30 April 2015

MAC 217 | Beauty

MAC 217 brush, eye shadow brush

I really needed a new eye shadow brush, I have my Real Techniques ones but I needed another one that was slightly bigger and a bit fluffier. I was actually intending to buy the Real Techniques Bold Metals collection one but it was out of stock. Then I read a review on it that made me second guess my choice. 

I have seen the Mac 217 brush appear is any beauty videos/tutorials and I don't have any Mac brushes so I though for a couple of extra £ I would buy the 217 and I am so happy I did! 

This brush is perfect for what I was looking for, it's a little larger than my other ones but that exactly what I needed, I needed a good fluffy blending brush for the crease and for the outer corners of my eyes and this works great. It's incredibly soft on the eye lids and applies shadow/blends like a dream. I also like the weight of the brush, which I know is a fairly odd thing to say I must admit. 

I think this brush has opened my eyes to other brands for beauty tools, I think RT is just such an easy and accessible brand  to buy from but I'm glad that the brush I originally wanted to buy was out of stock. It made me have a look around and find something else that really works for me. I love Mac for lipstick but the 217 brush is a perfect addition to my ever growing collection. 

Have you got the Mac 217?


  1. This looks lovely, i have the Zoeva brush which alot of people say is a dupe for this one x
    Emma | Emmys Blog

    1. Oh my goodness! I really wanna try out some of the Zoeva brushes! Are they worth it? Thanks for the comment!xx