1 July 2018

Work FOMO | Lifestyle


Ok so we have all heard the term FOMO right? It's that feeling you get when you don't really wanna go out but then all your pals are going out and you don't want to miss out on the things that might happen when you aint there. It's that anxiety you get when you think something else is happening in your absence and usually it's a term that is used are friends or social gatherings or events even. I get FOMO a lot but my problem is't necessarily related to my pals but it's actually associated with work. I get this overwhelming sense that I am missing out on too many things which actually limits the amount of time I take off work and certain days I choose to take off. 

My work FOMO isn't even a fear that something bad it gonna happen without me there, my team are brilliant and I know that IF something big came up they would make the right decisions, for me it's more related to the conversations, the social events, the team updates, the minor changes, the wins, the successes, the struggle. It's all of those small things that I think about before I choose to take time off work. I recently took 4 days off work and I found in incredibly hard because my team had an offsite and obviously I wasn't there and thanks to social media/whatsapp I got lots of updates of what was happening back home and I really struggled with it. Sometimes if I want to take days off I make sure it's mid week because Monday's are a big reporting heavy day and it's the start of the week and it's good to know what's happened over the weekend etc. Also I love working Friday's because it's a relaxed vibe with my team, so I wouldn't take this day off either which means it leaves me with a window of 3 days to allow myself a day off which is stupid. 

To add to my anxiety about taking time off but it always seems to be the day before something goes wrong at work which instills the feeling that I shouldn't be taking time off. The reality is things go wrong at any time regardless of holidays, it's completely unavoidable but it just doesn't help. 

The think is, I fully understand that my work FOMO is irrational, I have been away numerous times at different companies and never had a problem so I'm not entirely sure where it stems from. One thing that does help is having a bf who likes to have trips away, if it wasn't for him I would not have gone on holiday last week which probably means I wouldn't have gone on holiday all year because I have been at this company for 9 months and this was my first real trip away. 

I know this post isn't really giving any tips or advice and I will share some things that re helping me with it but I wondered whether anyone else gets this sort of stress as well, specific to work? 


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