2 January 2020

New Year New Blog Post | Lifestyle

As we tip toe into a new year, of course we all take a moment to reflect. In this day and age people like to reflect all over social media showing their highlights, mainly, all the places they've been, all the things they've achieved and with heading into a new decade people are showing 10 years worth of growth...I don't have the energy for it!

So much has changed and happened in 10 years, it's hard to look back and pinpoint the noteworthy things when really there are so many things that contribute to growth including a lot of really sh*t times, so if you think this post is going to be me talking about all the things I achieved then this isn't gonna be for you. 

2019 was a weird bloody year, honestly, it was pretty damn awful at times, took me to some very dark places and then all of a sudden things got a lot better, it really was a tale of two halves. I left an incredibly toxic job and started somewhere fresh and hit the ground running, then when I had a chance to breathe I realised that it had been 6 months already and was no longer the new girl. I didn't travel as much because changing jobs and having a dog, this will change in 2020! I'm gonna get over myself and find Freddie a good dog sitter so me and the boyf can have a week or weekend away together. I finally started a new exercise routine, I joined a spin studio and bloody love it, the ease of fitting it into my routine didn't require any effort at all because it just felt right! This is another thing I will be taking into the new year. During this Christmas break, I did a little bit of decorating in the house because I felt like it's time to just try something new and you know what, I absolutely adore it. I gave up meat in 2019 and it was again, a really great and easy (ish) decision, not get me wrong I did have meat on one or two occasions some were accidental and a couple weren't but I didn't beat myself up, it happens and yep, taking that into the new year too.

I have also signed up to do a charity walk in may, London to Brighton because I really want to do something for someone else and the cause that means the most to me will always be homelessness, anything to support the charities out there that do a lot of good work. Don't get me wrong, it's not an entirely selfless act (very few are) but I am looking forward to the challenge, I want to push myself to do something and be proud of it. There were definitely some really great decisions I made last year that I will continue into the next.

2020 will be a year of doing things, travelling more, doing more for others, spending quality time with friends and family but no doubt the year will have things planned that will change the course slightly but I want to be able to adapt and not take it all so personally. I want to read more poetry, visit more art galleries and just learn more about art and culture in general. I am feeling quite optimistic about the new year because it feels fresh, I'm not going into the year with a weight hanging on my neck.