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Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Clinique Nude Pop Lipstick | Beauty

Well here is something a little familiar, a Clinique lipstick. You've probably seen 100 review already and most people will already know that this was a freebie when purchased with Glamour mag which had the lovely Tanya Burr on the cover. In true Honeypot style, I was a little late to the party and bought this magazine very late when I was just about to fly out to Italy. 

Of course it's nude, it always nude but ya know, I like it. I must admit, I never ever think of Clinique when I think of make up, always skincare, not that I ever buy much but never make up. I tend to think that some brand don't quite get it right when they venture into other areas, for example if they are a skincare brand then the make up isn't always that great or vice versa. I must admit, I did really like this little freebie, it's cute but a fair sizes little thing to at least try out. This one is the Nude Pop though I know you could get it in another colour, I noticed that is a little dark for me based on the outer case but it's always worth a go. 

Went I first tried it I must admit I wasn't that thrilled, when I applied it I noticed it had slight orange undertones which don't actually work that well with my complexion, if this had pink undertones I think I would like it a lot better. This being said I know that you can also use this colour as a primer which I think would work much better for me. As a lipstick it doesn't wear very well and just found it really did nothing to my lips, if I used it underneath one of my favourite nudes I think it could be much better. However I still don't know how I feel about primers, like I get them, I often use them on my face, but on my lips I'm not so sure, sometimes I just use a bit of lip balms just to have the moisturised barrier between my lips and the lipstick and it leaves a finish on my lips that I prefer but I don't know if i would actively go out an buy a coloured lip primer like this for a nude shade anyway. I can understand a red lip primer, I imagine that would work really well, but this nude one just isn't for me. 

What are your favourite Clinique Makeup products? 


  1. Ah i don't think this would work for me either as i do prefer pink undertones. Its a shame it didn't work for you x
    Emma | Emmys Beauty Cave

  2. That lipstick shade looks absolutely gorgeous, i definitely need to look into these clinique lipsticks.


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