26 July 2020

Life Update | Lifestyle

It's been a while since I last came on here but now feels like a good time! In January I wrote one post which ended...

" 2020 will be a year of doing things, travelling more, doing more for others, spending quality time with friends and family but no doubt the year will have things planned that will change the course slightly but I want to be able to adapt and not take it all so personally. I want to read more poetry, visit more art galleries and just learn more about art and culture in general. I am feeling quite optimistic about the new year because it feels fresh, I'm not going into the year with a weight hanging on my neck." 

Who would have thought in less than 3 months a pandemic would break out and result in a lockdown situation.  It's crazy to think about it really, even when COVID-19 was just starting to be reported on the news I definitely didn't think it would ever be that serious. I could never have envisioned that I would have to spend months at home, not going to shops, not commuting into London for work, not seeing my friends or family properly, not travelling anywhere! However that's what it became and you know what I actually really learned to love it, I'll write a separate post on the positive things I will take from lockdown.

I definitely do want to start blogging again but there's also part of me that just can't be bothered, I think it's mainly because the way I think of blogging has changed. I did want to work with brands and was so excited when I was gifted things, I never wanted to make money from it but I did want brands to acknowledge my little part of the internet and over time that got less and less! Towards the end of last year I did enjoy the route my blog was going down it definitely felt more "me" but life does get in the way and I can't priorities my blog the way I did like 5 years ago and that's ok, it's a frickin' blog no one is putting pressure on me to do it! Hell, no one is even reading it so why I do I care so much if I haven't done anything for a week or so!?

Looking back on my last post, I actually think I have managed to succeed in some things I outlined, such as "quality time with friends and family" I have never face timed/called my loved ones as much as I have done since we were locked down, it's been really lovely and it made me realise that this is something I must continue.

So anyway, a small quick update from me and I hope I will continue to write more on this little space of the internet but who knows...