11 September 2016

The Birthday Post | Lifestyle

Well, I kinda feel like I have to do one each year just so I can look back. When I think of my birthday last year, I was lucky because it was on the weekend and I could do whatever I wanted. This actually resulted in me going on a walk for several hours by the river.

The thing is I'm not much of a birthday kinda gal, I don't like the fuss and I don't like the attention. Don't get me wrong, gifts and cards are always so nice and I really do appreciate them just when they are done in a low key way. Singing happy birthday to me with a cake in front of 50 work colleagues pretty much killed me last year but I love them guys so it's fine! I don't have my birthday on Facebook anymore because I just don't like that people feel obliged to say happy birthday to me. But I will say that being 26 was probably the best year of my life.

My life is literally the opposite to what it was last year and it's crazy to think that I still would have had no idea September last year I would move to Florence. The thing is, if I was in England this year I would probably be really stressed because I would quite possible be in a very similar position now to what I was back then and I would be worried about my job, being single, not having a mortgage, and not having all those little boxes ticked in my head from the pressure I used to put on myself. Where as this year, I'm kinda happy with how disjointed everything is knowing full well that I actually can't change that much and there are definitely some things I don't want to change at all.

I kind of liked being in this country alone because no one knew it was my birthday so I didn't have to dodge the "oh what are you going to do for it?" Questions, I really don't think there is anything wrong with doing nothing. If I was back in England I would probably go for a couple of drinks with my work pals after work or go out for dinner with other pals, it would be relaxed and it would make me happy. But as I don't have a big network of acquaintances here I was actually quite happy just to do my own thang. Though of course I got a tonne of lovely messages from my pals in England which made me very happy!

It was probably a little lonely, but I didn't have much time to dwell because as you are reading this I am actually on an flight to Santa Barbara from New York for a work conference so things aren't too bad at all.

What do you do for your birthday?

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