7 January 2016

Rivalta Café, Florence | Food

Who doesn’t love a burger? Regardless of whether you eat meat or not I know there are some pretty good vegetarian burgers too, or so I’ve been assured, I’m all about the meat anyway enough of that. In today’s post we’re gonna have a chat about this little burger place call Rivalta Café who specialise in burgers but only on a Sunday.

Me and my roommate Valeria had spent most of the day wandering around shops when we decided to stop for lunch, she literally knows all the best places so I just follower her lead. I have actually been to this place before but we came when it was the evening just for an aperitivo so it was nice to come during the day and have a look around. The location is pretty nice as it’s just by the river and I imagine in the summer the place is always busy because it’s a right little sun trap, that being said it’s December and chilly so we sat in doors.  The really quirky thing about this menu is that each burger is names after a star sign, but here’s where I have to be honest, real school boy error I didn’t take a picture of the inside of the menu which means I can remember what my burger was called or what was actually inside it other than chicken…! I know, I’m a right pleb.

I’m now going to try and explain this burger to you, As I mentioned above I actually went for a chicken burger, mainly because I wanted to be different as opposed to ordering just a standard cheeseburger but also because it just sounded really nice. This wasn’t like a chicken fillet it was more like a chicken mince which meant they added some herbs and spices. I do know that this one had some cinnamon, garlic and peppers mixed in with it, however that’s about as much as I remember from the menu. It also had a delicious gooey cheese melted on top which I loved. I have to mention the little roasted potatoes it came with, I bloody loved them I really like that the burgers didn’t come with chips the potatoes were far more enjoyable and how cute were the little condiments on the side, just tomato, mustard and mayo.

Moving onto the actual taste, it was good, I will be honest is wasn’t mind blowing and wasn’t the best burger I’ve ever eaten, but it was good. I really liked that it wasn’t too heavy, sometimes when you get a burger it can fill you up so much you can’t walk around after or you just want to take a nap. I felt like that even though it was a burger it still felt like quite a light lunch, we also shared a bottle of fizzy water and a glass of wine and the meal came to 20EUR each which I don’t think is bad at all.

Where is your favourite burger place?


  1. Who doesn't love a juicy burger... I can't say no to a burger :) It look tasty, at least good that it wasn't disappointing! x

  2. wo!great.