25 June 2017

Me and the Blogging Community | Lifestyle

The Blogging Community

Lately I have noticed that I have never really felt like I'm really part of the blogging community, I kinda always feel like I am on the outside looking in so I had a little think as to why that may be and here are my thoughts...

I'm neutral...
I don't post political beliefs, I don't get involved in twitter drama, I keep the majority of opinions to myself because I know how easily things can get twisted. I like sharing opinions but online you run the risk of putting yourself in front of people who don't want to have a grown up discussion but just want to tell you that you're wrong! I don't need that headache! My blog and social have and always will be a space for my ramblings

I never show my face...
I'm not the most beautiful person but I started out as a beauty blogger and I didn't want my face on the blog for it to get judged. As time has gone on I care less about judgments on my appearance but it's become more of a safety net for me. However this makes it hard for people to connect to me, after all how can people really form a friendship with half of a face?

I'm not a career blogger...
Sorry, I just like doing it as a hobby! I have started to accept money in exchange for blog posts and I do actually affiliate my content via skimlinks these days but it's mainly because I have nothing to lose! I like my job, like my blog, but I'm not about making that my life. This means I kind of don't fit in with a lot of bloggers because I don't actually see the problem in people writing for free if they want to!

I don't fit into a stereotype...
I care not for Disney, nor do I wish to talk about mental health or sex, I don't often shop at ASOS and I don't have a child! I'm in that weird no man's land of blogging where I don't quite fit into any group! Of course there are bloggers that might fit into several different groups or cliques but I kinda bumble along never quite getting the hype!

I'm a private person... 
I think this is probably the main thing that keeps me separated from the blogging community, people can't get to know the real person if that person doesn't open up a little. Like all communities there needs to be a level where people can relate. So I totally get it but the problem is I have always been a private person, I don't share a lot of things even with my best pals so actually the person on my blog or twitter is still me!

I think these are all really fair reasons, but I think the blogging community can be THE most supportive and have some fantastic people part of it but sometimes I just don't quite seem to fit in!

What do you love about the blogging community?


  1. Oh miss honey pot you are beautiful you don't need to show your face for it to shine through!! Love this post I'm literally all of these points too xx

  2. I feel like I can totally relate to this post! I've only just started to show my face in posts and it sometimes you're being overlooked because people can't connect with you. Also, like you, I don't fit into a 'niche' as most put it. I just like to blog about whatever I feel like whether it's lifestyle, beauty, travel.. the list goes on.

    I think what I love most about blogging is that there's literally no right or wrong way to do it. Your blog is yours and I've mostly found that people are supportive with that.

    Hollie |

    p.s I'll be your friend half face or none at all :)

    1. That's a very good point, blogging about whatever you want and the community totally support that!!! Thanks for yhe comment dear!!! xx

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