31 August 2014

Double Chocolate Muffins | Recipe

Need I say more than Double Chocolate Muffins?

I'm going to share with you this incredibly yummy double chocolate muffin recipe but again I must state this is not my own, I found it online from the Dr Oetker website, so I am merely sharing the recipe love because it is good. 

A little while ago you may have seen my Fruit Burst Muffin recipe, those muffins were pretty damn healthy. But I had the devil in me today and wanted something massively indulgent so I opted to bake these Double Chocolate Muffins.

They look good don't they?

I just fancied something really sweet and I already had most of the ingredients anyway in my little baking cupboard so I thought I would take an hour to just faff around and bake. Now lets move onto the important stuff to bake these gorgeous treats. 


  • 275 g Plain Flour 
  • Baking Powder - 4 tsp
  • 60 g Cocoa Powder 
  • 75 g Caster Sugar 
  • Medium Eggs x 2
  • 225 ml Milk 
  • 110 g Butter 
  • Vanilla Extract -1 tsp

I know what you're thinking, I haven't added how much chocolate chips to add and this is where I get a bit creative, I don't like those store bought pre-made chocolate chips, I like chunks of real chocolate. So I bought two large bars of chocolate one white and one milk and used about half a bar of each and just chopped them up into chunks. I don't always like sticking to a recipe rigidly I like to improvise a little and add a little twist. I also used soft brown sugar in my recipe. 


Sieve the flour, baking powder a cocoa powder into one bowl. Then in a separate bowl mix together, eggs, milk, sugar, butter and vanilla extract. There is quite a lot of milk in this recipe so I would advise adding the wet ingredients slowly to the powdered ingredients. The mix should be really gooey and a bit lumpy then add the chocolate chunks. 

Put into muffin cases in a muffin tray and whack it in the oven for around 20-25 mins on gas mark 7. 

Then Enjoy!

This recipe makes 9 really nice muffins, they're actually surprising very light not too dense and a little spongy which is really nice.  I actually added a little extra to the ingredients so that I could make 12 muffins. The reason I use chocolate bars because I love the taste of my favourite chocolate in the muffin, most chocolate cooks fine even if it isn't cooking chocolate so I always bake with good quality chocolate.

I really love baking and I don't do it enough, I'm going to try and make sure I bake at least once a month. 

Let me know if you have any great cake/muffin recipes for me to try next month?

28 August 2014

Lakeside Shopping Centre Haul

Recently I booked a random day off from work and thought what a great idea it is to spend the day at Lakeside Shopping Centre in Thurrock. Possibly the worst thing to do is go to Lakeside when you haven't been paid.

So several hours and lots of money later this was the damage...

Which isn't actually too bad

I'll be honest I haven't bought myself clothes in quite sometime, purely because all my money has been going on beauty products and I always find it really hard to see things I like in the Spring/Summer season. I wear a lot of black and I'm trying to revamp the ol' wardrobe so there's no point in me buying things that are going to be out of season in a couple of months. I want to change my wardrobe so that it has the basic essentials that last a lot longer. You will notice a theme, there is a lot of black but it's my favourite colour and you can wear anything with it and Autumn/Winter is easily my favourite season for clothes. 

Boux Avenue is easily my favourite lingerie shop, I have shopped there years. I won't go into too much detail by showing you exactly what I bought (nobody needs to see that) but I just got some underwear. I love the shop at Lakeside, it always looks amazing, I love the way all the sizes are laid out in the draws below and the staff are literally amazing. I really appreciate walking into a shop, being greeted and service is my number one thing I look out for and this shop ticks all of the boxes. I don think they are actually too expensive but I love the little details such as the gift wrapping and things like that. 

I also accidentally fell into Zara. I never go in to buy anything but always end up with a bag full of stuff. This time I was very good, I was just having a look around and found some plain black leggings, fab quality and a thick waist band and they were only £20! I didn't take a pic because to be honest, they are pretty boring and it's hard to take a pic of leggings when they aren't on you. 

But as you can see I also bought this gorgeous black jumper, honestly words cannot describe how much I love this. The quality and weight is gorgeous, I find it hard sometimes to wear jumpers without them making me look bigger but this just lays perfectly because it is quite heavy. Of course I love the little lace detail on the shoulders, it's so cute. This was £25 which I think is still a good price for the quality. 

Moving swiftly onto Primark, for me Primark is one of those store I really struggle to shop in, I literally cannot handle the mess and chaos of it, I'm terrible. However I went to Lakeside fairly early and to my excitement it was quiet and the shelves were perfectly stacked. The only reason I went in was to get some boots. Last year I bought some suede ones which I literally wore all through AW but they are a bit worn now so I thought I would see whether they have them in this year. To my joy, they had the same ones but in a leather look version, they are exactly the same so I snapped them up at on £15. I also love the fact they have a chunky rubber sole.

I also bought a grey vest top, again not very exciting but I kinda like the worn look about it and thought it would look great with my black Zara leggings, my boots and a little jacket to go over the top and it was only £1!!

No shopping trip would be complete without going into Lush, it's an unwritten rule that if there is a Lush shop thou must enter! I wanted to run wild however having abused my bank balance in previous shops I thought I would be good and only pick two bath bombs. I picked Honey bee bath bomb (I had to really didn't I?) and the Twilight bath bomb, I haven't tried Twilight before but it seems to be a favourite among bloggers. I'm more of a shower kinda gal but when I have a bath I do like it to be pretty indulgent so I'm looking forward to popping these in my baths. 

There we have my little mini haul.

Have you bought anything from these shops recently? 
26 August 2014

NIP+FAB Glycolic Fix | First Impression

I thought I would do a "first impression" post on the NIP+FAB Glycolic Fix Pads, normally I would wait at least a month to do a full review but I literally bought these last week Monday and had to share with you my first thoughts on them.

I was reading a review on the Glycolic Fix Pads by the incredibly talented Gemma from and I literally ran out straight away to buy them, I'm lucky because I have a Superdrug right by my office. Gemma writes THE best beauty posts and anything she recommends is always amazing.

Glycolic Fix, claims to help resurface the skin on your face by getting rid of old dead skin and encouraging new skin growth, these exfoliating pads contain 2.8% Glycolic Acid. They also contain hyaluronic acid and blue daisy which moisturises and soothes the skin. They cost £12.95 for 60 pads, which possibly is a little pricey, but having read good reviews I just wanted to try them out. 

I have a fair amount of acne scarring which I loathe and if there is a chance that a product can make it slightly better then of course I want to try it.  It suggests you to use them either once or twice a day but because my skin is so awful I thought I would use them twice a day, once at night and once in the morning after I have washed my skin.

After the first time I used them I was literally so impressed, I mean after just one pad I noticed a difference. I was expecting something good but I didn't realise it would be this good! I gave my face a really good rub with these pads to make sure I was targeting my problem areas such as my cheeks and my nose. I may have rubbed a little too hard as my face was fractionally red and I don't think this is as a result of the pads it's just my eagerness to make them work. My skin the next day looked amazing, it looked so fresh.

I must talk about the scent of these as well, I was kinda worried that they would smell quite chemically but actually they smell really amazing they have something called Blue Daisy to help moisturise the skin as well so they smelled a little floral. They are a pleasure to put on my face. 

Now let's talk about the actual results, so far the skin on my nose has literally transformed, normally it used to be quite bumpy and my pores were massive and just looked awful. After a week my pores are smaller, I have fewer blackheads and it's really smooth. The one thing I will point out and I'm not 100% sure there this is a direct result of the pads or not but I've noticed that the skin on my nose is slightly more oilier than what it used to be. My skin type is pretty average, not too dry, not too oily so I can notice when it does go one way or the other, but to be honest a little bit of powder and it looks fine. It's not a massive issue. 

When it comes to my cheeks I have noticed a small difference, the reality is that I have quite large scars on my cheeks so I may need something with a higher concentrate of Glycolic Acid to see a bigger difference, quicker but even after week I'm still impressed. My skin feels smoother on my cheeks and my make up blends better on these problem areas now. 

I am in love with this product and I want to try more from this range. 

As I said this is just my first impression, I will write a full review after I have finished the pot.

Have you tried any of the Glycolic Fix range?
23 August 2014

How blogging has inspired me

This post is going to be a little lengthy and wordy not one of my normal beauty reviews, this is more of a post about why I started blogging and how it's changed me in a the few months since I started. 

I started this blog in mid March just as a hobby, it actually started because my work colleagues had started theirs and they were always talking about it and it just made me want to join in. I've always loved writing and I have a degree in journalism. About half way through my course, I fell out of love with writing and never thought about becoming a journalist again, I had well and truly closed that door for years. When I started Honeypot Blogs, I still didn't really see it as anything, it was literally something I could do to waste my time.

Recently my posts have become a little longer and I am putting a lot more content in than what I did when I first started, which lead me to start thinking why? Why I was starting to put more effort and focusing on the content when we all know that pictures probably play a bigger part in blogs than the content?

I was having a bit of a rummage around my old folders and stuff when I came across this black and white one and it gave my heart a little flutter because it made me remember what was inside. 

Now these are just the smallest amount of Elle articles I had cut out and saved, all of them are double sided but it gives you and idea. When I started my journalism degree, I was passionate. I was 100% sure that I would be a journalist and I was in love with reading and writing. I would save all articles I loved from several different magazines and several different journalists, as I said this is one small selection from one magazine. When I started looking over these pieces, I started to feel that buzz again. 

In this folder I also found one of my old assignments, one I probably got the highest score from and it was about my favourite lifestyle journalist at the time - Avril Mair who is now the Fashion Director at Harper's Bazaar.

At the time she used to write the best lifestyle posts for Elle, she was strong, confident and would try anything. There was some incredibly random things she would try out but I would read each word like it was my last. The woman was fearless and she was who I wanted to be. Needless to say after discovering this folder again it's sparked my passion, had I not started this blog I would still have my journo door locked tightly but it's now fractionally open. 

I love my job, I'm currently in online marketing and I'm going to be realistic and say I'm probably never going to be able to go fully into journalism, but who knows maybe in 5/10 years time I could do a bit of freelance on the side. How amazing would that be? I love writing and my blog has given me the opportunity to start developing my skills and write about what I love. It has reminded me of my passion and helped grow my confidence in writing again.

When I told my best friend Vernia, she really liked my blog, she was in my uni class as well and it's so nice to have someone share that sort of stuff with. She has always been a massive inspiration to me, because she is a born writer, we was an editor of a magazine and still writes on the side of her full time job and she just inspires me. With every blog post a write I'm keeping that fire alive, it's giving me a focus and I can truly say that I am happy to write again.

I don't have a lot of followers, this is a very humble blog, there is so much more that it has given me than just that. It feels really good to have that spark and that passion again. 

How have you rediscovered your passion?
20 August 2014

The Watch Collection

Watches Watches Watches. Oh how I love my watches. 

I had a little obsession develop a while ago, I went through a stage of just buying watches to cheer myself up. Most people eat chocolate or ice cream, I on the other hand just buy pretty things. It started 4 years ago when I got my first watch, lovely little Sekonda with a black pearlescent face and then it just grew after that, which resulted in a total of 5 far. 

 My humble, yet beautiful collection.

I love to look at these and think back on how each one reminds me of a certain time or place and I like the variety of them all. Don't get me wrong they're hardly the cheapest habit, ranging from £50 to £250 but I've been so very good and not bought any more this year at all. But shall we have a closer look?


I had to start with the thing that caused my obsession, it's pretty and petite. Very different from my other watches. I bought this as a "cheer me up" purchase because me and my ex had just split up so I went on a pain numbing spending spree. It's very lightweight and I still love it but you can't see the beautiful pearlescent face in this photo.

Armani Exchange

Ah my lovely rose gold A|X watch. This one I just fell in love with when I saw it on display, I knew I was going to have it. I had to wait until the following pay day but it was just something about it I loved. I mean who needs numbers on a watch anyway?

Michael Kors

This is probably one of my faves, but everyone has a Michael Kors watch. I bought this last year when I got my first proper job in London to treat myself and make me feel good. There's probably not much more I can say about this watch as I think it speaks for itself. Big and a bit bling. What's not to love?

Armani Exchange

This one I must confess what a completely unnecessary purchase, the only reason I got it was because I needed a watch to wear at the weekends that wasn't metal. This picture doesn't do it justice, the stones are Swarovski crytsals so they shine beautifully in the light. Another one with no numbers again, very odd. I clearly like my A|X watches to have no numbers. 


This one is really special to me, I saw it half price in my local jewellers and I loved it. I was really drawn to the face, I liked the roman numerals, very different to my other watches however I didn't buy it. When I got home I was talking to my parents about how I should have bought it because it was just such a good price etc. The next day they went in to see if they could find it and they couldn't, they said it had sold out. I was gutted, really gutted. Then my mum came home and was showing some canvas shopping bag and she told me to look in it and there it was! They had bought me it. I felt so special that they had done this and  it's still one of my favorite gifts they've ever bought.

There we have it, my little collection. 

What objects do you love and why?

18 August 2014

August Birchbox | Review

It's been a while since I've done a Birchbox review because they've just been so fabulous I've written review for individual products instead. I had really high hopes for the August Birchbox there was a lot of hype surrounding it and it was a holiday themed version so I was very excited to receive it. 

This was in side my August Birchbox

I'm going to have to be honest now and say I was a little disappointed with this months box, for several reasons really. When I had seen the little spoilers and hints of what would be in the box I genuinely thought we'd be getting a book, and what a great thing to take on holiday, that's the ultimate holiday essential, when really we received a chapter from the book. I understand that this is only a small box so a book may have taken up too much room or would have made the parcels heavy therefore increasing postage but I personally would have preferred to receive a small short story or a voucher receive a free book or something like that. 

Another reason is that in other boxes I saw that people had received the Wild About Beauty eyeshadow which I so desperately wanted but didn't get, however this is probably because I have my preferences set up wrong but still a little disappointed. 

Don't get me wrong some of the products are fine, the Nude Treatment oil is nice, I'm a little fussy about what I put on my face but I have tried it out to wear at night and it's ok. It's an oil so it does leave you skin oily so I wouldn't wear it during the day but at night is fine and it hasn't given me spots yet, but the scent isnt really that nice, I can't even describe it, it's just weird. I have also tried out the No.4 Prep and Protect hair spray which again is ok but has a weird smell too. When I think of holiday products I always think about the scent. Most holiday products have a tropical or coconut or floral or fresh scent but these don't. 

Two products I'm not going to use are the Supergoop CC Cream, it's just too dark for me and not very easy to blend and the Chella Highlighter pencil just isn't my type of product you have to blend with your fingers because if you use a brush the product just disappears into the brush.

I know I'm sounding like a "Negative Nancy", so let's put this in perspective, I still really love Birchbox, it's a fab idea. I bought the 6 month subscription and 2 boxes out of 6 have been a little boring, but the other 4 have been  amazing!!! I am going to renew my subscription for another 6 months because it's so nice to try a variety of products.

Still looking forward to next months Birchbox!

What were your thoughts on this months Birchbox?
16 August 2014

Wahaca Restaurant | Review

Last week I went to a restaurant  called Wahaca in Soho, which is a Mexican restaurant influenced by Mexcian Market foods. I went along with my work colleague, Tineal, and a couple of clients but it was incredibly informal, consider it a gathering of pals. 

I've never been before, it was actually a suggestion based on someone else but it had a really good feel about it. We had booked the table in advanced, me and Tineal were running late but when we arrived the lady was so lovely and told us to go downstairs to meet the rest and they'll get the table ready. There was a very relaxed but nice vibe about the restaurant.

It was quite quirky and interesting loads of things to look at and a bloody massive menu. Our waiter was a guy called Fede and he explained perfectly the different dishes and gave advice on what we should order, he was great. 

We of course had to start with cocktails, I tried the passion fruit Cosmo which was gorgeous!! Really tasty but you couldn't really taste any alcohol which is always a bonus. I also tried the watermelon version too!

For dinner I went with a couple of tapas style dishes, I chose the Chipotle Chicken Quesadilla and the Steak Taco which had cheese, guacamole and salsa on

The food was lovely, we didn't have to wait too long and it was so flavoursome. I've been to some Mexican restaurants before and they have been a little bland but these dishes were packed with flavour. My favourite was easily the Chipotle Chicken Quesadillas. Two of the girls also tried Cactus Tacos which were apparently really nice. The prices varied depending on what you were ordering, most of the tapas style dishes were around the £5 mark, which I think is a fairly standard price and the cocktails were about £7. 

Overall we had such a great experience there I would definitely go again. 

Me and Tineal have a bit of a sweet tooth and when I say "a bit" I mean "a huge", on the way back to the train station we stumbled across a Gelato shop called Snowflake. I don't even know where to start with all the amazing flavours they had, from coffee to chocolate to mango to strawberry, I really struggled to choose. It really reminded me of one of those gelato places you get on holiday where all the different tubs are out for you to see and perfectly on display. After a long while of staring lovingly at each, I finally decided on Praline. 

Easily the best ice cream in London! 

Have you been to Wahacha or have you tried Snowflake gelato?
14 August 2014

Sleek Make Up - Au Naturel Palette | Review

If you have read my earlier post this week you'll be aware that I had a minor slip up in Superdrug and ended up buying two new Sleek Make Up i-Divine palettes, so I thought I would talk about the other one today.

I was really looking for something that was a pretty standard palette that didn't cost too much, to have a bit of shimmer but a lot of other shades that I could build up or achieve that "natural matte" look. Sleek Make Up's Au Naturel palette seems to tick all the boxes. 

Top Row left to right : Nougat, Nubuck, Cappuccino, Honeycomb, Toast, Taupe
Bottom row left to right : Conker, Moss, Bark, Mineral Earth, Regal, Noir

Lovely selection of neutral shades

I really struggled to get swatches of all of the shades, my good old pasty arm and the lighting just proved to be a real pain so the only ones that really showed up were 

Left to right : Conker, Mineral Earth and Taupe

I just need to make a special mention to the size of the mirrors in these palettes, they're bloody massive which is really handy, actually, I could do a full face of make up using this mirror if I was on the go. 

The colours I have been wearing lately are Nougat for the base, Taupe over the lid and Moss to contour/define. I am seriously loving this look on my eyes at the moment, as in I have worn this everyday this week, sad but true. They're just so pretty together but subtly pretty. 

Love this palette, really happy with it. In fact I love both of the i-Divine palettes I have, both very different but both just as lovely. 

Have you tried this palette?
11 August 2014

Sleek Make Up - Oh So Special Palette | Review

I'm going to need someone to take my bank card off of me. I've ended up buying yet more Sleek Make Up, but this time I ended up buying two i-Divine eye palettes.

I'm going to start buy showing you one of the two the Oh So Special eye palette. 

This is easily the prettiest eye palette I've come across for a little while, excluding any of the Naked palettes because I haven't purchased those. To be honest whilst I was in Superdrug, I was going to walk out with the other palette I picked up when I just thought I would have a quick swatch of this one. The next thing I knew I was at the till paying for both, but at £7.99 each it isn't that bad. 

Look how pretty the colours are!

This palette consists of 12 different colours, 5 shimmery shades and 7 matte  shade all compliment  each other really well. 

So let me talk you through them...

Top row from left to right: Bow, Organza, Ribbon, Gift Basket, Glitz, Celebrate.

Bottom row from left to right: Pamper, Gateau, The Mall, Boxed, Wrapped Up, Noir

I was so eager to try out these shades, I wore them the next day to a wedding, I decided to use Organza with Wrapped Up to contour and they looked gorgeous together. So pretty. 

My fave shades from this has to be, Organza and Gateau - actually in the pan these shades look incredibly similar but when you swatch them they really are different but equally as gorgeous. I also like Gift Box and Wrapped Up. 

Have you tried this palette yet?
9 August 2014

Miss SportyClubbing Colours Nail | Review

I thought I would do a nice little post today because my most recent ones have been somewhat lengthy. 

I've been painting my nail a lot more recently and have been experimenting with various different brands, because honestly I don't know which one is better than the other, I usually just go for colours. 

I was in Superdrug with a pal and she was looking at the Miss SportyClubbing Colours collection and they were on offer - 3 for 2. My friend had two colours but was struggling on the third when I picked up the most beautiful sky blue colour called Blue Wink so we bought them. 

Isn't it pretty?

The really great thing was this nail polish dries super quick which is what I love, and takes only two coats to get a solid colour without any nail colour seeping through. 

The longevity of this product I'll admit is pretty bad, I know I have pretty weak nails but this still chips super quickly which is a real shame. I paint my nails just before I go to bed so I have less chance of smudging/ruining/chipping them, but as soon as I started getting ready for work the next day it had chipped. 

I decided that I would try it with my Essie Prep n Prepare, base and top coat, because these are amazing products that might make it last a little longer. I hadn't used the nail polish for maybe a week or so and the consistency had gone really gloopy and thick. I really struggled to paint it on my nails and keep it even, I was really disappointed. With the Essie Prep n Prepare it lasted a little longer thankfully but I'm still getting a few chips. 

Overall, my opinion on this product is a little below average, there are so many other nail polishes out there that are amazing but this is not one of them. It's cheap at £1.99 and great if you just want to have a polish that lasts maybe a day or a night, but I want a little more from my nail polishes, however I do still love the colour.

6 August 2014

My Makeup Essentials

I thought I would show you what makeup essentials I couldn't be without. I'm a bit of a creature of habit as in, when I find a product that I love I pretty much use it until it becomes extinct aka discontinued which is my biggest heartbreak. 

Most of the makeup tools are new because I've only just discovered my love for makeup brushes but I am on a strict spending ban now and some of the products are a new edition. I thought I would start with what I put on my face before I put my makeup on...

Olay Essentials double action cream is by far my favourite face moisturiser, honestly this stuff is a God send! In fact I did write a review out it and you can read it here

I also use the Garnier UltraLift anti wrinkle cream, yeah I know, I'm paranoid about wrinkles already. This product I actually only use on my forehead as I have quite deep frown lines between my eyebrows. I do think it has helped to lessen the appearance of these wrinkles in particular but lets face it, it isn't magic. I only use the smallest amount so it's lasted me ages.  

I got this Balance Me wonder eye cream in July's Birchbox and was quite pleased when I saw it. Does it get rid of fine lines? No. Do I still love the product? Yes. It's so refreshing to put on under the eye and reduces puffiness I shall definitely be purchasing this one. 

Once all my lotions and potions have absorbed into my skin I move onto my lovely skin primer.

This is a tiny sample of the Porefessional by Benefit. I bloody love this stuff! I only use a small amount and the sample size has lasted me ages and the best bit is I have another sample size one unopened for when this runs out so I won't have to buy the actual size for ages yet. 

Moving onto the face...

Foundation :- I'm currently using a combination of two, Rimmel Wake Me Up in Ivory, this was on a recommendation from another blog and I've fallen in love. I also use Max Factor Lasting Performance in Natural Beige, this one is actually a little dark for me but when I blend the Rimmel and the Max Factor together it makes for a really nice base. 

Powder :- Of course it has to be the Rimmel Stay Matte powder in Silky Beige. I think everyone uses this, it's a good all rounder, nothing fancy, it does the job - well. 

Contour and Blush :- The much talked about Sleek Makeup Face Form Palette in Light. I love having all three things in one little palette, you can actually read my review on this one here. 

Onto my favoruite thing, my eyes...

Eyeliner :- L'oreal Superliner I love this liquid eyeliner it's perfect and always shapes my eyes so nicely. I also use a pencil eyeliner along the lower waterline but it isn't in the picture as I don't actually use a huge amount it's all about the drama up top for me. 

Mascara :- It has to be L'oreal Volume Million Lashes right? I don't even need to say more just read my post where I gush about this product here.

Eyeshadow :- Lately I have been loving Rimmel Scandaleyes Eyeshadow Paint in Rich Russet, the stuff is just so easy to wear. I also have been wearing from the Barry M Natural Glow palette the last to shades on the right hand side (not the blush) this is a cheap and easy palette for beginners, colours are super blendable but aren't exactly ground breaking they do a good job you can read my review here. 

Not to forget...

Eyebrows :- I have incredibly fair eyebrows and get them threaded every month or so. To be honest, I'm not very good at doing my eyebrows and like to keep them fairly natural, I'm blonde it's highly unlikely that my eyebrows are going to be brown or black so I'm not going to draw them on like that. I use the Max Factor Eyebrow pencil in Hazel because it just defines them nicely and they don't look over done. 

And that's about it! Sorry that turned into a massively long post, just look at the pictures. 

What are your makeup essentials?
4 August 2014

Honeypot goes pink...kinda

This post is about a fabulous Hen party I went to on Friday night. 

I was invited to my best friend, Vernia, sister's hen party and there was a theme LDBs and pink wigs, though of course the bride wore blue with an electric blue wig because she had to stand out, she's the wonderful one getting married after all. 

I loved this idea, it's so easy, everyone has an LDB and the pink wigs cost next to nothing, in fact I picked mine up from ebay for £4 and it didn't have any postage and packaging such a fantastic bargain. The one thing I struggled with was finding a dress I wanted something new but there wasn't many black items on the highstreet. However I found an absolutely gorgeous one from New Look for £17.99. Very simple, the perfect length but the crazy thing for me was that the dress had tiny little straps and I never thought I would wear a dress like this. 

I've got pretty big boobs so I always have to wear a bra and I don't really like strapless bras because I they actually support my boobs enough but this dress was so nice I though I would just figure something out.

I really like the mesh paneling at the bottom!

To be honest, I didn't really get a chance to take many pictures because we were just having too much fun. The evening was fantastic, everyone really made an effort and the Bride To Be had a brilliant time, there was a lot of singing and a lot of alcohol. One of the funniest moments to start the night was when we were walking to the train station in our wigs, needless to say we got a few car tooting at us. 

When we got to the venue there was about another 20 girls all in pink wigs, it looked great. We went to 3 Monkeys in Balham which had a private karaoke room so we all started in there whilst we got the cocktails flowing. Then we went upstairs to carry on the dancing with some great music. The venue was very chilled and we kinda had the place to ourselves, which was lovely. The bar staff were great, I understand that some places don't really want pen/stag parties because things can get a little messy but these guys were lovely. 

  I'm not gonna lie, I absolutely loved the wig

Have you been to a themed hen party? If so what did you have to wear?