29 October 2015

The Samples | Beauty

Being subscribed to Birchbox and being a beauty blogger in general I have found my sample stash rapidly growing. So on Sunday I decided I would treat my hair and body to only sample products I have in my stash. 

These little beauties are for my hair, my face and my body. I was really keen to try out some new products for my hair because I want to grow it a bit longer, it is long already but I want it to be just a fraction longer but still look healthy. In my stash I have the John Freida Sheer Blonde Shampoo, I already adore John Freida Go Blonder and it's one I will always repurchase. Being blonde my hair is naturally very multi tonal so anything that enhances the colours makes me happy. Then to condition my hair I tried out the John Master Organics Detangler, the scent of this product is divine, it has a strong citrus scent but isn't over powering at all. In fact it reminded me of lemon curd, I just wanted to eat it. I really liked this product, made the ends of my hair feel very soft. Then just so finish it off I used 3 drops of the Beauty Protector Protect and Oil to my wet hair just to lock in a bit of moisture. Then next day my hair felt really well conditioned but I think I used a little too much, my hair is very fine, I just can't get away with many hair oils.

Moving onto my face I tried the Laura Mercier Flawless Skin Face Polish, and was actually really surprised how much I liked it. I thought it would be like many other facial scrubs, too harsh and too grainy for my skin. I found that the particles were actually incredibly fine and my face didn't look too red after. In fact my skin looked super fresh I almost didn't want to put anything else on it. Moving onto Ahava and their Purifying Mud Mask, I wish I could get this brand easy in the UK. I love this face mask. It's super gentle on the skin and you only leave it on for a few minutes so it isn't too hard to wash off. 

And finally we have another Beauty Protector product it's their Beauty Wash body wash. I really love the scent of Beauty Protector products, it's like a mix between candy floss and flowers, it's lovely. This body wash is exactly the same and a really lovely product. 

There we have some of my samples, I think it's good to hunt your sample stash every once in a while. 

What are your recent favourite samples?


  1. I actually have a few of these samples too, so after reading this I think I will head home and use them! :)

  2. Ooooh interested in that Laura Mercier polish - is it gel or cream based? If you have a House of Fraser local they tend to have LM counters, something I only just discovered myself a few weeks ago.
    My sample stash is getting out of hand due to beauty boxes too :)
    Gillian xx EyelinerFlicks

    1. It is cream based actually, very lovely! Oh that's a really good idea actually!xx