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Sunday, 1 November 2015

Nike Flex Trainers | Lifestyle

Oh yes, when my birthday came I just though I should treat myself to a brand new pair of trainers and boy and I glad I did. 

I'll be honest with you, I never buy the latest ones, I think they are extortionate prices but I don't mind paying around the £50 mark for a decent pair. If you are a regular reader you'll know my love of Nike workout clothes and trainers, I just don't think you can beat them. I was having a little look on Sports Direct and just filtered by running shoes. In all honestly I don't actually do that much running but every now and then I do like to go out for a jog so I need to be sure that my trainers are fit for their intended purpose. I also like to have a bit of colour on them, it makes them a little more fun. 

The first thing I noticed about these trainers were that they were so bloody light, these are the Nike Flex trainers which means they have an incredibly lightweight sole and as you can see at the bottom is also like a honeycomb effect which means that it moves to the pavement and the tread of your foot really well. When I went on my first run with the, which coincidentally was actually my birthday I noticed a few differences. They trainer were really light on my feet which I kinda mentioned earlier but I really felt a difference in my running. Another thing I noticed was that my feet picked up the dips and unevenness of the pavements a lot more than my other trainers which is because of the sole. This wasn't a bad thing though because I didn't feel it enough to cause any damage or trip over or if anything is probably helps with developing the muscles around my ankles. 

I am in love with these trainers and know they are going to last me a while. In fact I still have my other pair of Nikes but I'm gonna chuck them in the washin machine which I know there are a lot of people who say I shouldn't do this. But the say I see it is I've got a new pair anyway so I may as well give it ago.  

What are your favourite running/workout trainers?


  1. I don't tend to get the latest ones too, they are always so expensive and when they go on sale, you can pay just half of the original price. It looks good, I like grey&pink colour combination. I always wash my trainers in the washing machine and I haven't had a problem until now. Just put some clothes or towels into the machine so it won't make so much noise :) I like my Reebok easytone :)


    1. I couldn't agree more with you! I've never worn any Reebok ones but the are a firm fave of my mothers!xx

  2. Love these trainers! I hope you had a nice birthday. Gemma xx

  3. I need to invest in a good pair of lightweight running shoes. I agree, I wouldn't pay over £50 for a pair either. This pair is so cute.

    Roxie | The Beautiful Bluebird

    1. Yeah, I try no to spend too much on them either!xx


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