10 April 2016

Blog Birthday | Blogging

So, I may have just missed my blog birthday I'm such a bad parent!

I mean, I guess it doesn't really mean a great deal other that I have actually managed to stay committed to this tiny blog of mine! I will say in like the last 5 months it's really evolved into something quite different! When I first started it was all about the beauty products and the beauty reviews with other food/baking posts thrown in for good measure! However since everything changed in my personal life it has definitely filtered through into my blog life!

The posts have so much more content and fewer pictures, but I have always been a lover of words, they mean everything so I'm actually pretty happy with this however it has impacted my followers and my growth! I have seen so many other blogs grow at a much quicker pace than mine, but they are putting in the time and the dedication to constantly keep promoting and this is definitely my biggest downfall! I can sit and write for hours, but to actually remember to tell people about my recent posts I fail at! I think it's actually a very competitive industry because everyone wants success on some level, whether that's to be able to blog full time or get free stuff, so I think it's actually very hard not to compare your blog to others.

I don't think I have ever really set goals for my blog, I really believe that in a lot of cases you set specific goals and then you miss the bigger picture, I always said I wanted to work with more brands but I didn't actually reach out to any, they kinda came to me which was a massive compliment. Of course I have always wanted to grow my followers, but it's actually really hard because I'm not one of these people who engages a lot of social media but I try and join chats where possible. I also hate the "Follow for Follow" culture so when I get new followers I know for a fact that 90% of them will unfollow as soon as they realise I don't follow them back immediately, but that only ensures that I am growing organically and at my own rate. 

I have had so many wonderful opportunities to work with numerous brands, probably on a smaller scale compared to some but I have been so thrilled when asked to collaborate and without my blog I just wouldn't have this access so it's really amazing.

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  1. Happy belated blog birthday lovely! You should be very proud of what you have achieved.

    Roxie | The Beautiful Bluebird