15 May 2014

My Olay Essentials miracle cream

I've been awful with posting things lately, work and life has been too busy. So I thought I would post about what I deem to be my miracle cream. 

As you may know I'm super fussy about what goes on my face regarding products. I used to have horrific acne and went on hardcore medication which completely dried out my skin. My skin was so dry that is was literally flaking off everywhere and looked just awful. 

I tried every cream out there but so many were too greasy and actually did nothing for my dry skin. I really was getting so tired of trying all these products, spending an absolute fortune and having rubbish results. My friend mentioned that she used Olay beauty products and her skin is gorgeous, literally flawless so I thought I'd try something from this range to see whether it could work for me. This was about 3/4 years ago and I've never looked back...

This is Olay essentials double action sensitive day cream. As soon as I started using it I knew that I'd picked up something special. It really did feel nourishing without feeling heavy and my skin started looking better with everyday that went past. All my dry patches started to disappear and I didn't have to use too much of it, just little dabs here and there. It's a fair sized pot that probably lasts me about 2 months to get through and is priced around the £5 mark it's so worth it.

As I said I still use it today my skin isn't dry anymore, I came off the medication a couple of years ago but I still love the way it leaves my skin. Even if I have a tiny patch that's dry I know that this will fix it every time. 

What are you miracle products? 


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    1. That's amazing! Thank you so much!!! :) Definitely going to check out your blog too! Have a fab weekend!xx