was the safest option. Now, personally I'm not one to add too much colour to my cheeks and this one would have to take a fair amount of blending to make it look normal so I tried it on my lips. Again, I prefer muted tones I think red lips can work well with blondes but you've got to be careful on the shade otherwise it could look a little too much shall we say. Overall, I like it but less is definitely more with this product perfect for adding just a touch of colour. 

One Love Organics - Skin Saviour Waterless Beauty Balm. 
This packaging is quite a stark contrast to The Balm, but this is a case where simplicity works. This beauty balm can be used on your face as a cleanser or as a moisturiser. I would never use this on my face, it has a very oily texture and I would be paranoid that it would cause me to break out. As you may or may not know, I rarely use any cleansing products on my face only Simple and that's only once or twice a week. When I twisted the lid off, the scent was amazng, think sherbet. It's a kind of fizzy sweet smell if you know what I mean, really lush! I tried this product on my hands as just a moisturiser, I rubbed it in but it doesn't really sink into my skin so I washed them with warm water (the way it tells you to do it if you were using it as a cleanser on your face) It almost created a barrier on my skin and the water just kind of stayed on there so I continued to rub my hands together spreading the product all over then dried them. My hands actually feel so soft and that yummy sherbet smell lingers subtly on my skin. I actually like this product more than I thought I would.

Color Club - Breakfast At... Nail Lacquer
I actually bought a very similar shade in the Barry M silk collection recently so it's a shame this colour came but i still think it's lovely nonetheless, it's a slightly more green shade than my Barry M one and this one is a Nail Lacquer so maybe it'll be a bit thicker too. Right now I can't try it out because I have shellac on but after I get this removed it's definitely on the (ever growing) list of nail polishes to try. 

Lord & Berry - Black Eyeliner
This is a fail safe product for me, I always wear eyeliner, every day! So I was very happy to get this pencil because my Rimmel one is almost at the end of it's life so this'll be a good swap. I tried it today, it lasts fairly well. Pretty standard eyeliner pencil - can't go wrong.

Propercorn - Fiery Worcester Sauce and Sun-Dried Tomato popcorn. 
I am a massive fan of Propercorn Popcorn. It's lush! It's so much more that just sweet or salty popcorn which I of course love but it's good to have different flavours. I tried this one last year some time and quickly became obsessed. I've noticed that in some other bloggers Birchboxes they have different flavours such as Coconut and Vanilla. I'm so happy I received this flavour - I hate coconut. 

So all in all, a bloody good box incredibly happy with this one. Let's hope next month is this good. 

What was in your Birchbox
15 April 2014

1 month old today!

Honeypot Blogs has reached 1 month old today!!! 🎉

In the past I started two other blogs but struggled to make it past post 3 but this one I'm actually happy with. I can't wait to see how it grows over the next month and see how the content develops. 

I have about 90 followers on my Bloglovin account. Which just amazes me with every new follower! 

Thank you to absolutely everyone who has ever looked at my blog and thought "yeah I'll follow her" that makes my day! 

You all deserve a cocktail on me....

Have a fabulous week and speak soon!!xxx 
13 April 2014

Shop til you drop...again

After I had my nails done I thought I may as well just do a little shopping and came home with these treats... 

Starting with the clothes, I bought this gorgeous coral/pinky jumper from New Look! It's really soft and super light so it'll go nicely if I just want to throw it over the top of something. Plus it adds a little bit of colour to my wardrobe. 

Plain black jersey dress from H&M's Basic range. Now the thing I love about their basic range is that they are simply basic! Cheap price, easy to wear, can dress it up or dress it down. 

Tights from Dorothy Perkins - always get mine from there 80 denier pretty standard, they do the job well. 

Loads of thin little rings that I can play around with, these are from H&M as well. I'll be honest I never really buy costume jewellery so thought they were a little pricey for what they actually are but hey, why not give them ago. 

Moving onto the beauty purchases... 

Rimmel Wake Me Up foundation, I bought this after reading another blog who reviewed the product. I've bought the Light Porcelain shade because I have a very fair completion and I've been feeling rather dissatisfied with my other liquid foundation because it was slightly more orange than I like. 

A new make up brush (another I hear you question...yes another) a Real Teachniques brush. This one is a little closer to a stippling brush which should blend the foundation a little better on my face. Immediately I love the density of the brush so I have high hopes for this beauty! 

What treats have you bought this weekend?!

Hello gorgeous natural nails...

So I did it, the acrylics are no more! They took an absolute age to soak off but at least it's done now, what do you think? 

I've gone for a coral kind of colour which is perfect for spring!!! 

The nail technician was really surprised that my nails weren't in too bad condition and actually pretty strong. She took a lot of length off which was necessary. 

I have decided to go for a gel manicure to help protect them for a month or so then I will start just painting them myself. 

It's weird to have my actual nails again and they look so short but I am happy with them!
11 April 2014

Goodbye beautiful fake nails...

Just to give a bit of background...

I've always had pretty weak nails, I've tried vitamins, nail strengthening polishes, I kept them short, I kept them long, the fact of the matter is they're just weak! 

Nail polish would chip within minutes of being done they always looked really awful and ugly. As soon as I started working in a more professional environment I realised I just couldn't meet clients with such appalling nails. I did try various different "2 week" gel nail polishes but most lasted about a day. 

So I went fabulously fake and boy have I loved it! The length, the (fake) strength, always looked neat and tidy! 

However it's getting to a stage where I see so many beautiful blogs (I blame you all) with beautiful nail colours that I just need to try and let's face it, fake nails aren't good in the long run 

So I say farewell nails, it's time to strip it all back...

Check in over the weekend to see them gone! 
9 April 2014

Kimono Craze...

I'm not normally one to stick to trends and whilst many fashion trends I love, most I actually struggle to pull off but the Kimono, is something I can work with...

I just love this! The colours are right up my street and the pattern is beautiful. Ultimately, I just love that I can throw it over so many of my black outfits to brighten them up. 

It's incredibly lightweight and floaty with it rippling slightly as I walk around, subtly impactful. 

It was a little on the pricier side but I'm so happy I bought it! 

What trends are you loving at the moment? 
6 April 2014


So this is just going to be a very quick review on the ecotools brushes I bought earlier in the week. 

So after having used them all week what do I think about them? 

The powder brush is absolutely gorgeous, really great coverage, super soft, good size. I could go on but I really like this brush compared to many others I have used in the past. 

The flat foundation be honest, is nothing special or different to my previous brushes, it does the job but doesn't stand out like it's counterpart the powder brush. 

Overall, I am happy with my little pay day purchase! 
5 April 2014

Big thick hair with added volume or not?

Today I'm very ill (woe is me) so I'm going to write a couple of reviews, shall we start with shampoo?

I'm happy to try new products if they say they are going to change my hair for the better. Some of you may know from a previous post that I've got fairly thin hair so when I saw this in my local Boots, I thought what's the harm in trying. 

I normally use John Freda's Go Blonder shampoo and conditioner but I know to maintain healthy hair it's always good to try something new once in a while.

Every new shampoo/face cream/make up product claims to have new technology that makes them stand out from the rest. Elvive have come up with a new innovation called Filloxanne which is supposed to increase the thickness of each strand. 

Does it work? 

The short answer is no. As a stand alone product I love it, but it doesn't make my hair thicker. It does however make it super soft and make my hair smell really nice, the scent lasts all day. 

Would I buy it again? 

I absolutely would if I'm looking to break up my routine but I think it's back to John Freda next month.
2 April 2014

Loving Bloglovin'

So earlier this week I claimed my blog on Bloglovin, so why don't you follow me on there? 

I've had a crazy busy week which consisted of too much work, too much wine and fabulous friends so I'm going to post a couple of things over the weekend! 

Have a fabulous Friday!

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