19 April 2015

Fabletics Workout Clothes | Lifestyle

Ok, so first things first if you sign up to this website please be aware that VIP membership actually means they will charge you £44 every month  to use as credit towards a new outfit which I didn't read properly when I first joined so I had to cancel my VIP membership which was a bit of a hassle. You can buy items without being a VIP member. Nothing against the brand or website I just clearly didn't read properly what I was signing up to! 

Moving on, as you know I'm throwing myself into the gym and loving it though recently I have been meaning to buy some new gym gear, a lot of shops do affordable gym wear now which is great but they are pretty basic. I was watching the TV and this Fabletics advert kept popping up and I just thought yes I was some of those clothes. The have a pretty impressive range lots of bright colours and lots of dark colours. I pretty much live in black so you know I opted for the black versions. 

I didn't even look for reviews on this brand before I purchased which these days is incredibly rare I just went on what I wanted and what I liked. I went for the Rule Outfit, I kinda liked the black and grey with a bit of camouflage on the sides, I also liked that the top is a long sleeved top because it means I can wear it outside when I start going for runs again. 

Firstly, I love the material of these products two very different fabrics doing different things. For example the capris are "maximum compression" so they are quite tight and a little thick but so incredibly comfortable, they looked quite small when I first got them out of the bag but when I put them on I was really impressed they seemed to mold to my body. Also they don't go see-through at all when worn either which is the most important thing. I actually am in love with this capris! 

The top is a completely different material but just as nice, this is cut a little looser than the capris and much thinner you could probably wear a vest underneath it. Some people have mentioned that the shoulders of the top are a little big which I agree with but because my boobs are quite big it sits a little different on me and looks fine. The neckline is quite board but actually that shows my slimmest part of my body which is my collar bones so I'm not complaining. 

I was incredibly impressed with these workout clothes and I think paying £26 for this is an absolute bargain considering the quality. However I wouldn't pay full price which is £92!! I just wouldn't spend that much money on anything I'd just be wearing to the gym. 

Have you bought anything from Fablectics? 


  1. These look great! I signed up to this but never took advantage of the first outfit offer! Wish I had now! :)

    1. Ah damn! You definitely should have got the first outfit offer, totally worth the price! Thanks for the comment!xx

  2. I must try this!! I love your blog!!