31 January 2016

Florence Update | Lifestyle

So I guess a little Italy update is about due, if you have been following my little blog you'll know that in November I moved to Italy because I was offered a job out here.It has been the most crazy few months I'm not gonna lie and I must admit my blog has taken a bit of a back seat in the last couple of weeks! Sorry!!! I'll explain what's going on with my blog in the next post but in this one let's have a chat about all things Italian!!

I must admit I feel like I've settled in pretty well, almost too well! I haven't officially been homesick, well, not really! Like I haven't looked back and thought I wish I was back in England, Christmas aside, of course I miss my friends and family but I don't want to go back, I want them to come out here instead!! For me, the hardest thing has been remembering that my friends and family have their own schedules which means I can't always speak to them, since moving out here I have all this free time and not that many people to spend it with so it's odd for me!

I definitely feel like the language thing was holding me back, it's not like I have come out here with even a basic understanding, I literally knew nothing!!!! And that's pretty damn hard when you can't even say "can I have a coffee", it's pretty isolating because you can't even try and involve yourself I conversations happening around you because you just have no idea! I'm a loud person, I'm nosey and talkative and yet I found myself sitting silently at my desk whilst things were happening around me! Couple this with the fact I was a new girl and it's bloody flippin' hard I tell you, but I have never once thought that I want to go home, I'll just figure it out here! I start my classes really soon and I think that will make me feel a little more confident and I'll keep you guys posted on that part of my journey too!

The lifestyle out here, generally speaking, is so much more relaxed! Back in England and London I was in a tight routine which I absolutely loved but out here I literally don't have any routine, it's odd but it kinda suits the lifestyle! You eat dinner late, everyone looks at me odd when I eat my dinner at like 6:30pm!! I am missing going to the gym a little, I loved that routine but the thing is, I have am obsessive personality which means that I know what I would be like if I joined a gym out here, I would choose that over life experiences which just isn't ideal!

I am loving it out here and genuinely is one of the best decisions I have ever made and believe me, I have a track record for making some pretty dumb moves! I just thought I would share that little update with you guys!


  1. Wow, you're so brave for moving to Italy! My friend is spending half of her uni year abroad there and I plan to visit her soon, looks gorgeous X

    Everything But The Kitchen

  2. I am from Spain and I moved to London a few years ago. I think the Spanish lifestyle is quite similar to the Italian and it's definitely so much more chilled and relaxed. I know how you feel about people looking at you weird when you have dinner so early hahah people think I'm weird here because I have dinner at like 10pm somedays! I'm sure once you learn the language it will be so much easier to socialise! x

    Ariadna || RAWR BOWS