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Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Beauty Blogger Confessions | Beauty

This post was inspired by  A Little Obsessed, it looked like and easy fun so I though I would share with you my top 10 beauty blogger confessions.  
  1. I cannot use any new product without taking a picture first, no swatches, no uses. The blog picture always comes first
  2. Once I painted the nails of only one one hand because I was only using that hand in my pictures, I spent the entire day with just one set of nails painted. 
  3. I never owned a proper eye shadow palette until I started blogging...a year ago!
  4. I secretly quite like washing my makeup brushes
  5. I take all my product pictures first thing on a Saturday or Sunday morning
  6. If I take pictures of used products I have to use face wipes to clean them up a bit.
  7. I sometimes use blue tack/white tack to keep little sample products in place in my pictures
  8. I've never bought anything from Benefit but have so many different samples of their products
  9. I love product samples, all product samples, I'll literally try anything!
  10. I cannot leave the house without liquid eyeliner and mascara. End of! 
There we have my beauty blogger confessions - what are yours?


  1. I always take my blog photos before using products too, my boyfriend finds it funny! x
    Emmys Blog | Primark Haul S/S

    1. Haha!! Funny isn't it! We all have our little blogger habits! Thanks for the comment my love!xx

  2. Since blogging I have bought so many more makeup bits and bobs haha, things I never thought I'd like! I always have to photograph them first too before I use them! xx

    Hannah x | hannatalks

    1. Haha! oh geez me too, always buying things! Thanks for the comment!!xx

  3. Since you like washing makeup brushes, can you come and wash mine PLEASE???

    1. Haha!!! It depends on how many brush you have ;) Thanks for reading!!xx

  4. I always do photos first too. I have a magazine basket full of products to photograph, but sometimes I take so long the product is no longer available. Eep! xx

    1. Haha!! I do the same, I have an old Birchbox filled with "things to blog and photograph" Thanks for reading Leah!!xx


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