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Sunday, 24 July 2016

Summer Holiday Essentials | Lifestyle

Today I really wanted to talk about the essential products you should definitely take away with you this summer when you go on holiday! Before I start going into things, I just want to point out that this post isn't sponsored, I went away on a work trip and this was like a little gift that was in my hotel and I just thought everything was perfect so I wanted to share with you guys. 

I did actually do a similar post last year which can be found here but this time I really wanted to focus on the products. So let's jump right in with the obvious but probably most important, sun cream! I mean, I have an incredibly fair complexion which means I can burn pretty easily so this one is a must and it's factor 30 or up, don't you even think about coming at me with anything lower! Which means you have to follow up with an after sun, the one I got was the Burt's Bees  version, I'm a pretty big fan of the brand but didn't even realise they did after sun

And if you're protecting your skin then you have to protect your lips too! There are a lot of good lip balms out there with SPF and this Korres Mandarin Lip Butter smells amazing but it also adds a little bit of colour to the lips too, so it's a handy little product to have in your bag. Something I always forget but alway end up needing are blister pads, it's because your feet aren't used to the new sandals yet and i literally blister all the time, in fact when I went to Budapest recently I ended up going home with 3 cuts on my feet, rather dramatic! Compeed Blister pads are something I've never tried before but I definitely think they are a great idea!

I think you should always take some treats on holiday such as a Clay mask and Vita Coconut Oil! Let's face it when you go on holiday you have absolutely loads of time to just relax and because you're in the sun all day a little 10 minute face mask would be perfect on your skin to draw out any impurities. I think every beauty blogger knows the benefits of coconut oil but I definitely think this would be a perfect treat for your hair because it will dry out so this will nourish it and the coconut scent is perfect for a holiday.

No holiday would be complete without a Tote bag, flip flops and a good magazine to read by the pool, I do carry mints around with me for obvious reasons but I also think that paracetamol Nuerophen tablets are handy too, ya know just in case you've had one too many the night before.

What are your holiday essentials?

Sunday, 17 July 2016

That Instagram Life | Lifestyle

Oh yes, another post about Instagram,  I don't know why I just love it. I think for me it's how quickly you can look at and absorb the images you are seeing, they are literally gone in an instant and if you follow people from different time zones you always have fresh creative to look at whenever, I love it.

I do think it's interesting to see how much Instagram and taking pictures has become such an important thing in our lives, especially bloggers, I mean really think about it. I started my blog as a beauty blog and I basically took a picture of any beauty product and it would get so many likes just because it was popular at the time or I used the right hashtags and it's literally just a picture of a lipstick, not ground breaking stuff but I loved it regardless. I know that I have definitely become that person who walks down the street and can't help but think "Ooo that would be a good insta shot" or "This food looks amazing I must photograph it". The thing is I know that people get annoyed by it, having to wait for someone to take a picture of something random might be boring but I think it's all about perspective.

I was recently on a work trip and we managed to get a bit of free time, I spend the majority of my time wandering around with my head in the clouds and I kept finding myself getting behind the others I was with simply because I was taking the odd picture here and there. Of course I got the standard eye roll and the insta joke but you know what I think you can miss some beautiful things by not looking and just focusing on getting from a to b, don't get me wrong if you're totally engrossed in a conversation then you aren't gonna be looking for insta opportunities but I am a massive believer in just taking a moment to really look at your surroundings.

Though this being said I do realise that there are times when the real life moments blur with the have to be perfect moments. I think that's one thing I struggle with a little is that sometimes people's feeds just look too perfect. I know many people who will take like 50 pictures just to get that one perfect picture, whereas I might take one or two shots and hope for the best which is why I think I have moved onto more travel shots as opposed to beauty products and food shots because let's face it unless you have a marble background and pastel shades no one cares.

The one thing I really love about Instagram is that I can look back on my feed and think of all these wonderful times and opportunities that come up in my life. People don't keep photo albums any more, they rarely use picture frames so I guess for me Instagram is just modern day version of those. Also, because I am in a different country and travel quite a lot for work quite a few of my pals have said they follow me on Instagram just so they can keep up with what I am doing, which is a really nice thought.

What is it about Instagram that you love or can you just not be bothered?

Sunday, 10 July 2016

5 things to do in Budapest | Travel

I've written a few travel blog posts but I think they often waffle on a lot and let's face it people can't be bothered to actually read them so this time I'm gonna try something shorter with giving you guys just 5 things you MUST do if you visit budapest.

Let's jump in with something you guys know I love, food...

Hungarian food
This kinda seems like an obvious one but I have got to say that street food is definitely something they specialise in, I think if you like quick and flavoursome food then you need to visit one of the many food markets. The kind of things you'll find are langos which is basically a pizza with sour cream base instead of tomato and cheese on top or this hot dog thingy which is basically a bread cone with sausages, melted cheese and fried onions on top and of course a vast range of burgers and goulash. There is a fantastic Street food market called Karaván not far from a great ruin bar which moves me onto my next point

Ruin bars
So if you love quirky bars with a chilled out vibe full of thousands of things to look at then Budapest definitely has something for you. Essentially the ruin bars started a few years ago it was kind of a way to dress up the bar using things available such as bikes, computers, street signs, hundreds of lights it's a really great idea. The one that I loved the most was Szimpla Bar, it's probably one of the most popular but it's pretty big and has a bit of something for everyone with the various different rooms to discover. There are a lot to discover though so I would definitely suggest that you go on a ruin bar crawl.

Yeah yeah I know this is obvious but there is a LOT to see in Budapest, depends on how you want to spend your time but there are many ways to see the city. Fun fact : Budapest is actual split into 2, Buda on one side of the river and Pest on the other. Pest is pretty flat and Buda is the hilly part so go to Buda for the best views. Places like the Citadella and Fisherman's Bastion are pretty bloody high but you can totally walk up to both view points if you like a walk like I do. There are also pretty cheap boat tours that run down the Danube to Margaret Island and back which takes just over an hour, it's great because you get to see some of the sights and learn about the history.

This one is a bit of a marmite choice like I get it, the whole animals in captivity argument is one that always gives me a little bit of a moral dilemma especially with the larger animals. However I can't help but love being able to see all these amazing creatures so close to me. I have to point out that personally I think this is one of the best zoo's I have visited in years! They have everything from Kolwalas to grizzly bears to orangutans so amazing. Also I have to mention the little ice cream treats, you can buy this cup of tiny little ice cream balls that are so bloody yummy. The zoo can be found in Pest in the City Park Városliget with loads of other interesting things...

Thermal baths
...like Szécgenyi baths! There are a lot of baths dotted around Budapest but I think this bath house is probably the most popular and isn't it just bloody beautiful, think about the Roman baths in Bath but this is far more modern and you can actually just chill out in them! It's a super busy place but I think if you want to do something a little different you should visit here. There are two main baths in this complex on is about 30° and the other is 37° which is actually pretty damn hot when you get in! I would definitely say get a cabin instead of a locker, it just gives you space to get changed and sort your life out in your own privacy.
I also thought I would share some key things to note as well

Top Tips
  • Budapest does accept Euros but it's far easier to pay in HUF (Hungarian Forints) 
  • To drink spirits and sodas/tonics is far more expensive than drinking the local beers so definitely try those out instead
  • Don't expect amazing customer service, in most places, it's not bad but it's something where small talk isn't really encouraged but I think it's more of a cultural thing 
  • Use the tube, it's cheap and really easy to use
  • Prices vary in quite a big way, you can get a beer for 550 Forints in one place and then the same beer for 990 in another so make sure you are aware of the prices, don't assume it's all the same

Have you been on holiday this year?

Sunday, 3 July 2016

Tips for Travelling for work | Travel

If you are a regular reader of my blog then you'll know that this year I have travelled a lot for work, I'm super lucky but this means I've definitely had to become more organised with a few things. So today I thought I would share with you my tips on travelling for work

This one is more about what to do with the change you have left over, in an ideal world you would spend the exact amount and not have to worry about having excess dollars or pounds but let's face it you always end up with change. What I have started doing is bagging up separately the different currencies so I know that if I am going to America I simply just take that little bag with me so at least I have some money for a drunk when I land. If I travel in Europe I'm really lucky because any left over euros I'll just use in Italy when I get home.

Literally the bane of my existence, I am the worst person at keeping receipts and I always forget to ask for for the receipts with taxis it's a nightmare. When I travel I hate travelling with a purse, it's bulky and actually I very rarely use one when I'm not travelling so this is how all my receipts get lost. Instead of taking a purse with me I have this little draw string pouch that doesn't take up any room and I can easily just keep it in my bag. I took it out to LA with me and can you believe I didn't lose any receipts. Woo

Handbag prep
I hate packing luggage but love preparing my handbag before, I probably do it like the week before. The way I see it is that as long as I have my passport and flight docs it doesn't matter what else I forget because I can at least get to where I am going everything else you can buy when you are there if you need to.

Lip balm
This seems like such an obvious one I know but oh my god! I never wear lip balm during the day because I feel I end up applying it too much and then licking it off and then using it more making my lips drier. My tip is to apply it at night because you have less chances of licking it off and you'd be surprised how much is still left on you lips in the morning (little beauty tip for you girls there) The only time I apply lip balm during the day is when I am flying because the air con just dries you out completely so it's an

Business cards
So important for work travel, there is nothing worse than attending an event without your business cards. I know other people may have them but it's always so much better if you do as well. Also, always bring more than you think you need.

Oh my god, I have often made the mistake of forgetting my headphones on a long haul flight. The thing is that yes, airlines do provide you headphones so it's not as bad but they are poor quality and they hurt my ears. Also what about shorter flights? C'mon what's better than listening to a bit of James Bay or Del Amitri during take off?

So there are my little tips on travelling for work, what tips do you have?

Sunday, 26 June 2016

Skincare Routine | Beauty

I have found that when traveling for work, my skin care routine kinda goes out of the window because I might get in at like 1am really drunk from an event and have to get up really early the next day for another event so for me it's easier to do the full works before and after the trip.

I'll be honest, in the past I've never really had a great routine but the more I fly, the more my skin dries out and hates it all. The problem is I have always had bad skin, the acne scars are pretty bad and whilst I don't have acne anymore, just the odd spot, it has really ruined my face and makes me look far older than what I am. Because of the acne, I pretty much stopped using the typical treatments and just kept my skin routine very simplistic because those acne treatments can definitely make it 100 times worse. This being said, I think I have found something that works for me.

Recently I have fallen in love with Liz Earle's hot cloth cleanser but I have bought it in the Rose and Cedrat, the scent is more delicate than the original. I always feel the eucalyptus is a strange scent, sometimes I like it and other times it's just too strong so for me I would much rather go for a limited edition than the original product. In the past I have used this product and I think I was using it too often because I started getting spots and my skin just wasn't loving it so I stopped, it's weird because this product is gentle enough to be used twice daily but at first I just couldn't get on with it. However this time around, I don't use it everyday and my skin is much happier.

For a face mask I am currently using Peter Thomas Roth Pumpkin Enzyme Mask which smells like Christmas but tingles on the face. It's an exfoliating mask that helps resurface the skin, so you know I love it! Honestly, any chance I get to use products that resurface I am happy to try because if it helps get rid of some of my acne scars or at least reduce them then it's totally worth it. The thing that I like about this face mask is that you don't have to leave it on for a stupid amount of time and doesn't dry hard to your face. You only need to leave it 3 - 7 minutes and let it do it's tingly magic and you are left with a very smooth and soft face, big fan!!!

For a toner I am currently using like a travel sized version of a product because one of my colleagues actually gave it to me because she wouldn't use it, it's the Tata Harper Hydrating Floral Essence moisturising  toner. Now this product I'm not 100% sold on but I do like the fact that it gives you a very quick boost of moisture, because flying does dry your skin out this is perfect.

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