27 May 2014

Upcycle, recycle, repurpose

I'm not normally one for recycling old objects into something new, I don't really have that creative flare. There are some really rare occasions where I see something old and need it in my life such at this old school/vintage Quality Street sweet tin...

How cute is that? 

There is just something about this tin that when I first saw it, I just wanted it. It's been knocking about for a while and my mum asked if I wanted it. I couldn't bear the thought of it being thrown out. Don't get me wrong it's not in the best condition but it's different and I like it. 

My struggle was to think about what I could put in it? I don't have lots of knickknacks, I own a couple of trinkets but nothing special in there. I had to do something with the inside though, it just didn't look pretty. So in a moment of genius I thought, I've always got tissue paper laying about from online deliveries and stuff like that so why not just add a layer on the inside.

It just tidies everything up and adds a splash of colour. 

You can buy these tins for next to nothing on eBay, personally I wouldn't have bought one it was only the fact I couldn't bear to see it cast aside with the rest of the rubbish. 

Right now, I'm using it to store some little nail varnishes in, but I know now I have real nails my collection is going to grow vastly. But I like to think I'll keep the tin and just use it for something else. 

What vintage items do you love? 

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