22 September 2015

Rakuten Affiliate Network Bonus Box | Beauty

Today is a bit of a different post, you guys are used to me reviewing my little Birchbox each month but this week I actually received something a little different in the post. This is the Rakuten Affiliate Network Bonus Box. 

I just wanted to point out that this is not a subscription box but more of a gift sent by the network to show case some of the amazing brands they have. If you are keen to monetise you blog then you probably would have come across different affiliate networks or at least the term "affiliate" if you don't really know what that is I'll tell you. We all know bloggers are very keen to work with brands and most of the time we do get sent samples or products which are great but wouldn't it be really interesting to gauge your level of influence with your readers? One way you could do this is to join an affiliate network like Rakuten put a tracking link into your post. How it actually works is, let's say one of your readers click on that link because they love what you have written and then proceeds to buy that item or even something else on site, the blogger will earn a % of the sale. To be honest, we are talking about a relativity low % typically between 7-10 on average but it's a fantastic way to earn a bit of money from your blog. Also these type of networks have a fantastic range of brands they work with that you could have access to. I've yet to earn any money, mainly because I really don't utilise the network enough, which is why receiving a box like this is fantastic. That's enough about affiliate marketing, though if you want me to write a little more about it in a different post just let me know. 

Moving onto the box and what I received, I will just say I was supposed to receive a Body Shop product but unfortunately one went missing, so I was gutted when I didn't receive that item however I did get any extra Clinique product so it's not too bad.  The Clinique product I received was the Take The Day Off makeup remover which I will give a full review in a separate post but I'm really excited because I don't actually use that make Clinique products.  

Next up is another one from the Estee Lauder Group which is a tiny Origins Clear Improvement Active Charcoal Mask, I have been DYING to try this product out. Honestly I have seen so many reviews on it and heard nothing but great things. The sample is a little small but I'm going to be able to get a first impression of the product. Finally we have the Darphin Ideal Resource Smoothing Serum. Darphin is a brand I have never used, I'm not even entirely sure where it retails. This serum is supposed to be used on skin that this starting to show signs of aging so actually this could be perfect, I've noticed recently that I'm getting wrinkles around my eyes which is bloody devastating but let's give this cream a go to see if they can help the appearance. 

I also recieved a Toms brochure which is pretty interesting actually, it's not a brand I ever thing to shop or even look at if I'm honest but I'm definitely going to check out their site. They also provided a discount code which is pretty great too. 

Are you signed up to an affiliate network?


  1. I love this idea! You also received some amazing goodies! x
    Emma | Emmys Beauty Cave | My YouTube

    1. Yeah it's a really great way to see what brands I can work with.xx

  2. That's interesting and really good! Great products to review!

  3. I'm not a part of any affiliate networks but this sounds like a great idea. Can't wait to read your reviews!

    Roxie x
    The Beautiful Bluebird

    1. I'm only with Rakuten but should really use it more!xx

  4. I'm new to blogging and I've heard the term "affiliate", but I wasn't really familiar with it. Thank you for explaining it though! I'm not part of a network, but it definitely something I'm going to work towards because I would love to work with more brands. Those are a great selection of products! I've heard many good things about the Clinique Take The Day Off remover. Hope it all works out for you!

    Amy |