30 July 2015

POP Beauty Peach Parfait Trio | Beauty

If you have read my July Birchbag review then you'll know I recieved this little beauty. I knew as soon as I saw it I'd have to write a separate post. I have such a thing for eye shadow palettes it's actually a little out of control. 

This little trio is from POP Beauty which is a brand I've never heard of before but I've done a bit of googling and you can buy their stuff online, in terms of price point for an eye shadow plate which contains 10 shadows they are £15.50 which I don't think is a bad price though of course there are several high street brand which do similar for a lot less. I recived Peach Partfait which has this different shades, the first one is perfect for highlighting the corners of the eye and even the brow bone it's a very pale shade. Then there is the light peach colour which is just so pretty and finally a copper kind of shade which I really love. 

If you are not a fan of shimmers and metalics and this range is not for you, these are super pigmented and super shimmery. When I first swatched them I was very light handed with them and I barely saw any colour pay off but when I actually applied more I was stunned at how pigmented they are. I think this is a mark of a good beauty product you have the ability to go strong and metallic or more subtle and shimmery. I'm definitely going to be taking this palette on holiday with me beacuse I think it'll look even better with a tan. I think these shade would look stunning on a darker or olive complexion. 

I'm really impressed with the colours of this POP Beauty product but I have to add one small negative comment, this product doesn't last. I tried it without primer and it lasted for about an hour! Maybe if I were to pack the colour on a bit more or if I used a primer but it's not the best. 

Have you tried anything from POP Beauty before?
28 July 2015

The "Forgotten Make Up Bag" Haul | Beauty

The other week I did a very silly thing of leaving my make up bag at home, which meant that when I got to the gym to get ready after my workout I realised I had not a scrap of make up. What an utter nightmare. If I go to the gym in the morning I will do my liquid eyeliner and mascara before because it doesn't sweat off as I only do weights in the morning, so I don't get as hot. Plus doing liquid eyeliner can take a very long time to do. 

Whilst I was so annoyed that I forgot my make up bag in the Beauty Blogger in me squealed with joy because this meant I had to buy all new stuff, but my bank card was crying. I thought if I have to buy new make up then I should A) Buy something that I am definitely going to use again an B) Buy something new, or at least new to me. Now, I know what you're thinking, did I really need to buy two make up brushes? The short answer is no, but I hate putting foundation on without a brush. I was looking for a new make up brush anyway so I wanted to try out the RT one but the EcoTools Kabuki brush was just too pretty to say no to but a perfect brush for the bronzer ay? 

So the first product I bought was the Rimmel Natural Bronzer in 022 Sun Bronze, I use my contouring palette but sometimes you just wanna add a bit of a glow to your face instead of going contour crazy. This is a really nice shade, not orange at all and it's almost matte. I shone a bright light on it which did pick up some very small shimmer particle but it almost unnoticeable. I was quite surprised when I put it on, it's a very natural glow I just have to remember not to be too heavy handed with it! I also go the Sleek Make Up CC Cream, which you already know I love.

Next up we have another Rimmel product which is the standard Soft Kohl Kajal eye liner pencil, to be honest there's not much to say about this product, it's great, it works, I'm happy with it. The other product I was super excited to try out was the Soap & Glory Archery eyebrow pencil in Blondeshell. I'm very impressed with this product, sometimes I find it very hard to get a good blonde shade for my eyebrows but the main reason I love this is because the nib is so small you can get a very natural look, I don't like over done eyebrows especially on blondes. The little brush on the end is very handy too. 

Last but not least is the L'Oreal Paris Colour Riche in J Lo's Nude, I actually really wanted Rimmel's Kate Nude shade but the selection was incredibly limited in the Boots I visited so I went with L'Oreal instead and I am so happy I did. This lipstick also smells amazing. I'm going to write a separate post about it. 

Have you ever forgotten you make up bag?
26 July 2015

Pana Chocolate | Food

Who doesn't love chocolate? These pieces just look so yummy don't they.  

Pana Chocolate* is an Australian chocolate brand, but the thing that really makes them stand out is the quality of the ingredients in this chocolate. Pana Chocolate only use 100% raw organic ingredients, there is no diary, no soy, it's gluten free and no refined sugar. This really is a "super" brand type of chocolate. As you may know, this year I have changed my lifestyle completely which means I am trying to eat as clean as possible and have a great exercise routine. But let's face it I'm always going to love chocolate but it is full of absolute rubbish. 

I love the fact Pana Chocolate caters for the Healthy Living market and if it tastes just as good as regular chocolate then why wouldn't you choose this? Pana Chocolate really care about the Earth and people, all of the ingredients used are 100% organic and ethically sourced but also, the packaging that is used it made from recycled materials with biodegradable foils wrapped around the chocolate itself. I can't get over how wonderful this brand is, it's so refreshing to see a brand care about their products so much down to every fine detail. They even print cute messages on the chocolate such as "Love Your Insides" and "Love The Earth", now that's the kind of positivity I like to see. 

Moving onto the actual taste of the product...oh my god. It's a much softer, more crumbly texture than the other chocolates available, it's an almost velvety smooth texture in the mouth. I received 4 different varieties, Orange, Raw Cacao, Eighty and Cinnamon, if you aren't a fan of dark chocolate then this may not be the one for you. I love dark chocolate but only in small doses, so for me this really is a treat. Just one little square is packed with flavour you really wouldn't be able to eat the entire bar. I must say that the Orange Chocolate one is easily my fave, I love all things orangey and orange chocolate even more. My brother tried a little piece and he said it reminded him of Christmas, which was a sweet thought.

They do a variety of other flavours, including Mint and Coconut & Goji Berry which I think is really fantastic. The only thing that upsets me is that it is very hard to get online, if you go direct to their site the don't ship internationally. However I have done a bit of googling and you can buy it on As Nature Intended for £2.95 for 45g. It could be argued that it's a little more expensive than other chocolate, but for me it's 100% worth it because it is so good for the environment and for your body. 

What are your healthy treats?

*PR sample however all views are my own 
23 July 2015

Catalyst PR Goodies | Beauty

As you may have seen in a previous post, I recently went to a PR event which was totally amazing and you can read the post here. But I also wanted to share with you the brands and products I received. I will be review a lot of these products separately but  for this post I have kind of hand to bundle everything together otherwise there would be just far too many pictures. Some products I haven't actually included just because there was so many. 

At the event there was some really great brands on one brand I am super keen to try out is Sexy Hair, they have some great hair products which I'm always on the hunt for. The product I am really looking to try out is the Soy Renewal Creme because it is infused with Argan oil but is a much lighter formula. I have quite fine hair which means it's hard to use oils because it weighs it down but I was assured by the very lovely lady at Sexy Hair that this would be perfect for me. It also smells lovely. 

Australian Bodycare was also there, which you already know I'm a massive fan of, I love the tea tree products so I'm really excited to try the facial wash and body lotion out. Steamcream is a really nice product as well, it's a moisturiser, I tried a little bit any it really makes your skin feel silky smooth. Next is a new favourite of mine, it's the Dr.PAWPAW lip balms, I've really fallen in love with these. The Peach Pink is my favourite shade, it goes quite pink on me but can go to more of a peach colour dependent on your skin tone. 

Revlon gave us a whole host of different products to try out, all full sized and wonderful. There is a brunette shampoo and conditioner which obviously I can't use because I'm a blonde but I know someone who will like it so I'll have to pass that on. But there is a blonde product that enhances blonde hair but my problem is that I'm naturally blonde even though everyone at the event thought it was dyed, it really isn't. The Orofluido Oil is one that I am SO excited to try out because it smells divine. Another product I'm super keen to try out is Uniq One which has a whopping 10 benefits for restoring ad protecting your hair. 

So there we have just a few products, I feel very luck to have been give the opportunity to attend the event. 

Have you tired any of these brand before? 
21 July 2015

Ahava Face and Body Starter Kit | Beauty

Today I'm going to give you my first impressions on a brand that I'm fairly certain is pretty hard to get in the UK called Ahava. My wonderful work colleague recently went out to New York and came back with this little treasure. I have heard of the brand before because of my job but have never actually used any of the products so I was super excited to try them out. 

This Ahava face and body starter kit is a really great way to try out a variety of different products from the range because they are all travel sized and comes in a really handy little travel bag.The Face and Body Starter kit contains Velvet Creme Body Wash which is scented with Hibiscus and Fig, fig is like my all time favourite scent, I love fig and honey but this fragrance combination is wonderful. There is also Mineral Hand Cream, Essential Day Moisturizer and a Purifying Mud Mask. If you have read my blog before you'd know I'm a massive fan of clay and mud masks, the more the merrier in my eyes. This Purifying Mud mask is fairly similar to the Simple cleansing face mask in the sense you only leave it on the skin for a couple of minutes. Many other clay/mud masks ask you to leave it on your skin for 10 minutes which actually makes it incredibly hard to remove. 

I do just have to mention the scent each product has a wonderful floral frangrance the 3 Deadsea Water products don't mention what kinda of scent it is but I kinda want to say it's Hibiscus  but if you don't like floral scents then these aren't going to be for you. I've already got the hand cream in my bag along with the body wash. 

I really think these types of kits are a perfect way for you to try out a variety of different products from new brands. I'm such a lover of sample size products before you invest in the full sized version. The only problem I face now is actually getting the products in the UK, I know you can get these products on Amazon though. 

What is your favourite skincare brand?
19 July 2015

Catalyst Autumn/Winter Preview Event | Lifestyle

A very picture heavy post but I just wanted to share with you my first PR event experience. I was invited to attend Catalyst PR Autumn/Winter preview event, showcasing some of the amazing brands they work with. I was thrilled to be invited, the girls I speak with are just wonderful anyway but I was even more excited because I've never been to an event before. It's crazy to think that people actually give a damn about my tiny little blog and actually want to work with me.

The event was held at the Orangery & Courtyard No 11 Cavendish Square which is really close to Oxford Circus so the location was perfect for me. I made sure I booked the day off work so I could enjoy my time at the event without worrying that I have to leave to get back to the office. The event was set up perfectly, each brand had their own table and representative there to tell you about the various products they have. I was greeted with the warmest of welcomes by the Catalyst PR team, it was lovely to actually put some faces to names. The first brand I was introduced to was Sexy Hair, one of the things I really loved about this event was the variety of brands. I've never heard of Sexy Hair but the lady who I was speaking gave me so much information about them, where they originate from and the sexy hair product ranges they have. 

I found it so amazing to hear about all the different brands talk about their products with such passion, it excites you and makes you want to not only try them out but to write about them as well. I love it when people are passionate about their job, it draws you in. They also had Micro Cell, Nanokeratin, Dr Paw Paw and Australian Bodycare who I have all worked with before, so for me it was really great to hear about the other products they have. The really cool thing is one person asked what blog I write for, when I said they actually knew of it because they have read my review on their product before. That's amazing! 

I really loved how casual and laid back the event was, it was nice to just chat with the brands and the wonderful PR girls, I wandered around at my own leisure going from brand to brand. I came home with so many goodies too, I will follow up with another blog post just to show you. Meeting these brands and seeing these products has given me so many ideas for blog posts and can't wait to try them all out. 

I loved this event and cannot thank Catalyst enough for the invitation.  
16 July 2015

NARS Satin Lip Pencil | Beauty

I must be honest, this is my first ever NARS purchase. I know, I know, how dare I even call myself a beauty blogger if I don't own a vast collection of NARS? I guess I've always been a little overwhelmed with what to choose they do amazing concealers, amazing foundations, amazing blushes and amazing bronzers but how do I even begin to choose? Right now I kind of like my make up in terms of foundation and bases, I've got a range of high street products that work really well for me and I've kind of wanted to explore a little more with lip shades, so trying out one of these lip pencils seemed like a good choice. 

I knew I would prefer the Satin Lip Pencil to the matte version, I'm just not a matte kinda gal. I swatched a lot of different ones and really like the finish of the Satin Lip Pencils, they are very smooth and easy to apply. Originally I was looking for yet another nude but when I swatched this one on the back of my hand, I immediately loved it. This shade is Rikugien - don't even ask me how to say it. It's a really pretty shade that's a little more red than what I'm used to but actually isn't that far off from my natural lip colour. 

I love the way this lip pencil applies, it's a very soft buttery texture that almost feels like a lip balm but it's dries like a soft barrier leaving a bit of colour and a gorgeous satin finish. I'm really impressed with this product, I'm used to lipsticks but there is something very different about this product. It's actually incredibly nourishing which I wasn't expecting .

I'd say in terms of longevity it's pretty standard, for example if I eat, then of course I'm going to have to reapply but in all fairness there is still some of the product left on my lips which I was quite impressed with. The really handy thing is it's so easy to reapply that you don't have to worry too much about taking ages to line everything up perfectly, it's very quick and easy because of the thickness of the tip. 

I love the NARS Satin Lip Pencil so much that I think I'm gonna have to buy maybe one (or two) more. 

Have you tried any of the NARS lip pencils? What shade would you recommend? 
14 July 2015

July Birchbag | Beauty

This is totally not a box, it's a Birchbag! I did do a little research online so to be honest I knew I'd be getting a bag instead of a box but I was still pleasantly surprised when it arrived. It's a fun summer theme and there were 4 different colours of bags, I got the St. Tropez bright orange colour which I absolutely love. I'm definitely going to take this bag on holiday with me when I go away with my favourite dear, Vernia, in September. 

That's enough about the bag, this month I am really happy with the product selection. If you read my Birchbox posts you'll know that recently I've been a little unimpressed, I think it's partly because I have been subscribed for a so long, I've kinda seen it all. Just so you know I will probably review a few of these products separately so that you guys can have a bit of a closer look. 

Firstly we have the Unani Aloe Vera Gel, I think aloe vera is a must have for all holiday products, let's face it no matter how hard we try, sometimes we still get burned. I'm fairly pale so I can burn pretty easily and aloe vera is just perfect for soothing skin irritation so this is a nice handy one to take away with me. We also have the BioNike Cleansing water, another product I'm actually pretty happy to try out. It is also a fragrance free formula and apparently very gentle on the skin. 

This month there is a Soigne nail polish and I love receiving nail polishes my only issue is the colour, I received Menthe. Don't get me wrong it's a great colour but it's very similar to Mint Candy Apple by Essie which I already have. Also it seems that every time Birchbox send me nail polish, more often than not I get these minty shades, where are all the pretty pink/nude shades? Next is a Benefit product and let's face it, it wouldn't quite be Birchbox if benefit didn't make an appearance. This month we recieved a sample of the Dream Screen which is a sun tan lotion for the face with a whopping 45 SPF which I think is fantastic and I'll definitely be trying this out. 

The next product I am super excited about it is the Pop Beauty eye shadow trio in Peach Parfait, it's such a pretty little trio. I'm going to write a separate post but eye one is super shimmery and I know I'm gonna fall in love with it. My final item was a nail file, I mean what more can be said about this item? My only issue is that it's a very coarse board and I think this could damage a break my nails more because I have quite weak nails anyway. 

This month's Birchbag/Birchbox was a real winner. 

What did you get in yours?
12 July 2015

June on Instagram | Lifestyle

I have been LOVING Instagram lately so I just thought I would share with a quick snapshot of some of my June pictures. 

You can follow me @honeypot_blogs

What is your Instagram link?
9 July 2015

Australian Bodycare Cleansing Face Mask | Beauty

If you are a regular reader you'll know I love a face mask, any kinda I love trying out and was very kindly sent this face mask, so you know I was pretty excited to try it out. 

Australian Bodycare is a brand I've heard of before, I have actually used their After Wax product which is really nice. They have quite an extensive range of skincare products on site and most appear to have Tea Tree Oil in them. This is the Cleansing Face Mask* and it's a clay based mask which I was surprised about because when you first squeeze it out of the bottle you'll notice that it's no where near as thick as other clay masks which is a good thing because some clay mask dry so hard you actually do more damage to your skin trying to get it off. Australian Bodycare's version is a thick but creamy formula and not only includes Tea Tree Oil but also has Macadamia Oil and Papaya.

The scent of this product is very strong, you can smell the Tea Tree as soon as you take the lid off this but to me this isn't a bad thing. However if you don't like strong smelling products it may not be for you. This product is mild enough to be used everyday but I decided I'd only use it weekly, I don't usually use face masks everyday, who has time for that? I'd say you've gotta give it a pretty good shake as well, because it's a funny kind of texture, it's a little runny, a little thick, a little lumpy, just give it a shake and it makes it come out of the bottle much smoother. 

When I put this product on it actually felt quite tingly, which is something I'm not used to, as it was drying I could really feel it. It wasn't unpleasant, but I think if you have very sensitive skin it would almost feel a little irritated. The thing that I really love about this product is the way it dried onto my skin. With Clay masks they can dry to hard and it make it a pain to get off, however this Australian Bodycare face mask actually dried softly so it was much easier to wash off. Once I did wash it off, I noticed my skin looked very matte and fresh, I really like how my skin felt. I put a bit of my favourite moisturiser on and for the rest of the day this product leaves my skin feeling very smooth and soft. 

This Cleansing Face Mask really is gentle on the skin and has some great ingredients, I can definitely notice a different in my skins texture and overall appearance every time I use the product. 

Have you tried anything from Australian Bodycare?  

*PR Sample, all views my own
7 July 2015

Miller Harris La Collective Voyage Fragrances | Beauty

If you read my blog, or at least read it last week you know that I wrote a post on a different Miller Harris Fragrance called Poirier d'un Soir which is easily my favourite fragrance, but as part of my gift I also received this wonderful little collection. It's La Collection Voyage : Elle, which is a selection of fruity floral scents. 

Terre d'iris has notes of bergamot and orange making it quite a citrus fragrance but it also has floral undertones with rose and patchouli. I'd say this one is quite a strong scent and not one I would wear everyday but for me it's more of an evening fragrance.La Pluie is a lovely floral one and I could really pick up on the lavender in this one but it also has jasmine and ylang ylang in it. This one is probably my least favourite purely because I'm not the biggest lavender fan but it is still a nice scent, I just won't use it as much as the other two. Lastly we have Tangerine Vert which is a super zesty, fresh fragrance that I am in love with. Tangerine Vert is just the most wonderful fresh fragrance that after a few seconds turns into a virant lemon/lime scent. It's so perfect for the summer.

I really love this range, each one is a unique scent but also they really complement each other. I think it's a wonderful gift idea for people who love to be a little different with their fragrance selections. For me, Miller Harris as a brand really understands the quality of the scents going into each bottle which makes each spray feels incredibly luxurious. 

There is a Miller Harris store in Covent Garden, London which I would definitely suggest you take a visit and try out for yourself because the fragrances are just wonderful. 

Have you tried anything from Miller Harris?
5 July 2015

The Sunday Post | Lifestyle

Today Is a bit of a different post, I though I would share with you what I do on a "typical Sunday". I definitely think Sunday's can be pretty boring but they always seem to go so quickly, which is sad because Monday is just around the corner.

I'm an early bird, I wake up about 7:30 but I'll stay in bed for an hour just faffing and looking through social media. I normally have a call with my favourite dear Vernia, man I miss that girl, a little later on in the morning around 10AM. We normally just have a catch up about what each other's week has been like, guy drama, life drama you know, the usual things. 

I like to take blog pictures in the morning as well, this is because the light comes into my room and everything looks a lot brighter so once I have taken the pictures I carry everything downstairs to my chair in the living room where I sit for several hours just writing and uploading pictures for my drafts. I have to make sure I write at least 3 drafts over the weekend, otherwise I'll fall behind my schedule. This year I have been really good with my drafts and never get down to less than 7 posts, right now I have 12. I post 3 times a week so I must make sure I have at least that weeks post pre-written so I can simply proof read and post. Sometimes I can sit in my chair doing this for hours, I might not get dressed until early afternoon about 2PM. This sound pretty darn lazy but, it's a Sunday, technically I'm allowed.

I have my lunch, I try to eat quite light because unless I go for a run first thing then my weekends are far less active than my weekdays. I'll normally have porridge or something like that, it's really filling but it's not too bad in terms of fat and calories.

I love commenting on other blogs as well, so normally on a Sunday when I need a break from writing I'll go a read a few of my fave blogs and leave a little love on them. I think you can get some great inspiration from reading other people's blogs. Sundays are definitely bloggy day, I pretty much just sit in my chair faffing around on the internet. Most Sundays I try to give my make up brushes a deep clean, they get so bad, recently I went several weeks without washing them which just made it so much hard when I did actually get around to doing it. 

In the evening I like to unwind by having a bath and putting a face mask on, you have to pamper yourself a little on a Sunday. Then I cook myself a little dinner, normally something lean like turkey breast and veggies. 

Then before bed, I always pack my gym bag so it's ready for me just to get up and go. I also make sure I paint my nails so they are fresh for Monday morning, I normally have to redo them by Wednesday or Thursday depending on the polish. I always paint them right before I get into bed because then I'm less likely to chip them. 

I have a last minute check on social media, then watch a bit of tv and go to sleep. It's a very chilled, very lazy Sunday but I kinda like my little routine. Often it does change, sometimes I will go out for dinner with friend or I'll go for a run in the morning or I'll be out all day but this type of Sunday is one of my faves. 

What's your Sunday routine?
2 July 2015

Monthly Faves | Beauty

Monthly Faves

It's been a while since I have done one of these posts, I don't like to do them too frequently as my fave products don't change that often. I have found this month I have tried to improve the appearance of my skin and the overall texture of it. I'm really starting to see an improvement with and I think it's definitely down to some of these products. 

Starting with Garnier Micellar water, oh my god. This is stuff is so good and completely changed my evening routine, I don't know what I did without it but this product removed dirt and make up perfectly for me. I have also been drinking these amazing Wassen Collagen Drinks which I honestly cannot get enough of, I have seen such an improvement with my skin It's amazing. 

Moving onto Max Factor Creme Puff Blush, this blusher is just so easy to wear. I love that it has the shimmery highlights in it so for me it works as both a blusher and a highlighter which is pretty handy.I always use this on the weekend when I don't want to go too heavy with my make up. It adds a really lovely flush of colour to my cheeks. I am considering trying out some more shades but we'll see. 

And finally we have the Nip+Fab Glycolic Fix Serum which I haven't actually reviewed on my blog (yet, maybe) but I've started using it in the evening just after I have used my Micellar water and I'm have noticed a difference in the pores around my nose and the smoothness of my skin. I have reviewed Gylcolic Fix  Exfoliating Pads and they are amazing, I still use them but I'm liking the addition of the serum too. 

What are your monthly favourites?