1 July 2018

Work FOMO | Lifestyle


Ok so we have all heard the term FOMO right? It's that feeling you get when you don't really wanna go out but then all your pals are going out and you don't want to miss out on the things that might happen when you aint there. It's that anxiety you get when you think something else is happening in your absence and usually it's a term that is used are friends or social gatherings or events even. I get FOMO a lot but my problem is't necessarily related to my pals but it's actually associated with work. I get this overwhelming sense that I am missing out on too many things which actually limits the amount of time I take off work and certain days I choose to take off. 

24 June 2018

Holiday Handbag Essentials | Fashion

Holiday Handbag Essentials

Soon I shall be sunning myself on holiday in Valencia and it has been a LONG time since I last went on holiday so I am really bloody excited. Today I thought I would share with you what I have in my little holiday handbag. Does anyone else have a little bag they only use for their holidays? 

2 June 2018

Mini House Tour | Home

Peach Roses

As you may already know, me and the boyf recently bought our first home together and it's just been so amazing! It's taken me a while to figure out this type of blogpost because I wanted to take lots of pictures but sometimes the lighting isn't right or sometimes we have the clotheshorse up so it's hardly that pretty. Instead of showing you a room by room tour, I thought I would share little snippets of our place. 

The Living Room and Kitchen
We have an open plan living room and kitchen which is really handy for use because we quite like having a chat when one of us is cooking. As our coach house is a newly built property it means everything is neutral colours and we really wanted to find a way of adding fun colour without it being too drastic, so we added yellow but with grey to compliment the harsh yellow shades. 

This little coaster is one of the rose quartz ones from Anthropologie the colour looks a little odd here but I am still trying to figure out the camera on my phone. The side table was bought from Home Sense and it's actually taken me a little while to love this table but now it just seems to fit perfectly. 

Black and chrome in the kitchen, I mean it just makes sense doesn't it? The Kettle and Toaster are from Morphe Richards and have little rose gold accents on them so it adds just a dash of colour in. 

The Bedroom 
We have kept things very simple in the bedroom, it's probably the most neutral of ours spaces just because I love white bedroom furniture so I definitely had a but more influence in this room. 

Personally I would rather inject a bit of colour with flowers and I just love having roses by the bed, I'm such a flower person anyway! Also, that little book under my rose trinket is from 1808 - it's filled with verses and poetry about different life stages.

The boyf actually has two guitars and we have the acoustic one in the hall way, music is one of his biggest passions so I definitely wanted to make them a bit of a feature in the house. 

Ah, my pride and joy sitting on top of our wardrobe, I have always wanted a Fortnum hamper and for Christmas one of my work partners gifted it to me and I just love it. I used it to put the bedding in and it just looks lovely sitting up there. 

I haven't taken pictures of the bathroom purely because we don't have any natural light so every photo has a yellow tinge to it and they just look odd coupled with the rest of the pictures above. Our bathroom is tilled floor to ceiling basically and has a giant mirror which is a bit of a pain to clean but I adore our bathroom so much! 

There we have a little snippet into our new home! 
26 May 2018

Blog Update | Blogging

I feel like a lot of bloggers lately are falling out of love with their little space on the internet and to be honest I am too! I have had my blog for just over 4 years and whilst I've had my ups and downs I have always managed to just keep it ticking over at least, but here I am with one post scheduled and all out of ideas for any future posts. It's not that I don't like writing any more because I actually really do, I think it's just that I am losing my voice lately! 

If anyone has read my blog as of late, all the beauty posts are just reviews of The Body Shop products and it just feels so suffocating, it's almost like they are the only brand I choose from which isn't necessarily true, I do like a lot of their stuff and, herein lies the problem, it's easy content! How have I got to a stage where I only post stuff that is considered easy, surely I should be posting stuff that I am really excited about. I mean don't get me wrong, everyone has some filler content in some blog posts but all of a sudden it seems to be my only content...! I do love beauty but since going cruelty free it does get harder to try out new things because as soon as you find something you love you just cling onto it for dear life! 

Also, I feel like my lifestyle content is lacking that certain something is used to have, I barely even write about food anymore and you guys know I love my food. Sometimes I'll go out with the intention of taking a few blog pictures for a foodie post, take one picture and then literally forget to take anything else, seriously so annoying from a blogger perspective. I also haven't baked in MONTHS and when I do, they never quite look good enough for my blog so what's the point. Even when I write opinion pieces about how I don't quite fit into the blogging community  or even my love/hate relationship with social media no one really engages with it, so it seems a little pointless. 

I used to be so strict with scheduling posts but now come midweek I genuinely forget, how have I got to a stage where i genuinely forget to do a simple task that I have been doing for years? One reason I have other stuff going on and that is no longer  priority, which is absolutely fine but I need to figure out a way to work blogging back into my life again. Work is just busy all the damn time and actually quite mentally draining right now, so when I get home I don't even want to look at another laptop in all honesty! 

Things I am 100% clear on are that I do want to carry on blogging, I do want to write home content, I do want to carry on writing about beauty - I just need to find a way to do that! So I think I am going to reduce my content down to one post a week until I am up to speed and loving my blog again! 

13 May 2018

Alexander McQueen: Blood Beneath the Skin | Book

Alexander McQueen Bloody Beneath The Skin

Still keeping up with my "1 book a month goal" April's book was a little something different for me because it was a Biography on the late (great) Alexander McQueen by Andrew Wilson. Fun fact about me is that Alexander McQueen is my favourite designer, I've never really known why but I have always loved the designs and the outrageous fashion shows. I spotted Blood Beneath The Skin on Amazon and realise that whilst I love the McQueen brand I actually knew very little about the man behind it other than that he killed himself about 8 years ago so I had to buy it. 

This biography is beautifully done because it contains quotes and memories from friends and family which help to tell Lee Alexander McQueen's story from trusted people in his life. From the book you get a really detailed understanding McQueen's personality, he was wild, he was passionate, he was controversial and yet he was very vulnerable. There are a lot of things that can be said about his fashion shows and he in his time received a huge amount of criticism for some of the visual effects of the shows which must have been so frustrating because some people just didn't see what he was trying to say. 

This book does not paint Lee in any angelic light, I think he was a personal that many probably would struggle to get along with but I like that

Alexander McQueen Blood Beneath The Skin

I have always loved McQueen because the fashion was hard, it was edgy and it was a work of art to some people. The man knew how to tailor suits perfectly and gave the womanly form a bit of structure and strength that most designers just didn't do! I remember ages ago i read a quote that suggested McQueen wanted people to be scared of the woman he dressed, he wanted them to be feared and not feeble and dainty  and that really resonated with me, he saw women as survivors because he witnessed his own sister become a victim of domestic abuse. McQueen was obsessed with light and dark, life and death and reading this book tries to encourage the reader to see things from another perspective. 

If you aren't into fashion then obviously this book isn't gonna be for you, but if you like Alexander McQueen or are interested in luxury fashion then seriously give this book ago! 
9 May 2018

Barry M Flawless Concealer | Beauty

Barry M Flawless Concealer

I have never really been someone to wear a lot of concealer, a little while ago I thought I would give the Collection 2000 one ago again and then I quickly remembered why I had stopped using it! Love the product cannot stand the packaging, mine always seems to leak everywhere and I can't stand mess. The other week I go caught shirt because I had a mammoth spot and had a big meeting so I ran to Boots and the only (cruelty free) concealer I could find was Barry M Flawless Concealer

They only had about 4 different shades with this concealer and I was very lucky to see that my shade was in stock! To be honest I didn't really know much about it other that was written on the bottle which states that it is light reflecting - not exactly what I wanted but I thought it would do the job. Upon researching it's actually a lightweight concealer which has been infused with cucumber and aloe to soothe and it's great for under eyes...yeah...not for spots so now it kind of makes sense. I though the colour match was good for me and it's a very easy product to work with but I have to admit it isn't great for covering spots, you have to keep building up and blending out to try and get a higher coverage. 

Barry M Flawless Concealer

The wand of the Flawless Concealer is so underwhelming and I would go as far to say that it is completely useless! I can get on board with brush wands for concealers but this one is so thin I struggled to apply the product to the areas I needed to. I even used the product for it's real purpose which is under the eyes and I just couldn't get enough product on the wand to get it under my eyes. When I eventually did manage to get some on my skin, I did really like it! It blends out easily and it does have a light reflecting quality about it, but it's worth noting that I don't have very dark circles under my eyes.

The Flawless Concealer, is a very lightweight concealer and it's gonna struggle to cover any huge spots but if you are looking for something that brings a bit of light into your face and that isn't too cakey then this little fellow might be for you! 

What are your favourite concealers  
6 May 2018

Top 5 Home Stores | Lifestyle

Having recently just bought our first home, I have spent all most all of my spare time in bloody home interior stores and I actually really love it. I feel like me and the boyf have done really well in filling our home with bits and pieces but at a fair price-point so today I thought I would share with you some of my favourite places to discover things for your home. 

Some of these are going to be so obvious so I may as well start with THE most obvious which has to be...

Home Sense
I don't think I can fully explain just HOW much I love Home Sense, I literally cannot walk into that place without walking out with at least one new thing. One of the many reasons I love Home Sense is that when you walk in there is always something new to look at or explore, our local one changes around so frequently that you are always finding unique times that weren't there the week before. I wouldn't say that Home Sense is a "cheap" shop but all of the products are less than half their original price so you still can save quite a lot. One of my favourite purchases from there has to be our bright yellow velvet feature chair!

I feel like IKEA is a bit of a "marmite" shop lately, I saw some people recoil at the fact I was going to buy my bed and mattress from there and others who literally jump up and down when I said I was going. Don't get me wrong the physical act of going to IKEA stresses me out just a tad because it's quite chaotic but me and the boyf did a lot of research online before we went so we kind of knew what we wanted anyway! We bought a lot from there on Easter weekend and I was surprised at the total price came to less than what I thought it would! My favourite purchase is definitely our bed and mattress, the mattress is super comfy and the bed is perfect for what we wanted! 

Guys, I'm putting it out there, I think Wilko is one of the most underrated shops for home interiors! I definitely feel like Wilko has had a rebrand as of late and I just feel that they make certain interior trends super accessible for everyone because the price point is always really good. I tend to find myself buying bits and bobs more so than huge pieces of furniture but it's a place I always think to go first if I am looking for something because I guarantee that they will have it! My favourite purchase from there are our light shades, they are a black industrial look and we have some gorgeous amber filament bulbs which brings the whole look together.  

Dunlem was a place that I never thought to go and yet since getting the house we find ourselves there almost every weekend. Dunlem is unusual in the sense that the price point really vary across products, you can pick some things up that are dirt cheap and yet others are what I would consider luxury prices. I really like the variety of products per department, some store specialise in soft furnishings or furniture for example but Dunlem has a lot of different items for lots of different areas of your home, it's very easy to get lost in there. My favourite item from there has to be my bedroom curtains, even if they were bloody expensive, I can't help but look at them and just love them!  

The Range
It's taken me quite a while to come around to the idea of The Range, I'm not sure whether it's just my local one that I don't really like or what but I used to really get put off of going there. However, as of late I have found myself warming more to the store. It does have some handy things and we ended up getting quite a few items from there for our kitchen and some bedding, another brand again that offers a really reasonable price-point. Whilst I don't consider The Range to offer "trendy" items it certainly offers a lot of home essentials. My favourite item from the store is our giant mirror, in fact it was one of the first items that me and the boyf actually both liked! 

There we have just 5 of my fave places to buy gorgeous stuff for your home in! What are your faves?
2 May 2018

Drops of Youth Eye Concentrate | Beauty

Drops of Youth Eye Concentrate

Another Body Shop product, I can almost SEE your eyes start to roll, you guys have to know that I really think The Body Shop has some incredible skincare ranges and I am obsessed with the Resurfacing Liquid Peel  and the Youth Cream but I have been honest about my opinion regarding their beauty products such as the CC Cream which was a massive disappointment. I just kinda have a problem with the The Body Shop in the sense that I cannot walk out of there with just one thing so I end up buying a few! 

You guys already know that I am paranoid about my ever aging face so was on the look out of a little eye cream when I spotted (with my saggy eyes) The Drops of Youth Eye Concentrate, I just saw the words "youth" and "eyes" and knew I had to have it! Like the Drops of Youth Cream  this product also has plant stem cells such a Edelweiss, Sea Holly and Criste Marine. 

Drops of Youth Eye Concentrate

It's an unusual little contraption isn't it? Basically it's a pump and applicator all in one! You press down on the little black part which deposits the eye cream around the silver roller ball and then, as instructed by the packaging, you massage the cream around both eyes in a figure 8 motion and then you simply pat it in with your fingers until it is completely absorbed. I'm not gonna lie to you guys but this took me a little while to even remember to keep using, for some reason I really struggled to work it into my skincare routine but I eventually did. 

The Youth Eye Concentrate is a really lovely product because it's so fresh and light, it also has a cooling quality to it which is helped by the roller ball. I definitely noticed that this product made the skin around my eyes appear more lighter and brighter but I am lucky in the sense that I have quite pale under eyes anyway so don't often have "bags" as such! I have read the reviews online and many people have said that it reduces fine lines which personally I haven't noticed, for me this product is more of a hydrating cream than a cream to reduce wrinkles which I actually wanted. 

It is a lovely product but I think I want to go for something that is a little more tightening and wrinkle reducing as opposed to birghtening so I won't buy this product again but that's not to say it isn't a great product because it is, I just need something a little stronger to tackle my aging eyes! 

What eye creams do you recommend? 
29 April 2018

A Cruelty Free Blogger? | Lifestyle

Cruelty Free

When it comes to skincare, make up and even hair care I can honestly say I am cruelty free and yet I still struggle to promote this publicly on my social media. I have thought about it a lot recently and I guess it's lead me to question why?

I think the problem is when you start labeling yourself you actually open yourself up to a lot of criticism which I just can't be bothered with! The issue is that things change all the time and whilst I may buy a product that I personally think is safe/cruelty free I could end up being wrong and that's when you start to question the label! Additionally I'm not vegan, I mean, I ain't even vegetarian so how can I claim to be cruelty free when I chose to eat meat or wear leather? It's such a minefield that I often feel really conflicted. We're at an age where we have so many sources of information and videos you become overwhelmed and feel the need to do better which I think is a brilliant thing but I still struggle to fly that "cruelty free" flag because I know that I'm not perfect. 

I think it's the granularity of it all, where do you draw the line? I would never touch any L'Oréal products and until last year The Body Shop was actually owned by L'Oréal however TBS still didn't test on animals, but morally I don't want to contribute any revenue, in any capacity to L'Oréal so didn't want to shop there. Even massive bloggers are still promoting brands that all sell in China where legally they have to test products on animals before they are sold in that country, so I stop wanting to read or watch their content because its something I just can't get excited about anymore. My most read blog post is a lipstick review on L'Oréal which I no longer want to promote but you can't get away from the fact it's my most liked post. There are just so many things to consider and I just want to say that on a level I am cruelty free but I know that I can't be perfect with all my choices.

I am a huge believer that small changes make the biggest difference and whilst I do eat meat and wear leather I do believe that by only buying brands that do not test on animals I am making a small difference. Who knows, maybe somewhere down the line, I will start to make a bigger more considered lifestyle change.

25 April 2018

Camomile Silky Cleansing Oil | Beauty

Camomile Silky Cleansing Oil

I know what you're thinking, "another bloody cleanser" on the blog and I get that, I definitely think this year I have been open to trying lots of different products because I really want to have a good skincare routine, I don't wanna age!!! Whilst I think there is no ONE cleanser that is perfect I definitely want to use products I truly love. I have heard SO many incredible things about the Camomile range from The Body Shop but more about the cleansing butter but as I have a lot of creamy type of cleansers I wanted to try out the Silky Cleansing Oil

I have mentioned in a few posts that I wanted to try more oils on my skin and I thought that this cleansing oil would be a good match! I also really wanted a cleanser that would be really quick and easy to use because sometimes, at night, I can be a bit lazy with my routine. When I bought the Silky Cleansing Oil, I thought I would just whack it on a cotton pad a few swipes on my face and I will be done with it...I was wrong. When I first used it the product just sank into the pad and I couldn't get anything on my face and when i read the back there aren't actually any instructions which made the whole thing a bloody big faff! I had to go on the website to find out how to use the damn thing! 

This product should be used on a dry face first, applied with your fingers/hands and really work it into the face, then you wet your hands and rub them over your face again which then changes the consistency of the product a little and then you wipe off with a muslin cloth or whatever. So it is super easy but it's not as lazy as I had hoped, that said I bloody love this product. My skin feels SO smooth after using it and I had noticed that the smooth feeling lasts far longer than it usually does with other cleansers which makes me question whether my face leans more on the dry side these days because the oil is really making a difference. It's an aggressive pump so be prepared to try and catch the oil in your hands, it also worth noting that a little goes a long way, I literally use one pump but the first couple of times i used two and totally didn't need to!

The Silky Cleansing Oil is also vegan, suitable for sensitive skin and removes water proof mascara - it really is a wonder product! I have noticed I got a couple of spots since using this product but that is typical of my skin when trying anything new and they're hardly anything too dramatic. 

What cleansing products are you lovin' right now?
22 April 2018

Eleanor Oliphant Is Completely Fine by Gail Honeyman | Book

Eleanor Oliphant Is Completely Fine

Eleanor Oliphant Is Completely Fine Blurb

I'm still keeping strong with my monthly book goal but in the month of March I have actually managed to squeeze in two which I will explain in my other book review. This book was actually picked by the bf because he got me a giftcard for W H Smith as he knew I was reading more and I asked him to pick a book with it and he suggested this one. Little did he know that actually everyone is reading this book, it was incredibly popular at the time. 

The blurb reads that Eleanor lives a simple life filled with simple routines and she buys two bottles of vodka to drink every weekend, immediately the reader knows something is up, we know that Eleanor is blocking something out but of course we need to read to find out. Gail Honeyman takes you through Eleanor's life in an almost clinical way, Eleanor isn't a person who is open about feelings, she is very black and white and emotion doesn't often come into her everyday life. There were lots of social interactions that just bypass Eleanor completely so we understand that she is a little different. We don't really know much about her past but we are given snippets throughout and learn quite early on that he upbringing wasn't the best and her "mummy" emotionally abuses her daughter over the phone. Eleanor becomes obsessed with a musician in an almost teen girl kind of way but she is a 30 year old woman, so it's a little odd. On the other hand Eleanor in wildly judgmental criticising people for all sorts of reasons but this starts to change when she meets a new colleague called Raymond. Eleanor is an endearing character and whilst she has many personality flaws there is an innocence there because she simply doesn't know any better, there are many "first time" experiences for this character which makes you like her all the more.  

This book was good but I didn't really connect with Eleanor until the "Bad Days" chapters start and that is a good 260 or so pages into the book, for me that's when the book actually starts and had the Bad Days chapter started from the beginning I probably would have enjoyed it more, but that isn't to say I didn't enjoy the novel because I did. You see this raw version of Eleanor which you've never seen before. These chapters have a darkness to them which you know I am always drawn to, I can understand that these chapters could be a little triggering so I would advise if you are likely to be triggered by certain themes be aware of these chapters. There is a twist in the book which I actually didn't expect but it kind of made sense and *spoiler warning* there is a happy(ish) ending which personally I never really like in novels that much because they can feel too forced but this is a nice ending so to speak! 

It's definitely a thought provoking book which makes you consider how small acts of kindness can really impact on other people's lives without you realising. I would definitely recommend this book. 

Have you read this novel?
18 April 2018

Burt's Bees Deep Cleansing Cream | Beauty

Burt's Bees Deep Cleansing Cream

You guys know I love a bit of Burt's Bees, I have written about the Orange Essence Cleanser  which I was a little unsure about, I love the scent of the product but wasn't obsessed with it, after several months I do like it but I am looking for another cleanser which is where this little fella comes in. I have to be honest and say that personally I do think Burt's Bees skincare is expensive, for what it is, so I tend to purchase when there is a discount. I picked up the Deep Cleansing Cream in my local Sainsbury's because it was like £3 off making it £7 however I know that Boots always have a discount on Burt's Bees. 

I miss using a cream cleanser and I was looking for something that would be thicker than the orange essence cleanser. From the moment I first used this deep cleansing cream I was obsessed with the smell, it smells like sherberts, this zingy sweet scent, like Love Hearts or Refreshers or something, I just wanted to eat it. Also, this cream is incredibly thick, you can easily end up using too much of the product which I did a lot to start off with. You have to apply it to a wet face and it's unusual in the sense that when you apply it on your skin it doesn't really do anything, it doesn't foam up, it doesn't melt in, it just kind sits on the surface. When you use too much you kinda realise tat it isn't doing anything but when you use just a smidge less you can work it into your skin a little easier and it actually feels better. 

Overall, I like this cream for the scent alone but I think that the orange essence cream actually leaves my skin looking a little fresher than the Deep Cleansing Cream! 

I like Burt's Bees as a brand because the bees wax is responsibly sourced and made in a sustainable way, not only that but they also sponsor the British Beekeepers Association's adopt a beehive which helps Honey Bees thrive. I feel like we could all be doing more to help the bees, so any company that does this I definitely want to get more products from. Also it's worth noting that the various products that they sell contain no petrochemicals, phthalates, parabens or sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS). 

What are your favourite cleansers? 

15 April 2018

We Bought Our First Home | Life Update

New Home

Yeah so basically me and the boyf finally completed on our little coach house a couple of weeks ago and it has been a bloody roller coaster. It's taken nearly 6 months for us to complete and I'm not gonna lie it has been quite stressful but nonetheless we are so frickin' happy to be in and living in this lovely new space!

I definitely needed to take just a couple of weeks off to sort everything out, we were actually really lucky because we got our keys the day before Good Friday and the Easter weekend so we decided that we would make the most of 4 days off of work and just buy and build everything we needed. Not gonna lie going to Ikea on Good Friday was somewhat hellish and a little overwhelming for me personally but we did so well. As the completion took so long again we were really fortunate because it meant that we could save more money and then be in a position to buy the things we needed, but of course our family also were so generous with their time and money, I was so incredibly grateful for them, not gonna lie! 

I don't want this post to be too long, I just wanted to give anyone reading a little reason of why I have been a little quiet lately, even on my social channels I haven't posted that much but I am excited to get back into the swing of things again! I am even more excited to include more home content on the ol' blog now, as it's a new build it means that everything is white and fresh and clean so it makes everything look so much better and we get to add our own touch of personality in different ways. 

So there we have it, expect a little change but for the next week or so it will be business as usual. 

What have you been up to lately?
28 March 2018

Barry M Illuminating Strobe Cream | Beauty

Today I thought I would have a little chat about the Barry M Illuminating Strobe Cream which I picked up as a free gift several weeks ago. Now, I love a bit of highlight in fact there is rarely a day go by that I don't  wear highlight on the ol' cheek bones and I have written about the NYX Cosmetics Strobe Of Genius palette which is just so beautiful so you know I like a powdered highlight. This Barry M product on the otherhand isn't powder it is obviously a cream highlight that I have never tried before so considering it was on offer in Superdrug I thought I would give it a go. 

I opted for the Ice Bronze colour which is less bronze and more iced because it's the kind of warm shimmer that I personally prefer. I have very pale skin and often don't want to wear make up that highlights my cool tone, so I like to bring warmth to my face with highlight and contour which is why I went for this one. When I first started using it I didn't really know how to apply it, in fact I found it really hard to get product from the stick to my face because it was very hard and found that if I applied it directly to my face it just drags my foundation so obviously that's not how you're supposed to apply this thing. After I tried rubbing my fingers over it to warm up the cream a little in the hope it would become easier to use, it did actually work a little. I then tapped it on the tops of my cheekbones and found that not a lot of product actually transferred to my face. Like guys, this is a lot of work for someone who needs to apply their make up fairly quickly in the morning. 

Don't get me wrong, once you get the damn thing on your face it does look nice, it's a very light sheen to the skin it probably looks a lot more natural than my powder highlights which definitely serves a purpose. It lasted quite well but again because it's so natural it just kind of worn off my face as the day went on. As you can see in the picture, it's not that pigmented at all, admittedly the picture colour is a bit crappy but you can see that my skin tone almost matches this product. 

I think that cream highlights just aren't for me, it is a gorgeous shade, it does work but it's hard work and I prefer the ease of dipping my brush into my palette and a couple of swipes and I'm done! 

Do you prefer cream or powder highlighters? 

25 March 2018

Tipsy Clothing Haul | Fashion

Yes you read that right, today I thought I would share with you my most recent purchases that I picked up when I went for a boozy afternoon tea with my friend Vernia! I know it doesn't look like a lot and the reality is I didn't go wild but also I got some bits from Primark which obviously doesn't have an online store so I couldn't easily grab pictures for the stuff I got there but I will mention what I got anyway. 

Honey Bee - Ok so I didn't even see this t-shirt until my pal found it in Miss Selfridge and I just had to have it! Obviously you guys know I love my little bee related things and I just love honey. I adore that this t-shirt actually has the bee embroidered, it's a little detail that is just so cute. It is slightly cropped but I will wear this with high waisted jeans and a black blazer over the top. 

Corduroy Shirt Dress - I know what you are thinking, corduroy...really? YES REALLY like oh my god, I know it's a little old fashioned but when I saw this shirt I actually gasped! The colour is gorgeous blush pink and the corduroy is very fine so it add a bi of texture without looking over the top corduroy if that makes sense? To be honest I didn't even realise that this was a dress I just thought it was an over sized shirt but I will definitely be wearing it over jeans with ankle boots. 

Sunglasses - I actually picked some up in primark not really because I needed them but mainly because I wanted some new ones. I have from D&G ones but I wanted some that I could just throw in my bag and not worry about and they were literally £3 you just can't go wrong. 

I also picked up some underwear, some black joggers and a plain black long sleeved t-shirt, ya know the basic essentials from Primark. The reason I wanted to share with you this little haul was because I ended up picking some things that I never would have picked before. I love the little Honey Bee t-shirt but I never would have though to buy the damn thing but in my head I was already styling what else to wear with it. Also, if you would have ever mentioned the words "pink corduroy shirt" to me I would have laughed but I just saw it and had to have it. 

What things have your bought whilst a little but tipsy that you haven't actually regretted? 
21 March 2018

Barry M Crushed Jewel Cream Eyeshadow | Beauty

Barry M Crushed Jewel  Cream Eyeshadow

I'm one of those people who actually really likes wearing eyeshadow but kind of struggles to find time to apply it, so when I spy a product that looks like it can give me a gorgeous shimmery eye with ease then you know I'm gonna try it out! I spotted the Barry M Crushed Jewel eyeshadows in vlog I think, I can't remember which vlog but it must have been a PO Box Haul kinda thang and thought I should check them out instore. 

I found the Crushed Jewel Cream Eyeshadows in my local Superdrug as Boots didn't have them and they were actually running an offer of "buy two products and receive a FREE Illuminating Strobe Stick" so I went with the intention of only buying one and ended up with two. These cream eyeshadows actually remind me of the Rimmel Scandaleyes cream eye shadow sticks which I actually really loved back in the day. I was torn between the shade range because there were so many gorgeous ones to pick from but in the end I opted for Blissful and Pillow Talk . At first glance look really similar but you'll see in the swatch below that Blissful is far more pink than Pillow Talk. 

Barry M Crushed Jewel

The cream eyeshadows have a doe foot applicator which makes it really easy to place on the lid but you're gonna need a brush to help put it in place and blend out. When I applied Pillow Talk I only applied a small amount and then left the house however  noticed that this creased really bad into my eyes, like you're gonna need a primer if you have slightly oily eye lids. I was a little underwhelmed when I first tried it because it just didn't seem to have impact I was hoping for. However, I wore it again but this time I applied a first layer, let it dry and then packed on again a little more and it lasted a lot longer and looked exactly how I wanted it to. 

These sell for £4.99 which I think is a fantastic price for what they are, plus they are small and easy to pop into your make up bag. If you like a shimmery look then this is a really easy way to create that look, it won't last for a crazy amount of hours but it will last an look good if you take your time with it. 

Have you tried any of the Crushed Jewel eyeshdows? 

18 March 2018

Good Me, Bad Me by Ali Land | Book

Good me Bad Me - Ali Land

Good Me Bad Me - Ali Land

In keeping with my new year goal I am going to write a post on each book I read just so I can keep a record really but also because someone else might like to read it. February's book was Good Me, Bad Me by Ali Land. Which is a fictional story about the daughter of a child serial killer who actually told the police about horrors that she experienced. Milly (Annie) is taken in by a foster family to prepare her for the trial of her mother as she has to testify against her.

Good Me, Bad Me takes you through the journey of Milly as she tries to come to terms with her new identity, her new school, her new life and her new temporary family. The story is told from Milly's perspective but there is an inner monologue which tells the reader there is something more to the story. Part of the blurb reads "Because Milly's mum is a serial killer. And blood is thicker than water..." so we are quite clear in the assumption that some one will die but who? I definitely like the way "nature over nurture" is woven into the novel, the reader knows that Milly has experienced some horrors at the hand of her own mother so you feel sorry for her and the character is developed in a really detailed way. 

However I just feel like the characters aren't really that likeable, you have Mike the Foster dad who you think is a nice guy but he is only really helping Milly for his own gain, Saskia the drunk cheating foster mother who is so oblivious, Phoebe the cruel foster sister who hates Milly so much and then Milly who has killer traits and uses other people's weaknesses against them. Admittedly Milly has a terrible up bringing but I couldn't actually feel that sorry towards the end. The only character I really warmed to was Morgan who you just end up feeling sorry for.

There is a twist in the book and whilst it was developed well I wasn't stunned by it, I just kind of expected it so to me it wasn't much of a twist. I would say that there are a lot of unanswered questions about Milly's past which could easily be moved to another novel or a series but I think it's because you never really knew exactly what happened to her growing up so I found it hard to connect with her.

It was a good book, it was well written but I just really couldn't connect to any of the characters.

Have you read this book?
14 March 2018

The Ordinary Serum Foundation | Beauty

The Ordinary Serum Foundation

Ok guys, I feel like I have failed you all because I simply cannot stand this foundation! You may have read my Coverage Foundation review which I couldn't get on with but I put it down to never really wearing full coverage foundations anyway so I thought that would be it! The Ordinary have so many bloggers raving about the Serum Foundation that I thought I should give that a go as it's a lighter weight foundation which I am more used to. 

This foundation is a low viscosity formula which means it's definitely runnier than the Coverage foundation and other ones I use but I expected it to be. I tried applying this with my RT buffing brush and my beauty blender and it just doesn't work with my skin, the coverage isn't great which is to be expected but again it blends out in a really odd way. I don't know why but it clings to odd places on my face that other foundations simply don't and throughout the day it just doesn't wear well and I was wearing a setting spay with it. I have tried different tools, different primers, different creams and nothing works for me and this range of foundations. 

I think the shade range of the foundations are phenominal, I love that The Ordinary not only caters of other skintones but also different undertones. The foundation just don't work for me, but their skincare is something I can get excited about. It's a short and sweet review because I just didn't like it and I left a more in depth review about the Coverage Foundation which I treated in the same way. 

What foundations do you recommend?

11 March 2018

Afternoon Tea at Boulevard Brasserie, London | Lifestyle

Afternoon Tea at Boulevard Brasserie

It's been a while since we had something a little fancy on Honeypot Blogs hasn't it? Today I thought I would share with you my utterly delightful experience I had at Boulevard Brasserie for Afternoon Tea! My dear Vernia really fancied having scones and jam and she suggested that we go for afternoon tea somewhere in London and she found this great deal which was about £27 per person and it includes a variety of different sandwiches and sweet treats but also bottomless tea and bottomless prosecco for an hour and a half. 

Boulevard Brasserie was just off of Covent Garden and I frickin' love that Covent Garden area, so much there is always something fun to do or see and this restaurant/cafe wasn't a place I had ever been before so I was excited to try it out.  

Afternoon Tea at Boulevard Brasserie

Afternoon Tea at Boulevard Brasserie

As soon as we walked in we were welcomed so warmly, everyone was so polite and smiley, they really seemed happy that you were there which I adored. The cafe itself is really cute with classical French design and there are 3 floors and we were seated on the middle level.
When we got to our table the lady described perfectly what we were to expect, so explained that we had an hour and a half at the table and the variety of foods we will be served. She also left a little menu which also explained the details. 

Afternoon Tea at Boulevard Brasserie

I have been to other bottomless prosecco brunches before and know that sometimes they can be a bit tight with the bubbles but I have to say this place definitely wasn't, they topped you up in perfect timing always and only when you really needed it which I loved. The food was divine, I went straight in for the sandwiches first and had to have the little salmon bagel because I don't know why but all of a sudden I have become obsessed with smoked salmon, I just can't get enough! Then I tried out the salt beef and gherkin sandwich which was served on rye bread, again I really liked this but the flavours were quite strong so I think its not one everyone would love. Then I moved on to the little foccacia number which had mozzarella and pesto in it, I mean I was in heaven by this point! The last sandwich was cucumber and cream cheese and honestly, I don't like cucumber at all so I skipped that one. 

We then moved onto the scones which were so damn good, the had two fruit ones and two plain ones so me and Vernia just had one of each one which meant we still had two scones each which I thought was actually really generous. I think they would have offered us more clotted cream because the serving for 4 scones was quite small but we were fine in all honesty. 

Afternoon Tea at Boulevard Brasserie

Then I dived straight into the dessert plate where I pretty much face planted this chocolate square, this little thing was so rich, it was like a thick ganache which a biscuit base, it was delicious, Vernia couldn't quite manage to eat it all but I inhaled mine. Then I had the tiny little macaron which was raspberry so it balanced the richness of the chocolate cake. 

My afternoon at Boulevard Brasserie was actually perfect, the service was incredible the food was delicious, the atmosphere was lively yet intimate and the company was the best ever!  

Where are your favourite places for Afternoon Tea? 
7 March 2018

The Body Shop Roots of Strength Serum | Beauty

The Body Shop Roots of Strength Serum

So I have this thing with The Body Shop, I mean I can't seem to control myself lately every time I go in I end up buying too much and this time I walked away with The Roots Of Strength Firming Shaping Serum which at £32 is very much a "considered purchase". To be honest, I'm 30 next year and I feel this blind panic to really try and do something with my skin and whilst I have always had a little dabble I really want to find some hero products this year. I was reading Hayley Hall's blog and she mentioned this serum in her Four Fab Skincare Gems she was honest but saying she hadn't noticed a huge difference but it does leave her skin feeling good and it is a product that she likes using so I thought, "that's good enough for me" 

Roots of Strength range is inspired by traditional Chinese medicine and infused with 3 root extracts which are ginger, ginseng and rucus root so these products pack a mighty scent so if you don't like strong gingery scents this probably isn't for you my dear. I went for the serum over the face cream simply because I already have a face cream that I am loving right now which is TBS Drops of Youth facial cream so I thought I would use something a little richer and targeted beforehand. I have been using this product for about 7/8 weeks now and I have to be honest that whilst I haven't noticed my skin that much firmer, I have noticed that it looks fresher. I actually started using this product at the same time I started using The Ordinary Peeling Solution so it's hard to pinpoint what it making my skin fee so good right now but I do believe this had contributed to some of it. 

When I first started using it, I was using it every day and I must admit I don't think my skin liked it too much, my skin is a bit fussy and it doesn't really like to have multiple different products on it. I noticed that my skin felt a little clogged after a couple of weeks so I dropped down to using it every other day and that works a lot better for me. 

Roots of Strength Firming Shaping Serum is a really nice product, it's great to apply and melts into the skin beautifully, I'm still not sure whether it's something I would buy all the time but we'll see how I feel when I run out. 

What facial serums do you love right now?