6 March 2016

Blog life vs Real life | Lifestyle

When I started my blog 2 years ago, I decided right from day one that my blog would be completely separate from my personal life, I took ages to start telling people that I had a blog just because I was scared of people's feedback!

I created a different Instagram account, a different twitter account and never even spoke about it on Facebook! For me it was the only way I would be able to just write whatever I want and say what ever I want without judgement! OK so I know what you're thinking, I write about bloody make up who cares it's hardly ground breaking stuff but for me it was a very different angle to what I had always liked! Another fear was that the people knew I has a degree in Journalism, would they be judging every small little mistake I can and will make! It was too much, so I thought I would just keep it as my own little private space of the internet! I kinda feel that a lot of other bloggers do this as well, I know so many people who kept theirs quiet to start with because I just think it's easier.

As time went by I pretty much stopped using my personal account and just stuck to my blog one under my little Honeypot Blogs title but as time goes on I feel like I'm getting prouder of my blog, all the time and effort I have put into it, it's tiny and but a mere drop in the ocean of all the blogs out there but I don't think I have done a bad job! I have worked with some great brands in the UK and all because I like writing but now as my lifestyle changed I kinda want bring a little more of my blog into my personal life, I've even changed my Instagram name to read my actual name as opposed to just my blog name! I'm even starting to post pictures from my Instagram account onto my Facebook as well though I don't actually link them together, not yet but it's a start!

I feel that because my blog is changing slightly and going towards a more lifestyle route I want to share all of my experiences that I am sharing with you guys but also share them with my "real life" pals as well, I don't expect all of them to read my blog bit it does feel good when they do!

Have you kept you blog and your life separate?


  1. I've been blogging for a couple of years now too, and I'm still too afraid of putting anything about my blog on my personal Facebook! I started a different Twitter for my blog too, but have ended up only using that anyway and I have a few friends follow me on that, but most people I know have no idea about my blog! Even though my blog name is actually my name, I just feel too uncomfortable sharing it on my Facebook. I think most people I'm friends with on there wouldn't understand my blog or the concept of blogging haha

    Hannah xx |

    1. Yeah I totally get what you mean! I think to many people outside of the blogging circle it is hard to understand, like why would we just want to sit and write about random topics and it's all of the extra stuff that goes into it such as the social media promotion and just gets a bit complex really! Just easier to keep it quiet! Haha!xx

  2. YES! I've been inconsistent with my blog but really trying to make it a priority! I have opened up a little and told a good handful of people but I definitely have not publicized it enough


    1. Yeah I definitely need to be a bit more consistent with my blog, it can be pretty hard though!xx