23 March 2014

My eye essentials

To give you an idea on my make up regime, I think it's rare you'll get to see my entire face so I think it's best to focus on areas of my face. Today I'm going to focus on my best eyes

My eye essentials consist of these 4 things above, nothing more, nothing less. 

•Eyelash Curler from superdrug 
•L'Oreal Paris Volume Million Lashes mascara (Black Excess) 
•L'Oreal Paris Superliner liquid eyeliner 
•Rimmel pencil eyeliner 

The naked eye...

Now you will see that I have a fair complexion and my eyelashes are pretty non-existent and let's face it, my eyes are pretty bug eyed so I always have to wear make up to make them look just a little normal. 

But once I put make up on you will see, I actually have pretty long eyelashes if I don't put on mascara you'd never be able to tell. 

The dressed to impress eye...

Step by step

1. Use eyelash curlers to gently curl the eyelashes into shape. 

2. Use liquid eyeliner on the top lid, starting with a thinner line at the corner then gradually making it thicker towards the outer edge.

3. Use the eyelash curlers once more.

4. Add mascara, my technique for this is to blink it on, I think it gives a better all around coverage

5. Add pencil eyeliner to the lower lid and we're done!

Two things I never do...

1. I never use eyelash curlers on my eyelashes once they have mascara on them. I think it could be quite damaging to the eye lash because it could make them stick to the actual curler so when you release it, it'll pull or tug on the lashes. 

2. I never put mascara on my bottom eyelashes, this is just personal preference, I like having all the drama up top. 

Just remember if eyes are the window to your soul then shouldn't they always be dressed accordingly?

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