22 March 2014

A touch of rhubarb and rose...

I was having a look through my Birchbox and thought I'd try out one of the products so today's choice was...

Molton Brown's delicious Rhubarb & Rose hand cream.

Instantly I am loving the bright pink packaging it definitely has the feel of spring and when you couple that with the sun shining it's set to put you in a good mood.

I can be a little fussy with hand creams because often they are a little greasy or don't smell very nice and I've tried lots! 

However Molton Brown stands out yet again, the scent of this hand cream alone is a winner. Incredibly sweet but not overpowering, it literally smells good enough to eat! The scent also lingered for longer than most it was almost like I had just sprayed some perfume. 

Scent aside, the main reason I loved this hand cream is how light it is, my hands instantly felt softer but not slippery and greasy. It really stands out from many others I've tried in the past.

This hand cream gets a huge thumbs up

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