18 September 2016

Friends come to visit | Lifestyle

Yay! Some pals from England came to visit me and I literally had the best time. In all honesty, I was really struggling this a couple of months ago being in Florence, don't get me wrong, the city is beautiful, my colleagues are great, I have the best roommates but even with this I am missing something that's keeping me grounded here. So a couple of months ago I was a right miserable cow, so my pals visit could not have been at a better time.

It's hard to explain, but even the simplest tasks like just having a general conversation without feeling guilty about making the other person speak English, so saying something funny that doesn't get lost in translation was just so lovely. I mean, let's face it, us Brits have some quirks, we have a unique sense of humour, we aren't very touchy feely, we love a queue and are painfully polite, so it can be bloody hard integrating into a culture where most of these things are opposite.

My two pals I have been friends with since Sixth Form, we did media projects together, we've been on group holidays together, we've all had drunken hearts to hearts with each other and we've all gone out separate ways but still manage to come back and have a drink and laugh like it was when we were teens. I took them to all my favourite places which I will probably write about in a different post so that if any of you guys are thinking about coming to Florence there are some tips.

In all honesty, I think one of the best things about living out here is having people come to visit and then showing them around a place you are currently calling home. Plus it gives me an excuse to eat more Italian food and drink more Italian wine, ya know because they've gotta taste it too! I took them up to my favourite high point, where I take anyone who comes just because it's very beautiful and it's a great little climb if we wanna work off that chianti and pasta. It was great just having them here considering I haven't seen them for 9 months. I have a couple of other visits coming up with I am of course super excited about.

But there I guess I wanted to give you a little update into my little life at the moment

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