7 January 2018

Why I took a break...| Life Update

So from like November until now I took an unexpected break from my blog. I just felt like I had so much going on that I couldn't even begin to think about writing content, it just kinda felt like my posts had nothing behind them and I couldn't be bothered. I didn't mean to even take a break but it got to the day before my usual Sunday post would go up and  just thought "I have nothing to say"... 

2017 was a pretty odd year for me, I always knew that it would be difficult because 2016 was such a high but that's not to say I didn't have a good year because I really genuinely did, it was just stressful. So today I just wanted to take a moment to just explain why I have been quiet so anyone reading can understand that these things just happen.

Buying a house...
Yep, that's right me and the boyf are in the process of buying our first home which is just a little bit mental but it just takes so bloody long. We aren't even finished with the process, we are currently waiting for the contracts to exchange and for a completion date but it just feels like it's taken forever. It's hard because you get your hopes so high and then your fate just rests in everyone else's hands and we literally have no idea what we are even doing. We are both brand new to this entire process so it's a really big learning curve, Chris has been bloody amazing though because he has just dealt with the majority of it. I would have been so much more stressed if it wasn't for him and his rational thoughts, he is just incredible! Hopefully we will have a completion date soon! 

New job...
I got this job in September so you are probably thinking, "why is she still banging on about it?" but the thing is I joined the digital marketing team of a department store, so we are talking about retail, the busiest quarter of the entire year in the retail calendar is Q4 - October, November and December so I literally hit the ground running. I frickin' love it but it hasn't been easy, you're dealing with "New Job Syndrome" where you get worried that you can't even do the job you have been given or that everyone hates you whilst trying to actually do the damn job and learn the quirks of the company. The new job also means, new industry events and new social evenings that you have to go to because you're new, so you're just exhausted all the damn time. I get up when it's pitch black and come home when it's pitch black which means no time to actually take pictures, when the weekend comes I just want to chill and enjoy it.  

My phone was stolen...
A couple of guys on a moped just took it and also decided to give me a little shove which made me fall over like a right wally. I went out for a few drinks after work and was walking down a normal road in London and the bike just went on the pavement and took my damn phone! I sorted everything out really quickly because I ran into the 3 store on Oxford St to get the sim killed and my number swapped to a new one but the thing is I had loads of blog posts and pictures saved to my notes which I hadn't started writing yet so it's kind of left me with hardly any drafts of back up content which is so damn frustrating.  

So there we have it, that's why there has been a radio silence on Honeypot Blogs, but what happens next? Well I am going to start writing regularly again, I do miss blogging and once we have our own place I can make space to take pictures and do different content, I mean guys, I'll be writing about home and interiors as well. I needed the break in order for me to get interested again. 

What have you guys been up to the recent months?


  1. I`m a firm believer in taking breaks from your blog, otherwise you might end up losing motivation. Or worse, get sick because you have too many things on your hand. Except for your stolen phone, 2017 had some amazing things in store for you. Best of luck in 2018!

    Beauty Nerd

    1. Yeah that's a really good point! It's healthy to take breaks! Thanks dear!xx

  2. Blogging can be overwhelming sometimes, that's why I go away and keep coming back to it. In terms of your new marketing job, well done! I work in retail & do all the social media/digital marketing for our shop, I love it! because I get to be behind the scenes but also on the tills x

    1. Yeah I have been in the digital industry for over 5 years now but used to work in a shop for like 7 years and that shop floor experience is just so important!xx