25 June 2015

Stratford Westfield Random Haul | Fashion

Ann Summers Get Carried Away

Westfield Shopping Haul

The other week me and my wonderful friend Vernia went to Westfield in Stratford just for a bit of a wander. I didn't really need anything, but when the chance to see a very dear friend arises you know I'm gonna say yes. 

As you can see in the picture above it's a bit of a random haul so let me take you through my various bits and pieces. When we went, every shop had literally just gone into their Summer Sale and everywhere was chaos. I wanted to treat myself to some new underwear and went into Victoria Secret but oh my god! People were going crazy over this stuff, I mean it was a mess, trying to find your sizes was hard enough without being elbowed out the way and don't even get me started on the queue! So I left that store and though I would try out Ann Summers. I will say I was really impressed with Ann Summers sale, they are a really nice range of bras and underwear in such a fantastic size range. I know that Ann Summers can be seen as a like risque but they also had some nice lace bras that weren't too out there at all and didn't have a crazy amount of padding in them either. I bought so much stuff but I didn't think you all quite needed to see that!

Moving onto a few pieces I picked up from Superdrug. I am loving Sleek make up at the minute so much so I've actually started using the CC Cream as my everyday foundation and I'm loving it, you can read my review on it here. I have also picked up the contour kit, I have hit the entire pan on my Face Form palette and I was going to buy the same palette again however I didn't really use the blush so I saw this an though that would be far more useful than getting the Face Form palette. Recently I have run out of shampoo to wash my make up brushes in so I though I would pick up my Johnsons baby shampoo for those. 

Finally, I have decided to buy a portable charger, oh the utter pain of having an iPhone. My battery always dies which can be so frustrating so I've given in and got this little one. You can get bigger and better ones but I wanted something small that I would just slip in my bag and this should work perfectly. I bought it from Currys for £19.99 which I think is a pretty reasonable price actually. 

It's a random little haul isn't it, but that's the thing I love about Westfield, it kinda has something for everyone clothes, beauty and technology. 

Which shop do you love in Westfield? 


  1. I love the Sleek contour palettes! I need to get another one as I find my one at the moment a bit too dark sometimes (depending what colour my skin is haha!) so I will grab another at some point!

    x x | daisydaisyxxo

    1. Me too! I'm fairly pale so I think my one is Fair, I just love that the contour shades aren't orange toned!xx

  2. Your post makes me want to go to Superdrug and get the Sleek contour kit - I've never tried it but it looks great and I love Sleek make up. x

    1. I think Sleek do such a good range of make up, definitely check out the contour kit!xx

  3. Love your purchase, esp the sleek palette. Lovely blog here btw! Would you like to follow each other on GFC? Please let me know on my blog so I can follow back. Thank you.