5 November 2015

Gift Idea: Jimmi Jamms | Lifestyle

Honestly, how cute are these pjs? I mean, they are called Jimmi Jamms* for goodness sake, I'm in love.

When it comes to winter and Christmas we all love a good set of pjs, we know that Primark do a really good range of cute yet affordable ones but where else could you go if you wanted something a little different? You need to check out Jimmi Jamms, in fact their entire sleepwear range is super cute. They also do hoodies, loungewear and even have a "cuddle" blanket. I like that Jimmi Jamms do a range of different type of pjs, I actually get very hot in bed so I couldn't bear to wear anything fleecey which is why this particular set is really good for me. But I do like that they also do fleecy pjs for the ones who do get cold. 

When this arrived in the post I was shocked at how big the box was but then when I opened it up to find a milk carton, I just thought it was a fantastic idea. I mean if you were to wrap the milk carton under the tree the person would never be able to guess that it was sleepwear when they felt up the pressies! Also, don't lie and say you never touch the presents, we all do and this would be a great curve ball. 

This set is the Heritage set and comes in 4 different colours, Lemon, Mint, Blue and Pink and the sizes range is from XS to L. I got the L because I've got some big ol' hips and I like things to be a little baggy on me. I would say that the material loosens a little after you wear it a few times but they are seriously comfy. I'm all about the details, I love that there is a bunny on the arm, the draw string also has a little blue bunny on it, there is a little side pocket. This set retails for £26, which I don't think is too bad, they do have a short set which is like £16 so I really do think that you'll be able to find something for every woman here. 

Do you like getting pjs at Christmas? 


  1. oh wow, this is really tooooo cute :D

  2. Theses are so cute! I was thinking about making my family Christmas Eve boxes with dvd and treats in them. This product would also be perfect to pp in them :)

    Roxie | The Beautiful Bluebird

  3. I love this milk carton idea, it's so sweet! These make such good presents too!! x

    Albana Janjeva | Stylist | | #ShoesFirst with Marie Claire

  4. The packaging of these pyjamas are so cute!

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  5. Ahh I am in love with these too! How amazing. Have a lovely weekend. Gemma xx

  6. It looks so cute and the packaging is great! I like getting pjs and I will need to check this out too! xx

  7. They look so cute! Each year I put Pjs on my Christmas wishlist, you can never have too many.