5 November 2017

Feather & Down Pillow spray | Sleep

Feather & Down Pillow Spray

Ok guys, we're talking something a little different on the blog today, we are talking about Feather & Down Pillow Spray that is supposed to ease you into a nice relaxed sleep.

I got this spray in a goodie bag for free but when I saw it I was actually really excited because I had seen this little thing pop up on a few different bloggers accounts. The thing is I generally speaking sleep quite well, I rarely struggle to get up in the morning but I rarely fall asleep before midnight if I am at home. This means that the 5 or 6 hours of sleep in get has to be good quality otherwise come 2pm I am struggling! I can have quite an active mind which means I do toss and turn in my sleep which is why I was excited to try out this product.

I will admit I have heard about the relaxing properties of lavender but I'm not a huge fan of the scent on its own so when I saw this contained lavender, I wasn't thrilled but understood why the spray has this scent. Another scent is camomille which when blended with lavender it creates a much more softer fragrance. To use this product you simply spray a generous amount all over your pillow, and I spray a little on the underneath of the duvet near the top end where my head is so i can breathe it in.

This product didn't help me get to sleep any quicker but the sleep I did get, oh my god, was probably the most restful night sleep I had for a while. I have been using this spray almost every evening since and have definitely noticed a difference. One evening I forgot to spray my pillow and it got to about 2 am before I realised why I was so restless, just a couple of spritz and I was sleeping like a baby! The product retails for about £7 so for me it's not that cheap but it isn't crazy expensive and I know 100% that I will be purchasing this product again, honestly I just really love it! 

If like me, you struggle with the quality of your sleep and toss and turn a lot, I would definitely recommend trying out this little spray.

What helps you sleep?


  1. £7 for a product that helps you get to sleep really isn't too bad - I think I might have to pick this up! I find getting to sleep fairly easy, but staying asleep hella hard. It sounds like this could really help, and I LOVE lavender scents so that's a nice bonus too

    Steph -

    1. Yeah it's a really good price, I am definitely going to re purchase plus it smells so damn nice!xx