23 March 2014

Running, running and running

Last year I used to go out every weekend for a jog regardless of weather just to get up, go out and feel like I have accomplished something. But this year I haven't been able to get into it, I started a new job in December which means I'm usually shattered come the weekend.

Well, I actually went for a jog in January, it was just a little icy and well, you can imagine I looked like Bambi on ice wearing Nike trainers. Utter nightmare! 

So Saturday I woke up at 5:45 because the sun was so bright in my room and thought this is the perfect reason for a run. Thought getting up at that time was just a bit too early for my liking so I waited for an hour and then got up, tied my hair back, got dressed, laced my trainers up, plugged my head phones in and just went for it! 

I surprisingly I wasn't as bad as what I thought I would have been and went out for another run this morning even though my thighs are hurting a little. I had to make the most out of this weather and just go because I struggle to fit it in during the week. 

Seriously how could you not love running with this view... 

Much better than being in a gym and definitely sets your mood for the rest of the day!

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