14 June 2017

What's in my overnight bag | Travel

Overnight bag

Today I thought I would have a little chat about what's inside my overnight bag for when I am away with work! I go up north every couple of weeks or so and because last year I traveled SO much with work I kinda have my work packing down! 

First we have to talk about my Longchamp bag, I literally take it everywhere and this bag folds down to nothing as you can see BUT it is bloody big which means you have enough room to get everything in and it looks simplistically chic! I also use this as hand luggage on flights even if it looks a little big at times, no airline ever moans. It's a little more expensive than I paid for it in Italy but I would say it's totally worth it and will go with whatever you wear! 

This PJ Bag is not all it seems, so whilst it is technically a bag for your pjs and I got it when I bought some from Boux Avenue, I don't actually use it to store my pjs. Instead I put my bras and underwear in there so if I ever have to root around my bag I won't be embarrassed if it falls out in the train station. You can also use it to put used items in as well which is pretty handy!

Bumble Bee Cosmetic Bag

Travel Skincare

Of course I have to have my make up bag and this one is from a cute little garden centre near me but this bee wash bag is quite similar! I love anything with bumble bees on and this bag is just like the perfect size to get my make up essentials in! 

Moving onto the beauty products, I have the obvious stuff such as cleanser, dry shampoo, perfume, moisturiser etc but sometimes I do like to take a little something extra like a face mask or something because most hotels have baths and it's just the perfect time to have a bit of a pamper after you've had your meal and just want to relax for the evening! 


Obviously have a change of clothes in there for the next day and because usually I work from home when I go and visit the Lincoln office I like to dress up a little bit! Right now I am trying to shake up my dress sense and have fallen in love with this leather skirt from New Look  which actually isn't something I ever thought I would wear until I tried it on! I love it, it does kinda draw attention to my hips but in turn it accentuates my waist so its ok. I have paired it with a body suit which is fractionally sexy for work because of the v neck but it's still decent! 

Also I have to admit that I do carry snacks with me, peanuts and raisins are my FAVE but sometimes I gotta have a bit of a chocolate as well and water! I am so surprised how many places don't have bottled water in the room, I'll bloody dehydrate guys, so I always get a bottle! 

What's in your over night bag that you think I should add to mine?


  1. love the bee bag! so cute x

  2. Very cute bag!

    Snacks are great to bring along!

    I'm on a trip to Greece. I did a similar post on what I pack in my carry-on for an international flight. I had a lot of fun doing it.