10 May 2015

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Baker Days Letterbox Cake

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This week I was very kindly sent a Bakers Day cake to review and look how cute it is! 

Baker Days create personalised cakes for pretty much all occasions which also includes cupcakes, they have various different designs but they can also add any picture to the cake including photographs. The really unqiue thing about Baker Days though is they have a Letterbox Cake, essentially this a silm cake one tier cake and it's about 5 inches which can easily fit through your letterbox. It retails for £14.99 which I think is an utter bargain. I think it makes sending cakes to your relatives much easier because sometimes they may live several miles away. I love a bit of personalisation and the fact you can design you own cake is a really fantastic idea, which I think many people will also love. 

When it arrived it also received a little card, two candles, 3 balloons and a little party horn thing (don't actually know what it's called). The cake comes in the cutest tin that I will definitely be using again. It was perfectly packaged and I was so impressed. 

My cake filling was vanilla sponge but they also do, chocolate sponge, half and half (choc and vanilla), fruit cake, gluten free and dairy free. I really like the fact they can provide dairy and gluten free options. The sponge was delicious, moist and a really nice density. 

I think the Letterbox cake is a brilliant idea for a gift and would definitely buy them for friends or family members.

Have you bought any cakes from Baker Days?

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