22 May 2014

Fruit burst Muffins | Recipe

This is a recipe that I found on the BBC Good Food Cake app, this isn't my own recipe I just love it so much I though I would share it with you guys! 

I tend to go through phases where I love to bake, usually it's when I'm feeling a bit down it takes my mind off of things. 

I've been trying to eat better because I'm just snacking on utter rubbish. In work we have a snack table that is filled to the top with very naughty treats so I've started bringing in my muffins. 

I found this recipe a couple of years ago and loved it because they are actually pretty healthy, or at least a healthier version of muffins. Has no sugar, minimal butter and lots of yummy fruit... 

Don't they look good?! 

Now the fun bit, the recipe... 

•225g plain flour
•2 tsp baking powder 
•2 large eggs
•50g melted butter 
•175ml skimmed milk 
•100ml clear honey 
•140g fresh blueberries
•85g dried cranberries 
•140g raisins 
•140g apricots (chopped)
•1 tsp orange zest 
•1tsp cinnamon 

Literally mix it all the wet ingredients together including the flour then pour the yummy fruit in. The mixture is quite sticky, so don't worry, you don't want it runny anyway. 

Simply put it in your muffin tin (with muffin cases) and whack it in the oven for 20-25mins on gas mark 6 and you're done. 

Sometimes I don't add honey, sometimes I don't add orange zest it really depends on what's in my cupboard and what I fancy at that time. They really are so nice. 

Let me know if you bake some of these muffins!! 


  1. These look so yummy, might try making them over bank holiday ! xx

    1. You definitely should!! They're really quick and easy to make as well! If you do make them, you must let me know your thoughts on them!xx

  2. These look great!!

    Em xx

  3. Great Blog! I love your muffins recipes and I'm such a blog fan. I follow about 3 blogs, and your one of them. I absolutely love your recipes! It’s Awesome.