23 August 2020

Skincare update | Beauty

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Well it wouldn't quite be my blog unless I didn't do a Skincare update at some point no would it?! In the past I have spoken a lot about streamlining the types of products because I personally find the less I use, generally, the happier my skin is. However I feel like my understanding about "skincare" has really changed in the last 6 months because now my skin does have different needs and instead of blindly just trying random things I actually wanted to do a bit more research and lets face it, recently we've all had a lot more time on our hands.  

This post I am just going to highlight some key changes that I have made that I personally feel have really benefited my skin and to start with something that isn't hugely ground breaking but something I feel that everyone should do if they wear make up is the double cleanse method! I know it may seem pretty obvious but I just didn't realise that I would need to do another cleanse after my first. I use my favourite cleansing balm product to melt all the make up away but as soon as I started using something more moisturising and generally creamier after I had wash off the balm my face started looking much fresher. Not only does it get more make up off I found that my skin felt more hydrated after the second cleanse and over time it really does look a lot clearer and less congested. I am currently using Liz Earle cleanser for the second cleanse but I will probably swap this to something else once I have finished it. 

I bought Caroline Hirons book Skincare, my god! If you don't follow Caroline on Instagram but love skincare then you need to sort it out! I didn't realise I needed this book in life life quite as much as I did until it turned up. If you want a no bullsh*t, honest and understanable approach to skin care then you need this book. There is so much marketing jargon surrounding the beauty industry and it's hard to know what you should actually be buying or what your skin type even is so this book helps put it in a way that is accessible for everyone. It's also worth noting that Caroline includes products from all different price points so it doesn't feel like you have to spend excessive amounts to still get great skin! 

Through reading Skincare I have swapped my product range up a little for a couple of new products, you know I may have moaned a little about my ever aging skin which causes me a little stress, not gonna lie, well now I have taken the plunge and bought Paula's Choice 1% Retinol. Vitamin A and Retinol are scientifically proven to reverse the signs of ageing so I knew this was exactly what I needed. This product is pricey for the volume you get however, I really have noticed a difference with some of my forehead lines and texture of my face! If you don't know my skin is pretty haggard due to years upon years of acne so there's a lot of damage there which is why I wanted this type of product to just help me not look as battered. I went straight in with the 1% personally, my skin didn't react negatively to it because I have used varying acids in the past however it's always recommended that you start with a low percentage. As I am in my 30s I use this product 3 times a week in the evening and started to notice a difference after 2 weeks 

I also added The Ordinary Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1% serum into my routine, I have actually seen this type of product increase in popularity but after reading the benefits, it seemed like a great addition. Niacinamide is know to help retain water within the skin and I have quite dehydrated skin but it's also good for people who suffer with acne and whilst my acne has gone I do still get some cystic spots on my face. I tend to use this when I've not used the retinol because I don't want to use too many strong products on my face at one time! 

And finally, SPF! Seriously, I have thought that SPF in foundation is enough but over time I knew I needed to add something a little better and now I am using the new products mentioned it's absolutely essential! I bought The Body Shop's Skin Defense factor 50 SPF and it's pretty bloody good! 

Quick Tip - SPF goes on AFTER your moisturiser before your make up! 

For now, I am really happy with my skincare routine but I think I may still add a facial mist, ya know for that hydration honey!!!! 


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