16 August 2020

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Plants, crazy plant lady is the new "crazy cat lady" though personally I don't understand why women (interesting) have to be considered when they either love cats or plants but that's a whole other discussion I don't have the energy for.

I don't know about you but during lockdown as I was spending more time on my phone I noticed that I was getting targeted by a lot of ad for plant websites and like everyone else because we were all spending so much time actually in our homes day to day getting a new plant to spruce the place up a bit became a great idea

We have had random plants in the house before but they were too low to the ground which meant the pooch could nibble on it all day long, it was a nightmare so we just agreed to not buy any more. However the more plants I saw online the more I really wanted one but I just had to figure out the correct height for the planters. I actually discovered an article which linked to these gorgeous Terrazzo Plants from, the measurements were perfect and not only did they look great but I personally think for two of them the price is fantastic.

We then had to figure out what types of plants to put in them, now me and the boyf have quite different tastes in stuff sometimes and when it comes to plants he likes to go for the more fun options so we settled on the Dracena for him, which is actually the same species at the one we had before. It's a plant that when I saw it in the garden centre I was a bit "meh" about but we agreed we'd each pick a plant. However when I got it home and in it's little planter I actually really started to like it and it seems to be doing well with some new leaves sprouting.

The plant I wanted was a little trickier to get a hold of, I fell in love with the Calathea (lead picture), there are several different varieties of Calathea but it was this specific one I absolutely needed in my life and it turned out I wasn't the only one. This gorgeous plant kept coming into stock and then selling out by the time I wanted to buy it, I almost settled for a different plant but I am so glad I didn't because I am OBSESSED with this beautiful thing!

I do still have my small peace lily but I think she isn't very happy right now, she is very small and the leaves don't look too healthy, that said I think it has been a great as a test and learn kinda plant (poor thing) because there have been times when I have clearly overwatered it, under watered it, put it in direct sunlight on my balcony (which is a no no) pruned it incorrectly and yet she still lives. It's all a learning curve, so my Calathea is a thirsty gal and needs more water than you think, I only try to do it about once a week but when I started to notice one or two leaves curling I did a quick Google search and it actually said she wasn't being watered enough. Gave her a huge watering and within a couple of hours those leaves had flattened back out and she was happy.

Quick Tip: it's better for your plants to be underwatered as opposed to overwatered but the best way to find out is to physically sick you finger into the soil and if the top 1-2 inches are dry, time for a drink!

I only have a slight problem now, is that I want more but we live in a humble home so we don't REALLY have room for more...perhaps another one won't hurt...

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