14 April 2015

April Birchbox | Beauty

It's that time of the month again, a beautiful little Birchbox arrived at my door. This one is a collab with Tatler Magazine , you can buy a limited addition Tatler Birchbox for £25 I believe but this one is just the standard Birchbox. 

Firstly, I just want to explain how much I love the look of this box, it is so bloody pretty!! It's got pink, it's got birds and it even had a touch of rose gold, what's not to love? It's a "Royally Good" box with a nod towards Royal Baby #2 and this box has 6 beauty samples to try out. 

Now, I've gotta be a little honest here, I was a tad disappointed. There wasn't that wow factor for me, it's a nice box but I'm not blown away by it. This month we have a Laura Mercier eye pencil in the shade Violet which is a pretty strong blue/purple shade and I don't think I'm going to get a lot of use out of this. 

There is also a Percy & Reed volumising No Oil Oil, which I know I'm going to struggle to use because my hair is quite thin so the more product I add to it the flatter and limp it looks and I have actually tried a volumising cream from this brand before and didn't really like it. We also have Bliss foaming face wash which I will try out but I'm going to be quite careful as I have a feeling this wash could dry out my face a little. 

There is also Pommade Divine product which is a balm to apply on dry skin and kind of multi purpose product which I'm happy to give a go! Next is the Befine warming clay mask which I'm quite excited about, gotta love a face mask and this one has cardamon, arnica and pomegranate in it. 

One product I'm actually pretty excited to try out is the Lola Barcelona nail polish in Born, this is an utterly gorgeous shimmery nude shade, I'll probably write a separate review about this one. 

What do you think to this month's Birchbox?


  1. You got some great products, the box looks lovely too x
    Emma | Emmys Blog

    1. The box is so pretty!!! Thanks for the comment!xx

  2. You're right with regards to the box - it is so pretty.

    I'm so sceptical on subscribing to these types of things, as I'd hate to be disappointed in what I get that month, but I suppose 'beggers can't be choosers' can they. But let us know how you get on with the bliss foaming wash - I've never heard of this brand and would love to know your results.

    LL |

    1. Yeah I totally get the skepticism with subscription boxes and will be honest, I think one out of every 5 boxes I'm a little disappointed with but I have had some truly amazing boxes! Plus I think it's a great way to try out a variety of different products. Thanks for the comment my dear!xx