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Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Fashion Faves | Fashion

I haven't done a little fashion post for a while but I feel like recently I have made some great purchases that I am just so obsessed with, so I thought I would share with you guys my top 5...

Air force trainers...
Ok I know these trainers are chunky AF and if you have big feet they will make them look bigger but I just bloody love these trainers for not only their chunkiness but also their colour. This trainer is just me on every level and they're hella comfy. I actually recently bought the Adidas Gazelles and I think I bought them to fit in which is something I've actually never done before or even realised I did it until I bought these Nike Air force 1 as soon as I saw them I realised those were the shoes I needed!

Aspinal of London... 
Yeah this is a bit of a luxury item but it's perfect for what I was looking for. The thing you need to know about me is that I am very specific about fashion purchases, I have an idea what I want in my mind and if something fits that ideal then I don't mind paying more! Aspinal of London isn't a brand I have ever considered before until I looked around their concession in a store and I was surprised just how many utterly gorgeous bags they had. This tote bag is perfect for the days I am staying over at my boyfs, where I need to bring in some extra bits but don't wanna take the whole world. This bag doesn't have a zip which you might think is a tad risky considering I commute into London everyday but it comes with a little zip pouch that has a chain attached to the bag which you and leave at the bottom, it's just a really nice touch. Love it!

Studded boots... 
I have received so many compliments on these studded boots and they just give me LIFE right now. I mean, these style of boots are just everywhere right now so they very much are a trend item that will probably die next season but they just dress any outfit up. I could be wearing jeans and a baggy jumper and once I put the boots on, my outfit immediately becomes a considered selection and not just a lazy outfit. They're from New Look so don't cost the earth and they are a dream to wear!

Joni jeans...
"Toni late to the party" strikes again, ok look, jeans are not my best friend, I hate buying them, I have also put on weight this year so I hate trying them on even more but hey, I do actually like jeans! I finally bit the bullet and decided I would go to Topshop even though the jeans ARE over priced for what they are. I actually love 2 pairs but I can't help but admit I love the Joni ones more than the Jamie ones. The Joni jeans are like the most comfortable things I have ever worn, they are a jean but they have a lot of stretch in them and they are high waisted I can slouch in them and I can wear them all day at work without feelin' like I and restricted! Love love love them!!

Grey coat...
This one is a slight trend alert because if you don't have a grey coat this autumn then you either have the grey checkered blazer or a camel colour coat. I very nearly bought the checked blazer but everyone literally has it and it will have a shorter life span than this gorgeous grey coat. The thing I love about this little gem is again, like the boots, it can just bring the entire outfit together. It's a relaxed cut that is shapeless which on paper isn't ideal for hourglass shapes but the length of it actually helps with the proportions. 

What things have you bought this month that you just LOVE? 

Sunday, 5 November 2017

Feather & Down Pillow spray | Sleep

Feather & Down Pillow Spray

Ok guys, we're talking something a little different on the blog today, we are talking about Feather & Down Pillow Spray that is supposed to ease you into a nice relaxed sleep.

I got this spray in a goodie bag for free but when I saw it I was actually really excited because I had seen this little thing pop up on a few different bloggers accounts. The thing is I generally speaking sleep quite well, I rarely struggle to get up in the morning but I rarely fall asleep before midnight if I am at home. This means that the 5 or 6 hours of sleep in get has to be good quality otherwise come 2pm I am struggling! I can have quite an active mind which means I do toss and turn in my sleep which is why I was excited to try out this product.

I will admit I have heard about the relaxing properties of lavender but I'm not a huge fan of the scent on its own so when I saw this contained lavender, I wasn't thrilled but understood why the spray has this scent. Another scent is camomille which when blended with lavender it creates a much more softer fragrance. To use this product you simply spray a generous amount all over your pillow, and I spray a little on the underneath of the duvet near the top end where my head is so i can breathe it in.

This product didn't help me get to sleep any quicker but the sleep I did get, oh my god, was probably the most restful night sleep I had for a while. I have been using this spray almost every evening since and have definitely noticed a difference. One evening I forgot to spray my pillow and it got to about 2 am before I realised why I was so restless, just a couple of spritz and I was sleeping like a baby! The product retails for about £7 so for me it's not that cheap but it isn't crazy expensive and I know 100% that I will be purchasing this product again, honestly I just really love it! 

If like me, you struggle with the quality of your sleep and toss and turn a lot, I would definitely recommend trying out this little spray.

What helps you sleep?

Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Using a Tangle Teezer on Fine Hair | Beauty

Skinny Dip Tangle Teaser

Tangle Teaser

I mean, I know what you're thinking Toni is late to the party again blah blah blah but you're right when every blogger was banging on about the Tangle Teezer I was just sitting there with my arms folded saying "It's not for me". This was mainly because I heard so many people with gorgeously thick hair saying it worked so well for them and as I have very fine hair I thought the Tangle Teezer would just rip mine out...I was wrong.

I recently went into Boots because I need a compact brush to carry in my bad to and from London every day. I have bought so many small brushes in the past and really hate the little handles on them because they do take up room so I was looking at the Tangle Teezer' s and thought that as a brush this is pretty much exactly what I was looking for. They aren't the cheapest of brushes but this Flamingo print Skinny Dip was actually a couple of £ cheaper than the normal boring ones so I just bought it.

I was a little apprehensive that it would just rip and knot up in my fine hair but actually I was really impressed. As you can see there are different bristle lengths which actually stop the brush from pulling at your scalp which is my biggest problem. As my hair is fine, when it knots up the thicker bristles of my normal brush just pulls and yanks to get them out which in turn tugs at my scalp which basically flippin' hurts. I particularly like using it when I have added waves in my hair as it doesn't straighten them too much. The other week I was out in really high winds and I was bloody dreading brushing my hair because it does get so knotty but I have to admit using this on my hair wasn't actually that bad, it snagged a little, but nowhere near as much as a normal brush would! 

If you have quite fine hair but a lot of it and are considering buying a Tangle Teezer I would definitely recommend it!! They aren't the cheapest brushes but it actually ticks a lot of boxes for me including that it's compact and lightweight to carry around in my bag! 

What are your thoughts on this cult tool? 

Sunday, 29 October 2017

Back In London | Lifestyle

Yes you read that correctly, I have given up the "work from home job" and decided to head back into the commuter chaos of London and I literally couldn't be happier! A few weeks ago I wrote about wanting to make some changes in my life and there were 5 key things that I wanted to change and one was definitely my career. It wasn't so much of a career change but more of am attempt to find my passion again, I missed being brand side and I missed fashion so I applied for a couple of role and got my utter dream job! 

Don't get me wrong, getting a new job is always hard because it's new and you have to make a good impression and then you have to pass probation but this was without a doubt the correct decision for me to make! Some people would think that giving up working from home daily is crazy but honestly it's just not for me! I missed people, I missed that routine and when I worked from home I just kinda felt like I let myself go and kinda forgot who I even was because it didn't matter because no one ever saw me! 

I work close to Oxford St which mean I get to pass all the wonderful fashion shops but I also get to see the street styles and different influences, I am not the most fashionable person at all but I do like fashion, I do like the latest trends even though I may not wear them, if that makes sense!? Also, now I walk around a lot more and eat less, I feel like I am looking more like me again, still early days though need to lose a lot more weight to feel more me but I am heading in the right direction!  

One thing I have been more cautious of is making sure I still have a good work/life balance, I don't want to get too obsessed with London again, I still have my wonderful bf that I want to spend time with and my glorious pals but it's just going to take a little time to get the right balance! 

I just thought I would give a quick update, I'm still new into my role so I still have lots of hard work to do but I'm so much happier and feel like I'm going in a positive direction! 

Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Autumn Nails | Beauty

Barry M Gelly Hi Shine

If you have been reading my blog for recently you'll know that I love all things autumn, in fact I might do a little post on the exact things I like and I promise it won't include pumpkin spiced anything! But these Barry M Gelly Hi Shine polishes just scream all kinds of autumn!!

Since moving back from Italy I have been getting shellac on my nails just to cheer myself up really, I love getting beauty treatments done and because I was WFH every day I had a little flexibility to get them done whenever I wanted. However I recently got a job in London again which means that I have to get them done on Saturdays and right now I just can't be bothered to do that so I soaked my last set off and decided to start painting them again. Don't get me wrong this is far less convenient for me because my nails are very thin and weak and I cannot stand chipped nail polish so it means I have to paint them 2 or 3 times a week but it is cheaper and it means I get my weekends to do whatever I want.

Gelly Hi Shine - Almond

Gelly Hi Shine - Peanut Butter

This year I have change to cruelty free products only which means that walking into a standard high st store the selections are more limited but I frickin' love Barry M polishes so I don't mind at all!!! Personally, I think every girl should have a light grey nail polish in their collection, It's so simplistic but looks incredible on nails of all lengths. The first colour is called Almond which is odd because to me it looks nothing like an Almond colour. Then I bought this gorgeous orange toned nude that I just love right now because it's so different to what I have worn before and this one is called Peanut Butter... I mean, Barry M are really struggling with the names I think but as you can see it's a really lovely shade.

I opted for the Gelly Hi Shine ones because I heard a lot of good things about them in terms of longevity, however if you have very weak nails these won't last incredibly long, soz guys!
Whilst I have short nails, I actually have quite long nail beds so when I paint them it creates the illusion that my nails are longer than what they actually are. This is why I like to go for these kinds of shades purely because it draws attention to them in a more subtle way.

What nail shades are you loving this Autumn? 
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