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Sunday, 1 July 2018

Work FOMO | Lifestyle


Ok so we have all heard the term FOMO right? It's that feeling you get when you don't really wanna go out but then all your pals are going out and you don't want to miss out on the things that might happen when you aint there. It's that anxiety you get when you think something else is happening in your absence and usually it's a term that is used are friends or social gatherings or events even. I get FOMO a lot but my problem is't necessarily related to my pals but it's actually associated with work. I get this overwhelming sense that I am missing out on too many things which actually limits the amount of time I take off work and certain days I choose to take off. 

My work FOMO isn't even a fear that something bad it gonna happen without me there, my team are brilliant and I know that IF something big came up they would make the right decisions, for me it's more related to the conversations, the social events, the team updates, the minor changes, the wins, the successes, the struggle. It's all of those small things that I think about before I choose to take time off work. I recently took 4 days off work and I found in incredibly hard because my team had an offsite and obviously I wasn't there and thanks to social media/whatsapp I got lots of updates of what was happening back home and I really struggled with it. Sometimes if I want to take days off I make sure it's mid week because Monday's are a big reporting heavy day and it's the start of the week and it's good to know what's happened over the weekend etc. Also I love working Friday's because it's a relaxed vibe with my team, so I wouldn't take this day off either which means it leaves me with a window of 3 days to allow myself a day off which is stupid. 

To add to my anxiety about taking time off but it always seems to be the day before something goes wrong at work which instills the feeling that I shouldn't be taking time off. The reality is things go wrong at any time regardless of holidays, it's completely unavoidable but it just doesn't help. 

The think is, I fully understand that my work FOMO is irrational, I have been away numerous times at different companies and never had a problem so I'm not entirely sure where it stems from. One thing that does help is having a bf who likes to have trips away, if it wasn't for him I would not have gone on holiday last week which probably means I wouldn't have gone on holiday all year because I have been at this company for 9 months and this was my first real trip away. 

I know this post isn't really giving any tips or advice and I will share some things that re helping me with it but I wondered whether anyone else gets this sort of stress as well, specific to work? 

Sunday, 24 June 2018

Holiday Handbag Essentials | Fashion

Holiday Handbag Essentials

Soon I shall be sunning myself on holiday in Valencia and it has been a LONG time since I last went on holiday so I am really bloody excited. Today I thought I would share with you what I have in my little holiday handbag. Does anyone else have a little bag they only use for their holidays? 

Personally, I like to keep my holiday bags small because it stops me from shoving random crap into it. I bought this Zara bag a couple of years ago, it's super simple but had a metal chain which I prefer because it adds a bit of weight to the bag so you know you have it with you. I really love Zara for their bags and am currently eyeing up this crossbody bag, which is similar to my current holiday bag.

Holiday Handbag Essentials

First things first, I always take a small little purse, typically speaking I never have big purses anyway but when I am on holiday I keep things really simple which is why I take a little coin pouch. I bought this Coach coin purse last year and I still absolutely love it but I have upgraded to a little McQueen number so it's now going to be my holiday purse, plus it's floral and super cute! I have also been trying out The Body Shop face mists mainly because they were near the till and it was a bit of an impulse buy. I picked up the Mandarin Energising Mist and it smells soooooo good, I also like that this product is make up friendly as I do tend to wear make up on holiday so this works perfect because it's a quick, light mist that immediately gives you a little boost. 

Sunnies!! If my sunnies aren't on my face then they are in my bag, I know they could end up getting scratched but I can be quite forgetful so if I don't pop them in my bag then I will leave them behind. It took me quite a while to find some sunglasses I like, I still have my fave D&G ones but I recently picked up these Primark ones, mainly because they were massive, I still like really big glasses even thought they aren't considered as trendy anymore. Finally we have a hair brand, I mean, when I go to hot countries I tend to keep my hair up for most of the time for two reasons, first being because my neck gets all hot and gross and the other is because it stops my scalp from burning! I have very blonde fair hair, I have burn my parting before so anything that keeps my scalp covered is ideal.  

Things I didn't include in the photos are suncream, random receipts and my boyfs classes case. All of these things are in my bag, especially suncream I just hadn't bought it yet when i took the pictures.  

What do you keep in your holiday handbag? 

Saturday, 2 June 2018

Mini House Tour | Home

Peach Roses

As you may already know, me and the boyf recently bought our first home together and it's just been so amazing! It's taken me a while to figure out this type of blogpost because I wanted to take lots of pictures but sometimes the lighting isn't right or sometimes we have the clotheshorse up so it's hardly that pretty. Instead of showing you a room by room tour, I thought I would share little snippets of our place. 

The Living Room and Kitchen
We have an open plan living room and kitchen which is really handy for use because we quite like having a chat when one of us is cooking. As our coach house is a newly built property it means everything is neutral colours and we really wanted to find a way of adding fun colour without it being too drastic, so we added yellow but with grey to compliment the harsh yellow shades. 

This little coaster is one of the rose quartz ones from Anthropologie the colour looks a little odd here but I am still trying to figure out the camera on my phone. The side table was bought from Home Sense and it's actually taken me a little while to love this table but now it just seems to fit perfectly. 

Black and chrome in the kitchen, I mean it just makes sense doesn't it? The Kettle and Toaster are from Morphe Richards and have little rose gold accents on them so it adds just a dash of colour in. 

The Bedroom 
We have kept things very simple in the bedroom, it's probably the most neutral of ours spaces just because I love white bedroom furniture so I definitely had a but more influence in this room. 

Personally I would rather inject a bit of colour with flowers and I just love having roses by the bed, I'm such a flower person anyway! Also, that little book under my rose trinket is from 1808 - it's filled with verses and poetry about different life stages.

The boyf actually has two guitars and we have the acoustic one in the hall way, music is one of his biggest passions so I definitely wanted to make them a bit of a feature in the house. 

Ah, my pride and joy sitting on top of our wardrobe, I have always wanted a Fortnum hamper and for Christmas one of my work partners gifted it to me and I just love it. I used it to put the bedding in and it just looks lovely sitting up there. 

I haven't taken pictures of the bathroom purely because we don't have any natural light so every photo has a yellow tinge to it and they just look odd coupled with the rest of the pictures above. Our bathroom is tilled floor to ceiling basically and has a giant mirror which is a bit of a pain to clean but I adore our bathroom so much! 

There we have a little snippet into our new home! 

Saturday, 26 May 2018

Blog Update | Blogging

I feel like a lot of bloggers lately are falling out of love with their little space on the internet and to be honest I am too! I have had my blog for just over 4 years and whilst I've had my ups and downs I have always managed to just keep it ticking over at least, but here I am with one post scheduled and all out of ideas for any future posts. It's not that I don't like writing any more because I actually really do, I think it's just that I am losing my voice lately! 

If anyone has read my blog as of late, all the beauty posts are just reviews of The Body Shop products and it just feels so suffocating, it's almost like they are the only brand I choose from which isn't necessarily true, I do like a lot of their stuff and, herein lies the problem, it's easy content! How have I got to a stage where I only post stuff that is considered easy, surely I should be posting stuff that I am really excited about. I mean don't get me wrong, everyone has some filler content in some blog posts but all of a sudden it seems to be my only content...! I do love beauty but since going cruelty free it does get harder to try out new things because as soon as you find something you love you just cling onto it for dear life! 

Also, I feel like my lifestyle content is lacking that certain something is used to have, I barely even write about food anymore and you guys know I love my food. Sometimes I'll go out with the intention of taking a few blog pictures for a foodie post, take one picture and then literally forget to take anything else, seriously so annoying from a blogger perspective. I also haven't baked in MONTHS and when I do, they never quite look good enough for my blog so what's the point. Even when I write opinion pieces about how I don't quite fit into the blogging community  or even my love/hate relationship with social media no one really engages with it, so it seems a little pointless. 

I used to be so strict with scheduling posts but now come midweek I genuinely forget, how have I got to a stage where i genuinely forget to do a simple task that I have been doing for years? One reason I have other stuff going on and that is no longer  priority, which is absolutely fine but I need to figure out a way to work blogging back into my life again. Work is just busy all the damn time and actually quite mentally draining right now, so when I get home I don't even want to look at another laptop in all honesty! 

Things I am 100% clear on are that I do want to carry on blogging, I do want to write home content, I do want to carry on writing about beauty - I just need to find a way to do that! So I think I am going to reduce my content down to one post a week until I am up to speed and loving my blog again! 


Sunday, 13 May 2018

Alexander McQueen: Blood Beneath the Skin | Book

Alexander McQueen Bloody Beneath The Skin

Still keeping up with my "1 book a month goal" April's book was a little something different for me because it was a Biography on the late (great) Alexander McQueen by Andrew Wilson. Fun fact about me is that Alexander McQueen is my favourite designer, I've never really known why but I have always loved the designs and the outrageous fashion shows. I spotted Blood Beneath The Skin on Amazon and realise that whilst I love the McQueen brand I actually knew very little about the man behind it other than that he killed himself about 8 years ago so I had to buy it. 

This biography is beautifully done because it contains quotes and memories from friends and family which help to tell Lee Alexander McQueen's story from trusted people in his life. From the book you get a really detailed understanding McQueen's personality, he was wild, he was passionate, he was controversial and yet he was very vulnerable. There are a lot of things that can be said about his fashion shows and he in his time received a huge amount of criticism for some of the visual effects of the shows which must have been so frustrating because some people just didn't see what he was trying to say. 

This book does not paint Lee in any angelic light, I think he was a personal that many probably would struggle to get along with but I like that

Alexander McQueen Blood Beneath The Skin

I have always loved McQueen because the fashion was hard, it was edgy and it was a work of art to some people. The man knew how to tailor suits perfectly and gave the womanly form a bit of structure and strength that most designers just didn't do! I remember ages ago i read a quote that suggested McQueen wanted people to be scared of the woman he dressed, he wanted them to be feared and not feeble and dainty  and that really resonated with me, he saw women as survivors because he witnessed his own sister become a victim of domestic abuse. McQueen was obsessed with light and dark, life and death and reading this book tries to encourage the reader to see things from another perspective. 

If you aren't into fashion then obviously this book isn't gonna be for you, but if you like Alexander McQueen or are interested in luxury fashion then seriously give this book ago! 
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