27 October 2019

30 Things in 30 Years | Birthday

I've had a little break from the blog, no reason, just couldn't be bothered to post even though I had content in my drafts but I am back now.

It's that time again, another year older and yet none the wiser, not really a massive fan of my birthday but considering it was a biggie (30, cringe) I thought I would look at my achievements and random things I have done in my 30 bloody years on this planet! 

ONE. Got a dog
TWO. Bought a house
THREE. Started my career
FOUR. Started a blog
FIVE. Learned karate
SIX. Visited 17 cities around the world
SEVEN. Lived in another country for a year
EIGHT. Been a bridesmaid
NINE. Got a degree
TEN. Learned to drive
ELEVEN. Sang at karaoke
TWELVE. Got my nose pierced
THIRTEEN. Cooked Christmas dinner
FOURTEEN. Been to a festival
FIFTEEN. Attended concerts
SIXTEEN. Travelled on a plane alone
SEVENTEEN. Fallen asleep on the train drunk and woken up after my stop
EIGHTEEN. Baked a cake
NINETEEN. Been to a football match
TWENTY. Had a perm
TWENTY-ONE. Dyed my hair red
TWENTY-TWOHosted a gathering
TWENTY-THREE. Written a poem
TWENTY-FOUR. Owned a car
TWENTY-FIVEEaten at a restaurant alone
TWENTY-SIX. I have built a piece of furniture by myself
TWENTY-SEVEN. I have walked to the top of the Duomo in Florence, Italy 
TWENTY-EIGHT. Seen a show at London Fashion Week
TWENTY-NINE. I have seen several musicals in the West end
THIRTY. I bought my first piece of art

So there we have some wonderful (and stupid) things I have done in my 30 years on this damn planet!