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Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Kind Natured Lip Balm | Beauty

Kind Natured Lip Balm

Today I am talking about a lip product that I so desperately wanted to love which is the Kind Natured Nourishing Manuka Honey Lip Balm that I picked up in my local Boots. 

There were two main reasons why I wanted to love this Kind Natured lip balm, first being it's honey...I mean what can I say, I am drawn to bees and bee products so if it's got honey in but best believe that thing is added to my basket quicker than you can blink. But I also loved the fact 97% of the ingredients are natural. I'm trying to be more aware of what is going in and on my body so if I can find something that is more natural or has less additives or chemicals I wanna try it out. Another thing to be aware of is a lot of lip balms contain salicylic acid which is an ingredient used in acne treatments to dry out the spots...why would you want to use a lip balm that has ingredients to dry your lips out? Kind Natured doesn't contain this ingredient so I was super excited to try it out. 

I only wear lip balm at night because there is less chance of me licking my lips and having to keep reapplying it, this really gives me a chance to see if a lip balm can make a difference over night. The first thing I noticed was the INCREDIBLE smell, if you like honey this is just like rubbing a spoonful over your lips only way less sticky but quite runny. You can see it's in a tube and I was expecting it would be thicker but when I squeezed it I had a bit of a disaster because it just went everywhere. Anyway, I put it on and went to the land of nod with very high hopes. 

When I woke, I was actually really disappointed as it literally didn't do anything to my dry lips. They didn't feel softer, they didn't feel nourished it was like I went to bed with a lipgloss. One thing to note is that my lips were quite chapped, like this little balm would have really had to go some to make them perfect but I was expecting at least a little improvement. 

I think that this product is probably better used under matte liquid lipsticks as a primer but not really that great for actually repairing chapped/dry lips. So it's back to my beloved Burts Bees Lip Balm.

What products have you been left a little disappointed with?


Sunday, 19 March 2017

I joined a Gym | Lifestyle

Gym and Tonic

Oh yes, I have only gone and joined a gym again after having a full year away from my workouts! Some of you will know I went through quite a big transformation and dropped a lot of weight in 2015 however I moved to Italy and that's when things started to change. 

When I moved to Italy, I actually lost weight! Shock! Horror! I know, in the land of carbs how they hell did that happen? I have narrowed it down to two main reasons reasons, the first being loss of muscle mass, like I was doing weights 5 times a week, a lot of legs and butt work outs too so I got kinda flabby which I found really hard. The second reason I believe is the lack of processed food, the quality of the food in Italy is fantastic so even if I was eating pasta every day, I didn't really snack and I wasn't having processed food like I do back home. I made the conscious decision not to join a gym when I moved there purely because I didn't want my memories to just be of a gym, I wanted to experience life. 

However in the last 3 months I have gained a lot of weight in a short amount of time, it's disgusting and I'm frickin' gutted! That being said, the quick weight gain doesn't scare me too much because I don't feel like it's real, I have to work hard but it WILL come off again. This means I have joined a gym and I've joined the Xercise4less in my town and have started getting my butt into gear! This isn't gonna be easy, I know that but I know my own mental strength and I will sort myself out there is no doubt. 

I'm currently working from home which means I want to eat EVERYTHING in the cupboards so I have a meal plan written down so I know what I am having each day and my body knows what to burn etc. However, I will allow myself one cheat meal a week, whether that's going out for dinner with my geek or dinner with a pal and I have already cut back on the amount of chocolate I eat.

My aim is to go at least 4 times a week but ideally I want to go 5 times a week, this actually fits with my schedule fine so it's definitely achievable. I'm back to using my beloved kettle bell weight even if I walk like a cowboy for 2 days after and I need to start upping my cardio which I am doing in the form of the stairmaster. I love the gym, I always have and I think having a positive attitude will help you to achieve most things so I just need to keep focused. 

Are you a fan of the gym or prefer to workout at home?

Wednesday, 15 March 2017

5 Beauty Products I've Rediscovered | Beauty

Beauty Essentials

Today I am having a little chat about some things that I honestly forgot how much I loved. Any Beauty Blogger knows that we all just end up buying the newest products all the damn time so we end up with way more than we actually need which means we just forget what we actually have. So I have started to get rid of some of my out of date products or stuff I just never use which means I am actually finding all these hidden gems in my own stash. Let's get started with something I just used every damn time...

The Beauty Blender
Technically not a product but a tool, I got the beauty blender in a Birchbox bloody ages ago and I probably used it a couple of times and then it kind of went to the back of my shelf and never used it again until a few weeks ago and oh my god. It really just blends everything so effortlessly, even on my neck. I don't use heavy foundation only Sleek Make Up CC Cream (massive fan) which admittedly is a light coverage kinda foundation thang but it looks so nice. I haven't tried the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge but I'm pretty tempted just to see IF there is a difference between the two. 

Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer
Now, this little concealer I have not used for YEARS! I used to use it all the time but I kinda moved onto more expensive things and forgot all about it. I'm trying to reduce the amount of money I am spending on make up and when I was in Superdrug I saw the Lasting Perfection Concealer and thought I may as well give it a go and I remembered not only why I loved it so much but also why all the bloggers are still banging on about it. Seriously fantastic coverage, glad this little think is back in my stash, 

A bit of a broad term I know but I think I just got out of the habit of highlighting my face, I mean in the last two years contouring is like a MUST for me but highlighter was always a bit hit and miss and only really when I could be bothered but I found my little Blushing Hearts blush/highlight and thought oh I'll just whack a bit of highlight on today and it completely change my face! All of a sudden my face just looked bright and full of life. The only thing I would say about this highlight is it's rather sparkly so I have got my eye on the Makeup Revolution Highlighter Radiance Palette - so we'll see. 

Clay Face Masks 
Until recently I kinda forgot about the wonderful things a clay face mask can do, I kind of became obsessed with the exfoliating face masks which of course are great but can be really harsh to your skin. You guys will know that I have already bought the L'Oreal Purity Clay Mask and to be honest it has kind of swayed me back into using clay masks again!! 

Setting Powder
I bought the travel sized Laura Mercier Loose Setting Powder from Sephora for no other reason than because it was bloody cute...yes guys, I am that kinda girl I like miniature everything! Once I bought it I kinda didn't know what to do with it as the puff thing it comes with just wasn't working for me, so I used it a couple of times and it found it's way to the back of my make up stash. Recently I spotted it and just though oh I'll give it a whirl with my A04 Spectrum Brush and my god what a difference it makes. This powder has the most wonderful finish an almost blurs out all your little pours, just fab! I'm glad I have rediscovered this little gem again.

What products have you fallen back in love with?


Sunday, 12 March 2017

Life back in the UK | Lifestyle


I kinda thought I would just have a bit of a chatty kind of post and more of an update I guess. I have now been back in the UK for nearly 3 months and it's gone so quickly it's actually a bit odd. I seem to have settled back into my routine really quickly in fact it's almost like I never lived in Italy at all like it was one big dream, it's a little surreal. 

The first few weeks of being at home was just around Christmas so it felt really nice to just chill and faff around and considering I didn't have a job I didn't feel too stressed because it just seemed like I was on a Christmas break or something. I think the hardest part was looking for a job, because I was back at Christmas, a lot of companies didn't come back until the new year or your email just gets lost among the chaos. I had a mild panic before i got my job, but even finding a job I was fortunately in the sense I found one quite quickly and even had a couple of options so that part of my life fell into place quick nicely actually. 

Moving back home is always nice because I'm back to being in a home where there is always someone in so I'm definitely less lonely but of course it's always hard to move back in with the parents a little because you kinda wanna do things your way but you have to remember it's actually their home so I just need to shut up sometimes - I can be just a fusspot about how things are done! 

I love being close to my pals again, just the way we can meet up whenever we want now means so much to me. I'm not the type of girl to go out every weekend with a huge group of pals, you know I have my cherry picked pals but now I can sporadically meet up with them. Also being in the same bloody country, let alone the same town as my bf is the best! We can spend a night in just watching a movie and I'm pretty damn happy in all honesty. 

I'm still thinking about the goals that I had set in place right at the start of the year but some probably aren't realistic like looking for my own apartment after 3 months of being here, there are so many factors to consider so I think staying at home and saving money for a bit longer may be more beneficial in the long run. 

There we have my little life update! How is your year going so far? 

Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Fleur de Force 3/4 Lashes | Beauty

Fleur de Force Lashes

Fleur de Force 3/4 Lashes

It's been a while since I've talked about eyelashes on the ol' blog and that's because it's been a while since I have actually worn fake eyelashes that was until I saw the Fleur De Force - Fleur Loves Lashes  Eylure lashes. 

The thing that really drew me to the Fleur Loves Lashes was the fact they are actually 3/4 length, so not a full strip lash but just a bit shorter which I though would actually fit a little better on my eye. I hate it when you whack on a pair of lashes and half way through the night the inner corner of the lash starts to lift and which just makes you look a bit drunk in all honesty! I also really like the way the lashes get a little longer on the outer corner. 

When I put them on, I immediately fell in love because they looked so damn natural, even my best dear Vernia was seriously impressed and that girl knows lashes. The Fleur Loves Lashes added a lovely amount of volume to my lashes and I must admit I kind of want to wear them more frequently than just on nights out because they are THAT pretty! They didn't lift at all or feel too heavy. 

I'm not gonna lie, I'm definitely gonna buy more because I have a feeling that I may start wearing them a little more frequently than for just a night out! If you are looking for some false lashes that will give you the right amount of fluttery volume then you need to check these out. 

What are your favourite false lashes?
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