26 June 2016

Skincare Routine | Beauty

I have found that when traveling for work, my skin care routine kinda goes out of the window because I might get in at like 1am really drunk from an event and have to get up really early the next day for another event so for me it's easier to do the full works before and after the trip.

I'll be honest, in the past I've never really had a great routine but the more I fly, the more my skin dries out and hates it all. The problem is I have always had bad skin, the acne scars are pretty bad and whilst I don't have acne anymore, just the odd spot, it has really ruined my face and makes me look far older than what I am. Because of the acne, I pretty much stopped using the typical treatments and just kept my skin routine very simplistic because those acne treatments can definitely make it 100 times worse. This being said, I think I have found something that works for me.

Recently I have fallen in love with Liz Earle's hot cloth cleanser but I have bought it in the Rose and Cedrat, the scent is more delicate than the original. I always feel the eucalyptus is a strange scent, sometimes I like it and other times it's just too strong so for me I would much rather go for a limited edition than the original product. In the past I have used this product and I think I was using it too often because I started getting spots and my skin just wasn't loving it so I stopped, it's weird because this product is gentle enough to be used twice daily but at first I just couldn't get on with it. However this time around, I don't use it everyday and my skin is much happier.

For a face mask I am currently using Peter Thomas Roth Pumpkin Enzyme Mask which smells like Christmas but tingles on the face. It's an exfoliating mask that helps resurface the skin, so you know I love it! Honestly, any chance I get to use products that resurface I am happy to try because if it helps get rid of some of my acne scars or at least reduce them then it's totally worth it. The thing that I like about this face mask is that you don't have to leave it on for a stupid amount of time and doesn't dry hard to your face. You only need to leave it 3 - 7 minutes and let it do it's tingly magic and you are left with a very smooth and soft face, big fan!!!

For a toner I am currently using like a travel sized version of a product because one of my colleagues actually gave it to me because she wouldn't use it, it's the Tata Harper Hydrating Floral Essence moisturising  toner. Now this product I'm not 100% sold on but I do like the fact that it gives you a very quick boost of moisture, because flying does dry your skin out this is perfect.

19 June 2016

Friendship Break Up | Lifestyle

So a couple of weeks ago you will have seen that I wrote a post on long distance friendships and how lucky I have found myself to have these beautiful friends come visit me but today I kinda wanted to talk about the other side! 

I think I have been very fortunate in the sense that the majority of my friends have stayed exactly how they were when I was back home, of course I see them less but in terms of actually speaking with them it's remained the same if not more frequent now! However I have noticed a difference with the odd one or two!

I guess there are two types of these pals so let's talk about the pal who only appears when they want something! Oh yes, so they have heard that you have moved to Italy and they could really do with a cheap trip, how exciting for them! Like don't get me wrong, I am welcoming so many people to come join me in Florence, if I could have someone every weekend I would, but I find it interesting when it's the ones you literally haven't spoken to or seen for like months all of a sudden want to start talking about old times and how close we were way back when! In all honesty, I wouldn't stop anyone come out here, I'm not the Queen of Florence (yet...) but I mean don't expect me to change my schedule because we couldn't find time to meet when I lived in the same town, I think I might struggle even more so being in another country.

Moving onto the pal who actually forgets you exist, harsh I know! I was actually very surprised by one pal, I literally did so much for and have known years and yet when I moved out here it was almost like I never existed, which at first hurt me a little but I mean, you just can't dwell on these things! I could either continue to feel hurt or look at it from a more honest and realistic angle! Sometimes I think friendships work because they are quite convenient, we all have that one friend who you have known forever and you might meet up with them once every couple of months but as time goes on your realise you are actually very different people and all you ever talk about is stuff that happened in the past! I realised that our friendship was no longer convenient because our lives couldn't be more opposite so I can't blame this individual but I am not gonna waste another second thinking about it!

What are your thoughts on friendship break ups?
12 June 2016

30 Random facts | Lifestyle

I saw this post on Alice's blog, I must admit I feel like I struggled a little bit to get 30, I'm not that interesting, but here we go...

1. I was born in London but moved to Essex when I was very young and now I live in Florence, Italy.

2. I can't stand bananas, it's more the smell of them I hate

3. I'm a natural blonde...rare these days I know, even though everyone thinks I dye my hair

4. I have been to 6 different countries this year and only one of them was for a little weekend break all the rest have been with work

5. My favourite flowers ever are hydrangeas, they're so big and pretty and I love them in any colour.

6. I have a slight (very slight) lisp, that I only realised I had about 2 years ago, it stressed me out quite a bit but now I'm just like whatevs

7. I moved to Italy without ever visiting before

8. I like walking up tall buildings, the view is always amazing and gives you a different perspective.

9. I have a slightly addictive personality and get into routines really easily

10. I never go a day without wearing eyeliner and mascara, I have very blonde eyelashes and quite large eyes I look like a bit of an alien without it

11. I literally adore flying, as soon as I break through the clouds, that's my happy place because literally nothing else matters, you are just there, it's hard to explain

12. I am the worst person when it comes to watching movies, I've seen like 5 in my life. Don't go asking me whether I have seen a film, just assume I haven't.

13. I always wear a thumb ring, however when something life changes happens to me it always breaks and a have to get a new one, it broke my first week of uni, it broke when I moved to Florence  etc  weird huh?

14. I only wear white gold or silver jewellery, I think it looks better against my complexion, I'm pasty as hell

15. I originally started this blog as a beauty blog, but I got bored of my writing with these posts. Though I still love beauty products and buy an unhealthy amount

16. I have a slight phobia of cows, I think it stems from a childhood experience that was quite funny and I know irrational to be scared but they just make me uneasy

17. I'm taking classes to learn how to speak isn't going well, but hey I knew more than what I did 6 months ago, which was zero so it can only get better right?

18. I'm obsessed with cashew nuts and raisins, together!

19. I would love to explore Bali one day

20. I love random documentaries about pretty much anything especially if it is to do about the mind.

21. I'm the worst as surprises and secrets of that nature, when friends rope me in to help out with a surprise party or something I literally cannot look the person in the eye until it's over.

22. I sleep with my curtains open, I like the natural daylight waking me up in the morning

23. Red Hot Chilli Pepper's song Otherside is probably one of my all time favourite songs. But I do also like a lot of random 90's tracks that not everyone remembers or listened too.

24. I used to do karate and was about 2 belts away from black belt before I quit

25. I'm anti drugs, even weed which I know a lot of people do and it's considered a soft drug. I would never have a go at someone for doing drugs though, it's their body but it's just not my thang

26. I bloody love animals, of all kinds, but I mean, who doesn't?

27. I don't have one group of friends, I have random cherry picked pals that are spread all over the place

28. I'm quite secretive about my personal life/feelings, even everything written here isn't that personal, just random

29. I have a degree in journalism, for what it's worth

30. I love bumble bees, not only are they cute with their fuzzy bumbly-ness but also we really need to do more to save our bees.

There we have 30 random facts about me. Tell me one, or several random facts about yourself?
5 June 2016

Koko, Florence | Food

I know what you're thinking, why is there only one food picture? In all honestly I hadn't intended writing this blog post until I was thinking about those noodles like a week later, my god they were good!

Today's little foodie review is going to be on a Sushi Restaurant called Koko, admittedly I didn't eat the sushi, I'm just not a fan, but I was informed that it was also really good! Basically if food is your then there is one thing you should know about Florence, it's that the Chinese or Thai food isn't great. The  Italians are obviously amazing at cooking Italian food, in fact it's the best food I have ever tasted but any other cuisines and it's just not right. I think this is because you can't get the same ingredients out here, they don't really do noodles, it's pasta like spaghetti! I have tired a couple of places and wasn't impressed.

My roommate Valeria and a couple of her pals were going to Koko for the Sushi and persuaded me to come along because they might have other options, lucky for me they did! I will point out that if you are ever considering going, dress up!! The women looked amazing, we're talking louboutins, Gucci dresses and flawless make up! This being said, myself and the other girls didn't get this memo because we were all kinda smart casual, it didn't matter though! We had a table booked for 10 but I don't think we got seated until about 10:30 the queue was insane but the staff were very apologetic! The really cool thing was that the waiting area was actually in front of the sushi bar where you could see the chefs prepare all of the different dishes, I must admit it did look incredible.

Moving onto the actually food, so I went for chicken noodles which also had a bit of egg in it! My food came out way before everyone else's which meant I kinda had to start mine,  by the time the sushi came I had almost finished my noodles so I kinda wish they had waited until everyone else's showed up! However this isn't a bad review of the restaurant because I actually really loved it! The noodles were cooked perfectly, as you can see they don't add much in terms of sauce but I kinda like that,  sometimes noodles can almost be drowning in soy sauce but you can add your own. There was a lot of flavour and I pretty much ate every last scrap.