29 April 2018

A Cruelty Free Blogger? | Lifestyle

Cruelty Free

When it comes to skincare, make up and even hair care I can honestly say I am cruelty free and yet I still struggle to promote this publicly on my social media. I have thought about it a lot recently and I guess it's lead me to question why?

I think the problem is when you start labeling yourself you actually open yourself up to a lot of criticism which I just can't be bothered with! The issue is that things change all the time and whilst I may buy a product that I personally think is safe/cruelty free I could end up being wrong and that's when you start to question the label! Additionally I'm not vegan, I mean, I ain't even vegetarian so how can I claim to be cruelty free when I chose to eat meat or wear leather? It's such a minefield that I often feel really conflicted. We're at an age where we have so many sources of information and videos you become overwhelmed and feel the need to do better which I think is a brilliant thing but I still struggle to fly that "cruelty free" flag because I know that I'm not perfect. 

I think it's the granularity of it all, where do you draw the line? I would never touch any L'Oréal products and until last year The Body Shop was actually owned by L'Oréal however TBS still didn't test on animals, but morally I don't want to contribute any revenue, in any capacity to L'Oréal so didn't want to shop there. Even massive bloggers are still promoting brands that all sell in China where legally they have to test products on animals before they are sold in that country, so I stop wanting to read or watch their content because its something I just can't get excited about anymore. My most read blog post is a lipstick review on L'Oréal which I no longer want to promote but you can't get away from the fact it's my most liked post. There are just so many things to consider and I just want to say that on a level I am cruelty free but I know that I can't be perfect with all my choices.

I am a huge believer that small changes make the biggest difference and whilst I do eat meat and wear leather I do believe that by only buying brands that do not test on animals I am making a small difference. Who knows, maybe somewhere down the line, I will start to make a bigger more considered lifestyle change.

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