14 April 2019

Finding my own style | Fashion

Blue Satin Shirt

I wanted to write a post about my own style even though I am definitely not a style blogger, I just think as I've gotten a little older I know what I love to wear and I'm probably not gonna change. Just for transparency, some of the items in this post have been gifted to me from a brand called Fashion world they have many brands on site which means they offer a large range of clothing sizes and something for everyone whether it's ankle boots like mine or sandals for summer or simplistic back packs or cute dresses, they offer a diverse range. 

For as a long as I remember I have always loved wearing black, it probably stems from my angsty teen years where I listened to Linkin Park non stop but actually this period in my life definitely influenced some of my style choices for sure! As I got older of course it changed a little and my style stayed black but the items of clothing were a little more grown up than band tees and spikey pyramid belts (even though band tees are still a thing now). Don't get me wrong, I do have some items in my closet that aren't black but my standard every day wear pretty dark. When I moved to Italy I started thinking differently about my clothes, you'd think that being in 36 degree heat every day would mean that I dressed in light shades, I definitely didn't ! I kept with my everyday black skinnies and a relaxed fit vest or shirt or black dress and you know what, not a single colleague batted an eyelid because half of them were wearing black too. In the UK as soon as the sun comes out even for a fraction people have their legs out and they are wearing a flourish of colours and pastels but that just isn't me. I have lost count of the items of clothing I have bought thinking "oh I must wear something bright" worn barely once and then sent it off to a charity shop which is obscenely wasteful. 

Every time I was asked by people at work "why do you only wear black? Do you even own any other colours other than black?" I would just make a joke out of it and be like "it's just my aesthetic" and we'd laugh at how obnoxious I sounded but the fact was it's actually kind true! I had changed the narrative so now people instead go "oh that bag suits your aesthetic!" or "that's very you" which I really like. I love wearing head to toe black, it makes me feel confident! I know that 80% of the week I will be in black skinny jeans, black ankle boots and an oversized black top (I actually prefer the term "sack like" top) and it makes life so much easier! I tend to go for tops that are 2 or 3 sizes too big for me because I like to keep my body shape hidden, I mean I'm not quite in love with my body at the moment but even when I was a skinny thing in Italy I still liked wearing stuff too big for me, it's a comfort thing for me and I like the way slim jeans with long baggy tops look on me, sometimes it does make me look bigger than I am but I just prefer the overall look which is what I am more interested in.

Black Back Pack

Black Ankle Boots

I am pretty tall but I still like wearing high ankle boots, I like to seem longer because it balances out my overall body proportions and this often makes me either the same height or taller than some guys but I don't mind at all. I will wear my ankle boots until they have holes in and then I replace them for something similar if not the same as I had before, I always have two on rotation high ones and flat ankle boots because sometimes the heeled once do hurt my feet a little especially if I have been running around a work event all day (!!)

I understand why so many people buy into trends, we have brand like Zara making clothes that are basically from the run way for a fraction of the cost and I completely get it but I cant help but think that the constant need for fast fashion is having a more detrimental affect on the planet that we can even understand right now! I wear clothes for me and no one else, my style is simple and easy to wear, my clothes can be worn in the office or worn on the weekend which leaves me with a curated wardrobe of only things I love and that's all that matters to me. 

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