11 June 2015

Nanokeratin BeFri Hair Brush | Beauty

Nanokeratin BeFri Hair Brush

Nanokeratin Hair Brush

I know what you're thinking, am I really reviewing a hair brush? And basically, yes I am and I'll tell you why. I have been on the hunt for a good brush recently and very nearly bought the tangle teaser however before I bought that brush I was very kindly sent the Nanokeratin System BeFri Hair Brush* to check out. 

As you can see the Nanokertain System BeFri brush does look a little different to other brushes and different to any I've had in the past. This brush has 8 free moving arms, as you can see the bristles aren't just all sticking out of one central pad. They are split into specific sections which actually aids in de-tangling your hair and pulling less on the strands and scalp. Another great point about this brush is that it is vented which means it makes it easier to dry your hair using a blow dryer because the air can get to your roots. 

I haven't really heard of Nanokeratin System before but I really like this brush, it's also super light weight which is nice. The brush is actually designed to keep your hair healthy, soft and smooth. I definitely feel that over time it would keep my hair in a healthier condition because I'm not putting as much strain on my hair but I'm not sure it makes it that much shinier or smoother but it is a lovely brush. 

I actually think this Nanokeratin System BeFri brush would be fantastic for people with thick hair, my issue is that my hair is quite thin so I'm probably not getting the maximum impact from it but I do really like it. It's handy to have in my gym bag because it doesn't weigh it down and it make drying my hair easier and faster which is always really important for me in the morning as I'm trying to get ready for work from the gym. 

What hair brushes would you recommend?

*PR Sample, all views my own


  1. My favourite hairbrush is the Wet Brush, I had the Tangle Teezer but it ripped my hair so badly! xx

    Gemma | Miss Makeup Magpie

    1. That's what I was concerned about with the tangle teaser, I kind of envision my hair getting caught in it which is why I quite like this brush because it doesn't do that!xx