21 January 2018

New Year Goals | Lifestyle

Bee Happy

Ugh! Even the title of this post fills me with dread, but I promise this isn't going to be a blogpost about crazy weightloss/blog growth/travel post filled with millions of different numbers that essentially mean nothing to me. Instead this post is going to be more of a fun quick bulletpoint list of things I want to do more of this year. 

Oh and before anyone starts, there is absolutely nothing wrong with having blog goals or weightloss goals or goals that are filled with numbers, it ain't for me and I get obsessive so it's not healthy for me to focus on this stuff otherwise I miss normal life! 

So moving on, in 2018 I want to...

  • Read at least one book a month 
  • Read more industry related books/arcticles
  • Become more mindful of the environment - cut down on plastics and recycle more
  • Go to the theatre every couple of months - I love it but haven't been for so long 
  • Cut back on processed food again
  • Walk more 
  • Blog consistently for a year without taking a break (!)
  • See friends more frequently
  • Send more cards in the post 
  • See and call my grandparents more 
  • Download Duolingo again - brush up on the ol' Italian
  • Streamline my wardrobe to have a selection of key pieces 

I think that's about it for now, I want to invest more time in loved ones and myself try and find a good balance and feel in control of things again. 2018 could be a good year guys! 

Do you have any goals/plans for this year?

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