29 November 2015

Meanwhile in Florence | Lifestyle

As I type this, as you guys read it, I am currently sitting in my apartment in Florence deciding what to have to eat. Isn’t it crazy how in a week your whole life can change? I have never been to Florence or Italy for that matter before so never, ever, considered that I would move here to work and yet here I am feeling rather content in my little space. So in today’s post I’m just going to chat about how I’ve found my first week here and how I am getting on so far.

When some people move abroad they move because they want to be in a different country and may not have a job yet or will look for one while they are out there but for me that wasn’t the case because I was offered my absolute dream job, so that was the easy part for me. What I did find it incredibly hard finding an apartment to start off with, I spent a week or so emailing various different agencies trying to get more information about the apartments but it was really hard trying to get through the language barrier or even getting a response. However I was very fortunate, a girl I would be working with emailed me to say that her and her roommate have a spare room for me to rent if I was interested. Of course I replied immediately saying yes, I was so grateful and it was a massive weight off my shoulders to know I didn’t have to worry about having somewhere to live, genuinely thought I would be living out of a cardboard box on the streets for a hot second there. 

Before moving out, I knew I had to get a Codice Fascale which is basically a tax code so that I can be taxed on the pay from my job but you can only get this when you are in the country. I arrived about 7:30pm on a Monday night so I knew that on Tuesday that was the first thing I had to sort out. I must say that getting the Codice Fascale wasn’t too painful, because I had all my right documents etc but trying to find out where to get it from was another story and I was without WiFi or 4G…nightmare. Needless to say, I know that particular street in Florence very well now.

I have to mention how wonderful my roommates are, everyone I have encountered over here has been so welcoming and helpful, it’s completely amazing. Not knowing any Italian has been a massive hindrance though, don’t get me wrong I knew it would be a problem but I just wish I already knew the language. I won’t need it for my job, but ya know, if I want to actually live here I’m kinda gonna need it! I must admit on one day I felt really shit, just really useless because I have no understanding at all it makes things very hard but it’s ok, I will learn it, it just takes a bit of time.

My first week in Firenze, as it is known to the locals/Italians, was just wonderfully odd, I spent hours just exploring and walking the streets, everything you have heard about this place is true, it’s breathtakingly beautiful. What I really love about this city is that you can turn down a street and right at the very end of that street, in the distance, are mountains. There is history and art on every single corner, when I first saw the Duomo I was speechless, it’s just so pretty. I loved just walking wherever my feet were taking me, I didn’t have google maps or anything just a rough idea that I was going in the right direction, where that may be. By the end of the week, I was really craving the comfort of a routine, I couldn’t wait to start my job because I knew that every weekend from now on I can always explore.  

I’m aware that this post is getting rather lengthy and most of you have probably switched off by now but I just wanted to give you a little snap shot. Over the next few weeks/months I feel like my blog is definitely going to take more of a lifestyle turn which I’m fine with, but fear not, I have spotted a few beauty brands that I’ve never heard of before and they certainly will be making an appearance. 

Just thought I'd give you guys an update, get ready for regular post on Tuesdays, Thursday and Sundays! 
11 November 2015

A bit of a break | Life Update

If you are of the regular 3 readers who actually read my tiny little blog, you'll notice I haven't posted for a couple of days which I do feel bad about. As you may know I am moving to Florence, which is happening really soon, like on Monday 16th November to be precise. So I have kinda been a bit all over the place because I've been trying to get my life together, trying to see all my friends, finishing work, etc which has meant I haven't been as engaged with my blog. It's not about the content, I have many drafts but it's finding the time to take pictures or proof read and then to promote and join the chats. I've had to turn down many opportunities because I couldn't promise when I'd be able to write about those products. 

The really great thing is I will have so much more time  when I am in Florence because I won't have the crazy commute I do here from Essex into London everyday, I will also be experiencing so many new things that I will want to share with you guys too. I love blogging and love my little blog but just to get my life in order I'm going to take a little break, I will still be active on social media but no new posts for a week or so. I don't want my absence to last longer than 2 weeks really so in the background I will be making sure my drafts are all up to scratch and then I'll be posting regular life updates about the relocation to Italy etc. 

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5 November 2015

Gift Idea: Jimmi Jamms | Lifestyle

Honestly, how cute are these pjs? I mean, they are called Jimmi Jamms* for goodness sake, I'm in love.

When it comes to winter and Christmas we all love a good set of pjs, we know that Primark do a really good range of cute yet affordable ones but where else could you go if you wanted something a little different? You need to check out Jimmi Jamms, in fact their entire sleepwear range is super cute. They also do hoodies, loungewear and even have a "cuddle" blanket. I like that Jimmi Jamms do a range of different type of pjs, I actually get very hot in bed so I couldn't bear to wear anything fleecey which is why this particular set is really good for me. But I do like that they also do fleecy pjs for the ones who do get cold. 

When this arrived in the post I was shocked at how big the box was but then when I opened it up to find a milk carton, I just thought it was a fantastic idea. I mean if you were to wrap the milk carton under the tree the person would never be able to guess that it was sleepwear when they felt up the pressies! Also, don't lie and say you never touch the presents, we all do and this would be a great curve ball. 

This set is the Heritage set and comes in 4 different colours, Lemon, Mint, Blue and Pink and the sizes range is from XS to L. I got the L because I've got some big ol' hips and I like things to be a little baggy on me. I would say that the material loosens a little after you wear it a few times but they are seriously comfy. I'm all about the details, I love that there is a bunny on the arm, the draw string also has a little blue bunny on it, there is a little side pocket. This set retails for £26, which I don't think is too bad, they do have a short set which is like £16 so I really do think that you'll be able to find something for every woman here. 

Do you like getting pjs at Christmas? 
3 November 2015

Gift Idea: Steamcream Cracker | Beauty

So now it's November, I really need to start thinking about Christmas so this week I just thought I would share with you a couple of things that I think would make a good present like this little cracker. 

There are lots of brands that bring out different ranges especially for Christmas and sometimes it hard to figure out what to get people. This cute little cracker is from Steamcream and retails for £8.95 for a 25ml tin.  Personally I love these types of stocking fillers, it does get a little boring when all you get is chocolate, personally I would much rather recieve something beauty related than chocolate, well that's a lie, I want both actually!

The really great thing about the Steamcream moisturiser is that it's perfect for all skin types so yo don't have to worry that this product might not be suitable for who ever you are gifting it to. It is also packed with 11 naturally active ingredients such as Lavender Essential Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Orange Flower Oil and Coco butter as well as many other ingredients. When I first applied the cream, you smell the lavender straight away which I'm not really a massive fan of but the really impressive thing is that after second you can't even smell it anymore and can pick up on the various other scents. It's really lovely. 

The size of the tin is a fair size but I'd probably suggest you'd just use this as a facial moisturiser or use on specific areas. Everyone has that one beauty lover in the family and if you're reading this that person is probably you, but I think this would be a really nice gift to have on the tree or in a stocking. 

Have you used any Steamcream products?
1 November 2015

Nike Flex Trainers | Lifestyle

Oh yes, when my birthday came I just though I should treat myself to a brand new pair of trainers and boy and I glad I did. 

I'll be honest with you, I never buy the latest ones, I think they are extortionate prices but I don't mind paying around the £50 mark for a decent pair. If you are a regular reader you'll know my love of Nike workout clothes and trainers, I just don't think you can beat them. I was having a little look on Sports Direct and just filtered by running shoes. In all honestly I don't actually do that much running but every now and then I do like to go out for a jog so I need to be sure that my trainers are fit for their intended purpose. I also like to have a bit of colour on them, it makes them a little more fun. 

The first thing I noticed about these trainers were that they were so bloody light, these are the Nike Flex trainers which means they have an incredibly lightweight sole and as you can see at the bottom is also like a honeycomb effect which means that it moves to the pavement and the tread of your foot really well. When I went on my first run with the, which coincidentally was actually my birthday I noticed a few differences. They trainer were really light on my feet which I kinda mentioned earlier but I really felt a difference in my running. Another thing I noticed was that my feet picked up the dips and unevenness of the pavements a lot more than my other trainers which is because of the sole. This wasn't a bad thing though because I didn't feel it enough to cause any damage or trip over or if anything is probably helps with developing the muscles around my ankles. 

I am in love with these trainers and know they are going to last me a while. In fact I still have my other pair of Nikes but I'm gonna chuck them in the washin machine which I know there are a lot of people who say I shouldn't do this. But the say I see it is I've got a new pair anyway so I may as well give it ago.  

What are your favourite running/workout trainers?