7 May 2015

Clarins Concealer Stick | Beauty

Clarins Concealer Stick

This is another Clarins sample I got from my beautiful friend Vernia, this is the Clarins Concealer Stick in the shade 01 Light Beige. 

I have a love/hate relationship with concealers because it's so bloody hard to find the right one, the colours are always very limited and then you have to figure out whether you want one like this or a more liquid one, it's just always such a hard decision. I'm still hunting for my perfect one. 

When I swatched the Clarins concealer stick on the back of my hand the first thing I noticed was what a great match it was for me it just seemed to blend in quite well. But when I went on their website there are only like 4 different shades available for this concealer stick which isn't a great range for different skin tones. The formula of this product is quite thick and creamy which does give really great coverage though I did find it kinda fell into the creases which did look a little cakey but you just have to blend this product out for a more natural look. 

I found that this Clarins Concealer stick is actually very long lasting which is great because you know that your make up is still in place towards the end of the day. This retails for about £19.50 which isn't the cheapest product out there but it certainly isn't the most expensive I've never really looked at Clarins for makeup, but I'm really starting to open to Clarins as not just a skincare brand but a makeup band. 

What make up do you recommend from Clarins?

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