17 November 2019

Starting a New Job | Lifestyle

So I am nearly 5 months into my new role and I guess I just wanted to start some things I have learned about myself since I started. I am so happy at my new place, the team are great, our clients are great, the location is great but sometimes that impostor syndrome follows you around so lets start with...

I don't take mistakes very well - we are human, we make mistakes but when I do it I don't take it so personally I almost feel physical pain. I messed up on a call and whilst it wasn't the worst thing I could have done I absolutely obsessed about it,

I do actually know some stuff - after being in a company that basically told you, your opinion isn't valid to go to somewhere else where people want to listen to what you say is an adjustment! Turns out, I do sort of know what I am doing!

Work flexibility means a lot - so when it was super hot a few months ago, my trains were fucked but I had no pressure at all to try and come in! I didn't feel like I was gonna be given a warning if I couldn't come in which is a massive difference to the experience I have had at other companies. 

I really love nurturing a team - my favourite part of my role is problem solving client drama for my beautiful team! I love helping them understand different elements of client relationship management, I enjoy being the person they can vent to and then we come together with a solution to make it easier. 

There we have just a few things that I have learned since starting my job, its definitely been a welcomed change in pace and I know now more than ever what I actually like to do and where my skill sets are!