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Sunday, 16 October 2016

Mental health | Lifestyle

I know, different topics on Honeypot Blogs lately! Recently it was #WorldMentalHealthDay and in all honesty I get a little bored with these types of days national this day or national that week however I think mental health needs to be discussed!

This year a girl who was my friend growing up killed herself, a girl who I used to be such good friends with but lost touch over the years and it hit me harder than I thought possible. This girl has been battling mental health problems ever since I have known her and been hospitalised on several occasions! When I found out it was actually through social media, everyone who ever had but a mere day with this girl poured their hearts out because it was devastating. One part of me wondered if she knew just how many people actually cared could it have helped? We'll never know and I think in some cases it gets to a stage where it wouldn't but that doesn't mean we should stop trying.

I guess I just wanted speak about some ways you might be able to help someone struggling with mental health problems or issues...

Tell people you love them...
Seriously, everyone! This year has made me realise life is so crazy and so hard sometimes that you get wrapped up in your world and forget what someone else may be going through. So send them a message and tell them you love them, friends, parents, grandparents, boyfriends, girlfriends, bloody work pals who ever, what ever make sure they know you give a fuck.

Just listen...
Sometimes people need to vent, they just need to scream every irrational thought down the phone just to know someone is on the other line. Also it may even take a little reading between the lines to hear what they are really trying to say.

Always try to understand...
Which is way harder than it seems because I mean really, you have to see it from their perspective to get it. If you are a rational person it can be hard to understand someone's irrational fears or thoughts causing anxiety so don't try to dismiss their feelings with rationality. You have to try and see why they could feel that way and it helps with them to realise that you are trying to help and may feel more secure with your advice.

Some times it won't be enough...
But that doesn't mean you should ever stop trying. Because mental health is so personal and different for everyone other people cannot fix these problems alone, it starts the individual. If someone has made the decision that they can no longer be on this earth that is their heartbreaking choice, some times words of support aren't enough but we are human and you can never regret at least trying to keep them here with you. 

Not everyone wants to talk about it...
And that's OK, but making yourself available when you know someone is struggling sometimes is all anyone needs. Some people simply won't want to talk about these things, some times you'll have no idea about the past or current situation of someone so don't be a dick with your actions be nice, it literally costs nothing.

A kind of deep post for me, but it just seemed like the right thing to do! I want to end it on a positive note though so tell me how many people you have made smile recently from a random act of kindness? Or how many people have you told you love them today?

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